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The Jews and Zionists Stirring up Racism in Britain.

Richard Desmond.
Richard desmond, a jew, owns the ‘daily express, the ‘sunday express’ and the ‘daily star’ which he uses to promote his rabid brand of zionist fundamentalism. Desmond's acquisition of express newspapers had been financed by a german bank, "The frankfurt-based Commerzbank bankrolled the former pornographer's £125m acquisition of the Express group four years ago." In april 2004, desmond attended a business meeting with telegraph executives to discuss a joint express-telegraph printing venture. A few days earlier he'd been told that the telegraph organization would not consider his bid for ownership of telegraph newspapers and so he was probably not in a good mood when he arrived for the meeting, "Witnesses at last week's meeting with Telegraph executives said Mr Desmond accused all Germans of being Nazis. He is understood to have greeted the Telegraph team with "guten Morgen" (good morning) before holding a finger under his nose and lifting his arm in a "Sieg Heil" salute. The Telegraph executives then left the meeting as Mr Desmond instructed his minions to join him in a rendition of Deutschland über Alles. Mr Desmond has not apologised, in spite of condemnation of his behaviour." The guardian also reported that he "goosestepped around" the meeting." (Jane Martinson and Dan Milmo ‘Desmond says Commerzbank link will survive anti-German outburst’ Guardian,3604,1204705,00.html 28.4.2004).

Desmond was angry with the telegraph organization for rejecting his takeover of the telegraph newspapers and doubtlessly saw the meeting with telegraph executives as an opportunity to express his annoyance with the organization they were working for. But why should he have taken out his anger on germans especially when it was a german bank which had financed his takeover of express newspapers? It seems that psychologically, zionists are so preoccupied by nazism that they regard anyone who opposes them (and even those who help them) as being a nazi, capable of resurrecting concentration camps for jews around the world. It also has to be wondered just how many more times that germans are going to take such racist abuse from zionists seeking to exploit events that happened over 60 years ago.

The Smearing of Ken Livingstone.
After being accosted by a reporter ken livingstone reacted by comparing him to a concentration camp guard. Such a remark might have been quickly forgotten as the usual banter between politicians and journalists but the reporter, who is jewish, chose to turn the comment into a political issue. The story was then turned over to the zionist dominated media who tried to exercise their power to force livingstone into making an apology. However, livingstone refused to provide an apology and this incensed the zionist dominated media into even more accusations against him. In the end livingstone turned the issue against his zionist opponents by writing an article about the state of zionism in britain rather than submitting to the will of the zionist media.

Stephen Pollard's The Odour of Antisemitism.
In march 2005, lord ahmed invited israel shamir to discuss the launch of his new book at the house of lords. A few days later, steven pollard wrote an article, printed simultaneously in the ‘jewish chronicle’ and ‘the times’, making a number of accusations about shamir and the state of anti-semitism in britain. According to pollard, the shamir talk was just one of a litany of developments threatening the survival of jews living in what he deemed to be anti-semitic infested britain. To pollard an odour of anti-semitism pervades the country, "In January, Labour produced two posters. One depicted Michael Howard as a Shylock or Fagin caricature. The other pasted the faces of Mr Howard and Oliver Letwin on to pigs’ bodies. In February, figures showed that anti-Semitic attacks rose to record levels in 2004 - 42 per cent higher than in 2003. Add to this Ken Livingstone’s comparison of a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp guard, and the odour of anti-Semitism is clearly with us once more." (Stephen Pollard ‘Lord Ahmed's unwelcome guest’,,1072-1557932,00.html April 07, 2005).

According to pollard, anti-semitic attacks rose by 42%. Pollard has never indicated where these figures came from but it seems a frightening, and serious, increase. This hype, however, is not very illuminating firstly because we don’t know the numbers involved – up from 3 to 4? – and secondly, because we don’t know what sort of attacks are involved. Were they physical attacks involving actual bodily harm to ordinary jews going about their everyday lives or were they commentators making critical remarks about the jews-only state in palestine? These days zionists define criticisms of the jews-only state as being anti-semitics so the large increase in anti-semitic attacks could just be the result of journalists criticizing the summary execution of palestinian children being carried out by the jews-only state in palestine. If such criticisms are all that jews in britain have to worry about, then they must be living in paradise in comparison to the hideously oppressive conditions in which the jews-only state keeps palestinians. The british government has been a steadfast supporter of the jews-only state in palestine for many decades even to the extent of providing it with the weapons, munitions, and torture devices, needed to quell the uppity nigger palestinians. But of course to many of britain’s rabid zionists who are dual citizens of britain and the jews-only state in palestine, even the pro-semitic bigotry of the british government is deemed insufficient, nay almost anti-semitic in its failure to praise everything done by the terrorist, mass murder, war criminal, and now state terrorist, ariel sharon.

Shamir retorted, "For Pollard displays all the traits that have caused journalists to be likened to "intellectual prostitutes", ready to do the bidding of rich newspaper owners without any regard for the truth. Here he reports on a book presentation he did not attend, to a mixed crowd of Muslims, Jews and Christians all searching for peace in the Middle East. A book written by a man Pollard describes as a "rabid anti-Semite", without mentioning his true origins or the fact that a former speaker from the Israeli Knesset also addressed the same book presentation. Nor does Pollard mention that Shamir also worked in the Knesset himself as the spokesman for the Israel Socialist Party. None of this is mentioned by Pollard because it would undermine the fiction he is trying spin: a story about "anti-Semitism" which masquerades as journalism."

Ian buckley wrote to the times pointing out that one of Pollard's articles begins: 'I am a warmonger. I am bloodthirsty. I am rabid.' Buckley continued, "Enough said! The Times has gone downhill a lot under Murdoch, becoming the paper for people who are too ignorant to read the Sun."

A Plague of Anti-semitism in Britain??? Has the Bitch gone Mad?
Julie birchill, a jew living in britain, complains in an article for a jewish newspaper, ‘British AUT getting 'down wiv the kidz'’ (
No=570880&contrassID=2&subContrassID=4&sbSubContrassID=0 May 4th 2005) about the recent proposal by the british association of university teachers to ban all contact with two universities in the jews-only state in palestine. She laments the belief that "Israel was accused of being 'a colonial apartheid state' worse than South Africa" as if the possibility that it might not be as bad as south africa (in reality it is far worse) should legitimize its continuing oppression of palestinians – and its continued acceptance by the west.

Picking up the gross zionist fabrication concocted by the rabid zionist extremist stephen pollard, birchill believes that, "Britain IS currently playing host to the biggest ever annual number of violent anti-Semitic attacks, both on people and on property, since the 1930s." Once again, just like pollard, she fails to mention:-
Firstly, where these figures come from;
Secondly, what sort of attacks are involved – physical or intellectual;
Thirdly, just how many attacks this consists of; and,
Fourthly, what proportion this is of all attacks on gays, blacks, asians, and ordinary people minding their own business. It is arguable that of all physical attacks being carried out in britain most are committed against ordinary people, then gays, asians, blacks whilst attacks on jews are virtually negligible.

Birchill’s inflammatory hype does nothing to dissipate suspicions that she’s a jew who suffers from a grossly paranoid fear of anti-semitic crime which is totally unrelated to the actually number of racially inspired attacks on jews.

In setting the scene for a big conclusion to her article she indulges in a little bit of national stereotyping, "And now, sixty years after the rough-necked Brits showed the cultured Krauts the true meaning of civilization, we are going through our own dark night of the anti-Semitic soul."

Her big conclusion, which reveals that she must be on the edge of a total mental breakdown, is that "I've always loved being English - but more and more these days, living through this latest, almost post-modern plague of anti-Semitism with a 'caring' face, I wish it was a club that I could resign from, as opposed to a flag I carry in my blood." Surely she must be either insane or paranoid to believe there is a plague of anti-semitism in britain. Such a gross level of abuse of british jews would be a total shock to every non-jew in the country.

Birchill then addresses her fellow jews in her beloved jews-only state in palestine by making the truly astonishing statement, "but you're not bullies." No, that’s the last thing anyone would accuse jews in palestine of. They might be regarded as torturers, sadists, bigots, oppressors, murders, and war criminals, but not, thank-goodness, bullies. Birchill believes that whilst the british are engaged in a plague of bullying against jews living in britain, the jews in the jews-only state in palestine aren’t bullying palestinians!!! The only sane response to such rabid zionist extremism is that she ought to pretend to be a palestinian in her beloved jews-only state.

Birchill is a rabid zionist hyping up the fear of global anti-semitism to make jews in the jews-only state feel more secure than their counterparts living in britain. Quite how jews in the jews-only state could feel secure given their vile brutality against palestinians is beyond comprehension. Such a bigot as this really ought to just bugger off to the jews-only state.

The Global Jewish Conspiracy to defame George Galloway.
George galloway has been a long time supporter of the palestinian cause, an opponent of the united nations’ sanctions on iraq after america’s first proxy zionist war against iraq in 1991, and an opponent of america’s second zionist proxy war against iraq in 2003. As charley reese states, "Both in England and the U.S., to speak up for Palestinians will get you on the s-list right away. Fanatical supporters of Israel are well-entrenched in both the British and American establishments. Their standard response to supporters of Palestinians or critics of Israel is character assassination." (Charley Reese ‘More Manly Galloways, Fewer Slimy Colemans’ May 21, 2005).

The first move to ruin galloway’s reputation was made in britain a couple of years ago when the zionist dominated daily telegraph newspaper accused him of financially benefiting from the united nations' oil for food program. "These charges, which later were proven false, first surfaced in the neoconservative controlled London-based Daily Telegraph, owned by the Hollinger Corporation, a company that had financial ties to arch-neoconservative Richard Perle." (Wayne Madsen ‘Galloway hounded by AIPAC cell within U.S. Congress; Bolton tied to same cell’ May 13, 2005).

The zionists became even more incensed with galloway when he managed to defeat the incumbent labour mp, oona king in the may 2005 british parliamentary elections. Oona king is jewish and, not surprisingly, a hardline supporter of the war against iraq.

The zionist campaign against galloway was continued in america by two more de jure citizens of the jews-only state in palestine both of whom are members of the american branches of the likud party in america. Norm coleman is a member of the republican likud party. He has been described as "a senator who is bought and paid for by AIPAC." (Wayne Madsen ‘Galloway hounded by AIPAC cell within U.S. Congress; Bolton tied to same cell’ May 13, 2005). Joseph lieberman is a member of the democratic likud party. He supports aipac and the international fellowship of christians which has "contributed over $100 million in recent years toward Jewish immigration, resettlement and social welfare projects in Israel". In other words he helps to raise money from christian evangelists to send jews back to the jews-only state in palestine where they can help to steal palestinian land. (See Edward Ericson, Jr., "What About Those End Times, Mr. President? Sen. Joe Lieberman Announces his Candidacy, But Not His Association with Lunatic Fringe of Biblical Prophecy," Hartford Advocate, January 16, 2003). Coleman, in his position as chair of the american senate investigations sub-committee examining sanctions-busting oil deals in iraq before the war, repeated the allegations that had first been made against galloway by his zionist chums in the daily telegraph.

What was amazing was that coleman thought he could prove galloway’s corruption by using the same fake evidence that had been used against galloway in britain but which had been dismissed as a forgery by a judge in the libel case that galloway took out against the daily telegraph. But even more amazingly, coleman accused galloway of profiting from illegal iraqi oil deals despite the fact that he had no proof whatsoever that galloway had received any payment from such deals. As galloway stated, "What counts is not the names on the paper. What counts is where's the money, senator? Who paid me money, senator? Who paid me hundreds of thousands of dollars?" (Simon Jeffery ‘Galloway defends himself at US Senate’,2763,1486025,00.html May 17, 2005).

Coleman’s allegations against galloway were nothing more than smears, "A Senate subcommittee out to discredit the United Nations made the mistake of inviting Galloway to appear before its members. They had smeared him. Accusing a man of serious wrongdoing without a shred of evidence is a smear job, plain and simple." (Charley Reese ‘More Manly Galloways, Fewer Slimy Colemans’ May 21, 2005). Neither coleman nor lieberman informed galloway of their accusations against him. When galloway heard their accusations, he asked to be allowed to appear before the senate sub-committee in order to defend his name. The two jewish senators rather foolishly agreed to his request.

The speech that galloway delivered to the senate sub-committee became an instant legend. He ridiculed the senators, their accusations against him, and their support for american policies against iraq. "Now, Senator, I gave my heart and soul to oppose the policy that you promoted. I gave my political life's blood to try to stop the mass killing of Iraqis by the sanctions on Iraq which killed one million Iraqis, most of them children, most of them died before they even knew that they were Iraqis, but they died for no other reason other than that they were Iraqis with the misfortune to born at that time. I gave my heart and soul to stop you committing the disaster that you did commit in invading Iraq. And I told the world that your case for the war was a pack of lies."

He punctured the jewish fantasy world that america’s jewish elite have erected inside the world’s so–called leading democracy, "He said that 100,000 people had paid with their lives for false assumptions on Iraq, "1,600 of them American soldiers sent to their deaths on a pack of lies; 15,000 of them wounded, many of them disabled forever on a pack of lies".(Julian Borger ‘George Galloway delivers senators some 'shock and awe'’,2763,1486230,00.html May 18, 2005). It’s a shame that the zionization of the american public prevents ordinary americans from realizing that zionists have driven tens of thousands of americans to their deaths or long term injuries.

Reese implied that the reason coleman and lieberman thought they could get away with smearing galloway was because they’d got used to americans being so deferential and reverential towards them, "Sen. Norm Coleman, like most senators, is used to people either fawning or being timidly evasive." In other words, these jewish racists had become so accustomed to americans being servile towards their jewish masters they could no longer conceive of anyone challenging their power.

This incident shows all too clearly american slavery to their jewish masters. Americans have become zionized to such an extent they are no longer capable of liberating themselves and desperately need the help of their british friends to pull them out of the zionist shit in which they currently reside.

There is a global jewish conspiracy to smear galloway with fabricated evidence in the same way jewish conspirators smeared saddam for possessing non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Zionists are implacable liars and nobody should take seriously anything they say.

Board of Deputies of British Jews Stirring up the Shit against Lenni Brenner.
Lenni brenner is the leading historian highlighting the collaboration between nazis and zionists prior to, and during, the second world war. His book ‘Zionism in the Age of the Dictators’ is out of print but has been posted at Brenner’s book was criticized for not including enough documentation so he decided to publish his source materials in a new book entitled ‘51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis’.

In may 2005, brenner discovered in an article, "Board's Amazon Appeal," published on May 4th in Jewish News, a Zionist website, that the board of deputies of british jews had issued a complaint to Amazon about his book. The board, which is pro-zionist religious jewry's central organization, wanted amazon to place a notice on advertisements for brenner’s new book warning potential buyers of the controversial nature of the book. Amazon had done this for the ‘Elders of the Protocols of Zion’. The board wanted something similar on brenner’s book as if to suggest his work was also entirely fake.

Brenner decided to write to the board objecting to their complaint. He published the Jewish News article and his correspondence with the board - see Lenni Brenner ‘The Plot to Stigmatize "51 Documents" on’ May 25, 2005).

Christopher Hitchens and David Holovitz to Tour the UK.
According to alexander cockburn, christopher "You're a drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjay. Your hands are shaking. You badly need another drink" hitchens and david holovitz are to go on a tour of london – probably to stir up more anti-moslem racism in britain like their jewish comrades stephen pollard, julie birchill, and the goose stepping owner of the daily star, richard desmond. See Alexander Cockburn Perhaps all five of these racists would like to do some goose-stepping around trafalgar square to show us what its like for palestinians living in their own country under the nazi jackboots of the jews-only army.

Sad to say that the tour has had to be cancelled because the lovers of the jews-only state in palestine couldn't find enough jewish thugs to defend themselves from all those in england who think they're racists.

The Zionist Attacks on Atzmon, Shamir and Eisen.
Updated July 23rd 2005.
An Online Petition against Paul Eisen and Israel Shamir.
In the spring of 2005 an online petition entitled ‘We Oppose Anti-Semitism’ was set up to protest against the alleged anti-semitism of paul eisen and israel shamir.

The petition states, "We, the undersigned individuals who are active in the search for justice and peace between Israelis and Palestinians, state our opposition to the anti-Semitic ideologies that are being articulated within our movement. Irrespective of political differences we may have, we stand together against anti-Jewish sentiment and to challenge the idea that the ruinous conflict has anything whatsoever to do with a "Jewish spirit" or "Jewish essence." We note that parallel attitudes about Islam lead to a similar reduction of the conflict to a matter of essence, which is just as dangerous and abhorrent. This ideology is represented in the writings of Paul Eisen, co-director of Deir Yassin Remembered. His essay, "Jewish Power" appears on the "Righteous Jews" website, which refused to print this response. His essay, "The Holocaust Wars," appears prominently on the Nazi Zundelsite as well as on Israel Shamir's website. Each appears on other websites. We reject the notion, posited in these essays, that there is a "Jewish essence" that naturally leads to the crimes against Palestinians that have been, and continue to be, committed by the State of Israel. We further condemn the attempt to introduce Holocaust Revisionist history into our movement. The health and welfare of neither Palestinians nor Israelis is served by Holocaust denial. On the contrary, their collective interests, and our movement, are seriously undermined by this attempt to "prove" that European Jewry was not systematically exterminated by Nazi fascism."

The Attack on Deir Yassin Remembered.
Paul eisen is a co-director of deir yassin remembered. When israel shamir was invited to join its board the criticisms of eisen and shamir broadened to include this organization. Co-director, dan mcgowan, defended the organization, "Since early this spring there has been a campaign in the United Kingdom to smear Deir Yassin Remembered, primarily because of Israel Shamir being placed on the Board of Advisers (over a year ago), but also because of the writings and comments of our UK Director Paul Eisen and one of our guests at this year’s main DYR London commemoration, the reknowned jazz musician Gilad Atzmon. There have been a lot of false accusations levied at DYR, most coming from Tony Greenstein and Deborah Maccoby, whom Gilad quite accurately nicknamed The Queen of the Cyber Shetel."

Three organizations became involved in criticizing eisen, shamir, atzmon, and dyr: ‘jews against zionism’ (jaz), ‘just peace uk (jpuk), and the uk left network. These organizations support the palestinian cause but condemned paul eisen, israel shamir, and gilad atzmon, even though they too support the palestinian cause, are anti-zionists, and are responsible for running (or in the case of atzmon promoting) one of the most well known and important groups supporting palestinians - the british based organization ‘deir yassin remembered’ (dyr).

The Origins of the Attack on Atzmon.
According to greenstein, "The ‘Atzmon affair’ started when an article was posted by Atzmon on Shamir’s website entitled ‘The protocols of the elders of London’ attacking a number of Jewish anti-Zionists who had had the temerity to criticise DYR and call for its isolation ( The title clearly alludes to the notorious anti-semitic forgery of the tsarist secret police, The Protocols of the learned elders of Zion, the Nazis’ bible. I wrote to Atzmon asking him to withdraw the article and at the same time to confirm whether he was distributing a pamphlet, Holocaust wars, by Paul Eisen, London director of DYR. Atzmon replied stating that, yes, he was distributing it and further he had only "slight differences" with what was a "great text"." (Tony Greenstein ‘Blind eye to anti-semitism’ Weekly Worker 584 July 8 2005).

Pro-Iraq War Zionist protests against Atzmon’s Invitation to a Marxism Conference.
The attacks on eisen, shamir, and atzmon, and dyr, intensified when atzmon, a jewish writer and jazz musician, was invited to speak and play at the 2005 marxism conference in london - an annual event organized primarily by the socialist workers party (swp). This was his third invitation because the swp believes he provides "fearless tirades against Zionism".

David aaronovitch, a former member of the communist party but now a prominent blairite and a supporter of america’s proxy zionist war against iraq, is a zionist commentator who fears any tirade against his beloved jews-only state in palestine. (See ‘The New Zionist on the Block.'

Aaronovitch published an article in the times decrying the swp’s invitation to atzmon because of his association with shamir and eisen whom aaronovitch suspects are anti-semites. He accused shamir of being a swedish fascist despite evidence to the contrary, "And despite warnings about his true identity as a Swedish fascist, Shamir sits on the 16-person board of advisers of the international pro-Palestinian campaign organisation, Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR), named after a Palestinian village destroyed and ethnically cleansed in 1948 by the Zionist terror groups, Irgun and the Stern gang. DYR organises events that many of the great and good of the pro-Palestinian movement attend." (David Aaronovitch ‘How did the far Left manage to slip into bed with the Jew-hating Right?’,,22369-1671715,00.html June 28, 2005).

Aaronovitch accused paul eisen of being an admirer of shamir, "As it happens the Jewish UK Director of DYR, Paul Eisen, is a fan of Shamir’s, describing him as a man "who has no trouble whatsoever in calling a Jew a Jew . . ." (David Aaronovitch ‘How did the far Left manage to slip into bed with the Jew-hating Right?’,,22369-1671715,00.html June 28, 2005). He decried eisen’s article about ernst zundel, a self confessed anti-semite who questions the nazi extermination of jews and has published revisionist booklets such as ‘Did Six Million Really Die?’ and ‘The Hitler We Loved and Why’. Aaoronvitch neatly rounded off this circle of political guilt by pointing out that atzmon has been circulating eisen’s article on zundel.

Aaronovitch concluded that the swp’s invitation to atzmon was an example of the extreme left teaming up with the extreme right against the jews. He asked whether, "an influential section of the far Left has, in this instance and on this issue, completely and disgracefully lost its political and moral compass?" (David Aaronovitch ‘How did the far Left manage to slip into bed with the Jew-hating Right?’,,22369-1671715,00.html June 28, 2005). Presumably aaronovitch, the supporter of the racist jews-only state in palestine, places himself in the political centre giving rise to the assumption that to support jewish racism is a moderate and sensible policy.

For further examples of aaronovitch’s pro-zionist bigotry please see 'Aaronovitch, David.'

Nancy Harb Almendras response to Aaronovitch.
Nancy harb almendras wrote to the times supporting atzmon’s appearance at the swp conference. The following is an extended quote from her letter.
Dear Editor,
Enough with the red herrings and the obfuscations (David Aaronovitch, June 28) which abound in "How Far did the far left manage to slip into bed with the Jew-hating right?" Good grief. The children of Zahra Zaboun are heartsick because she died recently at an Israeli checkpoint. Her crime? She wanted to attend Friday prayers.

The pages of your opinion section should be railing against this Israeli crime against humanity instead of smearing Gilad Atzmon, who courageously left Israel because he could no longer tolerate the abuses of Zionism. Your editorial writers might question why Johnny Thalijiah, a Greek Orthodox altar boy, was shot by an Israeli sniper while standing around his cousin's store, instead of Aaronvitch's inanities re Atzmon. Your editorial writers might look up Maria Khoury, the Christian Palestinian who picked up bullets off her son's bed and wondered what offended the Israeli soldiers who fired them. Was it the sign fron the World Council of Churches that said "End the Occupation" she wondered?

Atzmon empathizes with the suffering of the Palestinians, and has won the heart of this Palestinian, and I say with certainty, knowing my people, that I am among a majority, in spite of the unnamed Palestinian musician who refused to work with Atzmon, to whom Aaranovitch refers. Aaraonvich throws out obfuscations in order to keep the British public ignorant of Zionist atrocities. It is clear that Aztmon works in the interests of humanity, while Aaronvitch serves a government which perpetuates crimes against it.

Further Protests against Atzmon’s Invitation to a Marxism Conference.
‘Jews against zionism’ joined the effort to persuade the swp to ban atzmon from their conference, "In the UK, Jews Against Zionism can't abide Gilad Atzmon, and they have demanded that the SWP renege his invitation." (Mary Rizzo ‘The Gag Artists’ June 17, 2005). One of the members of this group, tony greenstein, also made a personal appeal for a ban promising that if atzmon was not banned then he and others would picket atzmon’s speech, "Greenstein has written to the SWP demanding, not requesting, that they cancel Atzmon's appearance as well as a speaking event at the SWP's bookshop in London, which in lieu of cancellation, will be picketed." (Mary Rizzo ‘The Gag Artists’ June 17, 2005).

To its great credit, the swp refused to rescind its invitation, "We do not believe that Gilad should be ‘banned’ from performing or speaking. ‘No Platform’ is a principle that the Left has always reserved for fascists and organised racists." (David Aaronovitch ‘How did the far Left manage to slip into bed with the Jew-hating Right?’,,22369-1671715,00.html June 28, 2005).

Mary Rizzo’s support for Atzmon, Shamir, Eisen.
Mario rizzo pointed out the sources of the protests against atzmon, "Greenstein and several of his friends on Just Peace UK (JPUK), the UK Left Network and Jews against Zionism (JAZ) have determined that Atzmon is a liability .." (Mary Rizzo ‘The Gag Artists’ June 17, 2005). She defended atzmon, "Atzmon, former Israeli, is a fervent and outspoken anti-Zionist, promoter of full Right of Return, and is in favour of the establishment of a Single State which encompasses all the people in historical Palestine." (Mary Rizzo ‘The Gag Artists’ June 17, 2005). She was highly critical of greenstein’s criticisms of atzmon, "Tony Greenstein, together with others, has publicised his demands on the forum of Just Peace UK, a mainly, but not exclusively Jewish group. He has put forth an edict that Atzmon is an anti-semite (as well as anyone who supports him), that he is associated with anti-semites (because he, like thousands of others, reads material which Tony does not approve of), and that he is a Holocaust Denier or at the very least, an apologist for them." (Mary Rizzo ‘The Gag Artists’ June 17, 2005).

See also rizzo’s blog

The Picket against Atzmon’s Speech.
Atzmon’s speech at the swp’s bookshop in London on June 17th 2005 was duly picketed. Israel shamir alleged the picket was organized by jpuk, "They refer to a petition and a picket organised by JPUK, a Jewish Trotskyite British organisation for peace in Palestine against Gilad Atzmon, Paul Eisen, Mary Rizzo, Jeff Blankfort and Israel Shamir." (Israel Shamir ‘Enough bickering’ June 25th 2005).

Shamir published atzmon’s bookshop speech introducing it in the following way, "This is a talk he gave in Bookmarks, London’s Marxist bookshop; while outside, a group of Jews picketed and demanded to shut him up. This was absolutely expected - Jews, that is people who consider themselves as first of all 'Jews', should be as horrified by Gilad as a male chauvinist by a Loretta Bobbitt. They can't argue their case, they should shut him up - or surrender to his faultless logic. A funny thing is that were antizionist Jews who came out to fight Atzmon and petition the managers to cancel. On the other hand, it is also logical. If Gilad were to speak in a Park Lane club, some conservative Jews, maybe even a lord would demand its cancellation. If he were to speak to American businessmen, they would sick a Foxman on him, or rather on a premises owner. As Gilad was speaking in a Marxist bookshop, they sent antizionist Jews. Thus these protesters revealed their most important inner quality - they felt they weren't antizionists of Jewish origin, but representatives of Jewry within the antizionist Left. We experienced it for a long time that we have this fifth column within our movement, and now this column materialised and made visible: they signed their names under the Web petition against Gilad Atzmon and Paul Eisen, the whole lot from the US, England, Israel etc; mainly members of Jews For or Jews Against separatist organisations (why we never had Whites Against Apartheid?)." (Israel Shamir ‘Introduction to Sex and Politics by Gilad Atzmon’ June 2005).

Shamir suggested the most substantial difference between his anti-zionism and greenstein’s anti anti-zionism is that, "in our view, the Jewish communities overseas are a full-time partner in the Zionist enterprise and should be criticised. In the view of our far-left opponents, the Jewish communities overseas are of no importance; while the "American imperialism" is the main driving factor." (Israel Shamir ‘Enough bickering’ shamireaders@yahoogroups.comJun 25th 2005).

Greenstein’s First Attack on Atzmon, Shamir, Eisen and Dyr.
Greenstein seems to have been involved in organizing the online petition against eisen and shamir; demanding the swp ban atzmon; and providing aaronovitch with source material for his article in the times. He then wrote an article in which he speculated that, "Today the Zionist movement regularly accuses its opponents of ‘anti-Semitism’. In what is a new phenomenon, there has grown up a small group of people, based around a certain Israel Shamir, who have said ‘yes’ ‘if you call us anti-Semites, then there must be nothing wrong with anti-Semitism’." (Tony Greenstein ‘Why Palestinian Solidarity Activists Must Reject Anti-Semitism’ June 2005). Many political activists have become so sick and tired of being labelled as anti-semites just because they make the mildest criticism of ariel sharon, that they have now got to the stage where they just ignore accusations of anti-semitism. But this does not mean they support racism. On the contrary, they’re ignoring jewish racists pretending to be anti-racists.

Greenstein alleged that shamir was responsible for undermining the british association of university teachers’ decision to boycott a couple of jewish universities, "Nor is this academic. Sue Blackwell from Birmingham University, who proposed the boycott motion, inadvertently put a link on her own web site to a Shamir supporters site, Wendy Campbell’s Marwen Media. The Zionists used this extensively to attack the academic boycott. Shamir’s response? 'Sue richly deserves the trouble - for the trouble she gave me. Once, she was cc'ed in a letter where Martin Webster, a known British far right figure, was mentioned…’ Martin Webster was one of the founders of the British National Front, a fascist organisation. A man Shamir is friendly with and to whom he forwarded Sue’s personal details." (Tony Greenstein ‘Why Palestinian Solidarity Activists Must Reject Anti-Semitism’ June 2005). Oh my god, shamir sent an email to somebody in which he mentioned martin webster! How could he do such an evil thing? The fact that zionists were able to reverse the boycott decision by smearing sue blackwell because her website had a link to an organization which had right wing associations, is indicative of jewish power to play the extreme right wing card to defend the racist jews-only state in palestine. This is exactly the sort of pro-semitic bias about which shamir is protesting. Of course the reversal of the boycott had nothing to do with extreme jewish zionists like julie birchill writing virulently pro-semitic articles deploring the boycott proposal – see the section on Julie Birchill.

A lot of the points greenstein made in his article are superficially appealing to those on the left. There is also a temptation to trust his analysis because he professes to be anti-zionist and a supporter of the single state solution in palestine – although whether he supports palestinians’ right of return to their own property is not known. "Many of us make no attempt to hide our support for a democratic secular state in Palestine and opposition to a 2 State solution." (Tony Greenstein ‘Why Palestinian Solidarity Activists Must Reject Anti-Semitism’ June 2005). And yet major criticisms can be made of his views.

Firstly, greenstein is still promoting the zionist cause in so much as he insists that anyone in the palestinian movement must strictly abide by the belief in the sacred zionist ideology of the holocaust. And yet it has to be asked, why should palestinians, and anyone else who supports the palestinian cause, have to abide by such strictures given the outright lies perpetuated by the so-called holocaust e.g. firstly, that the nazis killed only jews during the second world and, secondly, that zionists tried to protect jews from being sent to the concentration camps. Why should the pro-palestinian cause have to abide by zionist holocaust propaganda given the utterly corrupt nature of the holocaust exploitation industry which has done so much to promote the interests of the jews-only state in palestine over the palestinians? Why should eisen have to stop thinking in terms of a jewish essence in order to be allowed to play a part in a pro-palestine movement?

Greenstein’s attempt to impose strict zionist conditions upon what beliefs people should hold if they are to be allowed to participate in the pro-palestinian movement, is highly divisive. Why is it permissible for zionists in america to politically collude with america’s evangelical christian fundamentalist nutcases but not for anti-zionists to debate with racists about their anti-zionist views?

Secondly, what makes greenstein’s residual zionism even more apparent is a disparaging remark about an article on shamir’s website - as if he disagreed with the contention that america’s invasion of iraq was a proxy zionist war. "The war in Iraq is a ‘Zionist war’ according to Kristoffer Larson in another article on Shamir’s website." (Tony Greenstein ‘Why Palestinian Solidarity Activists Must Reject Anti-Semitism’ June 2005). Given all the evidence that has emerged about the roles of america’s zionist lobby and the zionists in the bush administration manipulating america into the war against iraq, what other conclusion can be reached than that it was a proxy zionist war? Greenstein is still a zionist because he denounces anyone who believes that zionists were responsible for pushing americans into this appalling disaster which has led to the slaughter of a 100,000 innocent iraqi civilians and thousands of duped american soldiers. The jews in america who lied the country into this war are traitors to america.

Thirdly, greenstein is not content to criticize certain members on the board of deir yassin remembered. He wants to abolish it, "I certainly wish to see a speedy end to Deir Yassin Remembered. It can only do great damage to the Palestinian cause in so far as it is led by a holocaust denier and associated with another virulent anti-Semite." (Tony Greenstein quoted in Mary Rizzo ‘The Gag Artists’ June 17, 2005). According to dan mcgowan "Tony Greenstein has written, "I certainly wish to see a speedy end to Deir Yassin Remembered."

If greenstein was a fulsome supporter of the palestinian cause he would not have tried to provoke splits in the palestinian movement by publicly criticizing dyr. He could have quietly lobbied members of the dyr board to persuade them to remove those he disapproved of. But this wasn’t enough for him. He wanted this major pro-palestinian organization abolished – it’s rather surprising he didn’t call in one of ariel sharon’s bulldozers to do the job. As dan mcgowan has astutely pointed out, "Jeff Halper left the DYR Board in protest to Shamir being on it, but Jeff has not attacked DYR. To the contrary he helped us with this year’s DYR ceremony in Jerusalem and he helped our filmmaker who came from Canada to record the event. He may disagree with the views of Paul Eisen in his seminal article "Jewish Power," but he does not call him an anti-Semite, or a self-hater, or a Holocaust denier or some other epithet."

The fact that greenstein provoked this controversy with dyr and went public with his criticisms suggests not merely that he wanted to abolish the organization but to split the palestinian movement. Provoking internal disputes within a liberation movement has always been a critical way of ruining such movements.

The irony of greenstein’s smear against atzmon/shamir/eisen is that the same tactic could also be applied to him. Greenstein, and those involved in jpuk and jaz, are now consorting with aaronovitch, a blairite and zionist warmonger who is also doubtlessly building up his contacts with america’s neocons and their extreme right wing christian evangelist colleagues who support the ethnic cleansing of palestinians from their own country. So are these the sort of people with whom greenstein wishes to associate?

One personal point on this issue: The days when I wouldn’t even think about reading extreme right wing fascist/racist commentators out of detestation for nazism and the horrors it inflicted on a range of peoples throughout europe are now long gone. They’ve been whittled away by my utter revulsion about zionist lies over the fantasy of the jews-only holocaust, my disgust with the money grubbing, political corruption of the holocaust exploitation industry, and my loathing of the racism of the jews-only state in palestine. There is overwhelming evidence that america’s invasion of iraq was a proxy zionist war so I was not going to turn my back on those who reached the same conclusion - especially when there were so many allegedly respectable commentators in the mainstream media who had to resort to blatant lies to avoid such a conclusion. I support people who tell the truth even if I find their general political stance repulsive. I try to glean insights into global events from any source. These days I’m quite willing to read extreme right wing commentators to discover facts about, and insights into, the evil being perpetrated by zionists around the world – in britain, america, palestine, and russia.

Greenstein’s Second Attack on Atzmon, Shamir, Eisen, and Dyr.
Greenstein devoted a second article to his attack on atzmon/shamir/eisen/dyr. He accused atzmon of being anti-semitic "his writings are clearly and overtly anti-semitic." He argued that atzmon’s statement, "We must begin to take the accusation that the Jewish people are trying to control the world very seriously." is "a very concise definition of anti-semitic ideology". Whilst greenstein was right to suspect that atzmon’s statement could be equated with the idea of a global jewish conspiracy, atzmon seemed to retract the statement in a later article, "So, is there a Jewish Conspiracy to run the world? Not really." (Gilad Atzmon ‘The 3rd Category and the Palestinian Solidarity Movement’ June 30th 2005). However, whether the idea of global zionist domination is anti-semitic is another matter. Defining all evidence of jewish/zionist influence over some of the world’s most important governments as being propaganda is a good way of covering up zionist world domination. Despite the criticisms that greenstein made of atzmon, he made it clear that, "we never said he (atzmon) was .. holocaust denier." (Tony Greenstein ‘Blind eye to anti-semitism’ Weekly Worker 584 July 8 2005).

Greenstein provided more information concerning the internal politics of dyr. Firstly, halper’s resignation from dyr, "Not surprisingly, professor Jeff Halper resigned from the board of DYR in December 2004, stating that the attempt to "turn the Deir Yassin tragedy into a discussion of Jewish racial characteristics, to dirty it with racist discourse, to create a situation where the people who were the most committed to honouring its memory … feel the need to leave, raises serious, fundamental questions. When I hear diatribes of non-Palestinians against the Palestinian, Ali Abunima, because he raises concerns over Shamir’s racism and the entire tone of the DYR discussion, a red light goes off. Has Deir Yassin been hijacked by a cult more intent on pursuing hate campaigns against the fictive ‘Jews’ than in searching for the humanistic, universal, critical and truly relevant elements of the Deir Yassin story?" ( April 7 2005)." (Tony Greenstein ‘Blind eye to anti-semitism’ Weekly Worker 584 July 8 2005).

Secondly, "Veteran Israeli civil rights lawyer Lea Tsemel and former Israeli prisoner of conscience and anti-Zionist activist Michael Warschawski wrote: "There is no room for a racist in an institution aimed to fight for the memory of the Deir Yassin victims of ethnic cleansing and massacre. We therefore ask you to clarify whether or not Israel Shamir is indeed part of DYR" (, May 5 2005). Ms Tsemel resigned her position on the board. Dan McGowan, the executive director, wrote back stating that he did not consider Shamir a racist." (Tony Greenstein ‘Blind eye to anti-semitism’ Weekly Worker 584 July 8 2005).

In his second article, greenstein extended his criticisms of alleged anti-semitic anti-zionists to include jeff blankfort, "Another holocaust denier on the Board of DYR is Jeff Blankfort from the USA. In response to my question as to whether or not he denied that there was a holocaust, he replied: "I do not believe there was any official Nazi plan to exterminate the Jews because, had there been, there would not have been close to a million left alive" (June 24 2005)." (Tony Greenstein ‘Blind eye to anti-semitism’ Weekly Worker 584 July 8 2005).

One of the interesting revelations of greenstein’s second article is the number of jews-only political organizations in britain he mentions. As has already been pointed out, he mentioned an organization called ‘Jews Against Zionism’. Also mentioned is, "the soft-left Zionist group, Jews for a Just Peace, led by Richard Kuper and Irene Bruegel." (Tony Greenstein ‘Blind eye to anti-semitism’ Weekly Worker 584 July 8 2005). Finally a third group, the Jewish Socialists Group. This separatist tendency amongst left wing jews is a mirror image of the separatist tendency of the jews-only state in palestine. Greenstein himself seems to campaign only within such jews-only organizations.

As was suggested about his first article, it is understandable that a lot of greenstein’s arguments will be superficially persuasive to those on the left not acquainted with the details of the debate. How is it possible for an outsider to determine who they should support in this debate when all those involved are jews who seemingly oppose zionism and are pro-palestinian? Given that it is not possible to agree with everything that an author writes, the first criteria should be who is the most anti-zionist, who is doing the most to combat anti-zionism? In terms of this criteria, atzmon, shamir, eisen, and blankfort, are far more anti-zionist than greenstein. There are too many suspicions about greenstein’s zionism to support his side of the debate over atzmon, shamir, eisen, and dyr.

Firstly, his primary concern in this debate has been to try and ensure pro-palestinians abide by the basic principles of zionist propaganda. This can be seen in his assumption that activists should abide by the sacred zionist ideology of the holocaust; that any evidence concerning global zionist domination must be propaganda; and his willingness to make accusations of anti-semitism even though such an accusation has become politically vacuous since zionists have stretched its meaning to include criticisms of ariel sharon. Greenstein even reinforces the zionist accusation that anti-zionists are anti-semitic by postulating that there are those in the palestinian movement who believe "you have to be anti-semitic to support the Palestinians." (Tony Greenstein ‘Blind eye to anti-semitism’ Weekly Worker 584 July 8 2005).

Secondly, as was pointed out above, his dismissal of the proposition that america’s invasion of iraq was a proxy zionist war.

Thirdly, his desire to abolish deir yassin remembered.

Fourthly, greenstein still seems to have underlying zionist sentiments by participating in jews-only anti-zionist campaigns as if he doesn’t like the idea of joining anti-zionist organizations which include palestinians. By participating in jews-only anti- zionist groups, he is exposing a degree of disapproval of palestinians and the palestinian cause. To a zionists like greenstein it borders on treason to the jews-only state to join organizations run by, or including, palestinians.

The issue of which side to support in this debate can also be resolved through looking at the case of jeff blankfort. Blankfort has written a couple of first rate criticisms of zionism providing some astute insights into the jewish oppression of palestinians. I’ve never come across blankfort’s statement, "I do not believe there was any official Nazi plan to exterminate the Jews." I think this view is mistaken but it doesn’t make him anti-semitic. I’ll continue reading his articles firstly, in the hope of acquiring more invaluable insights and, secondly, because it has become increasingly obvious that accusations of anti-semitism have less to do with people who have a hatred of jews and more to do with jews who fear the exposure of jewish power. In the past, cries of anti-semitism used to frighten people away from the person being denounced but, these days, since such an accusation has become utterly vacuous, such cries should stimulate interest in what that person is saying.

Shamir’s Retort to Greenstein.
Shamir was quick to retort to greenstein’s second article. The primary focus of his response centred around greenstein’s ghettoization in jews-only organizations, "By creating their Jews-only organisation, Greenstein et al enforced Jewish separatism and caused unnecessary and dangerous split in the Palestine solidarity movement." (Israel Shamir ‘The New Bund at Old Tricks’ July 11th 2005).He asked, "The concept of Jews for Justice, Jews for Peace and other separatist all-Jewish groups in pursuit of common goals appears to me about as justifiable as that of Whites against Apartheid. Equality in South Africa was achieved by overcoming such dubious groupings, by the color-blind force of the ANC. It appears that the cause of justice in Palestine should not be different. Why, then, such groups exist?" (Israel Shamir ‘The New Bund at Old Tricks’ July 11th 2005). Shamir suggested, "The Holocaust narrative is used to enforce Jewish separatism and specialness, it is connected with that racist slur of "natural criminality of non-Jews". Not in vain, the leading ideologist of Holocaust, Deborah Lipstadt, also preaches against intermarriage which ‘spoils purity of Jewish blood’." (Israel Shamir ‘The New Bund at Old Tricks’ July 11th 2005). He highlighted further examples of jewish separatism amongst russian jewish socialists.

Personally i’ve never before come across such a pervasive separatist trait in politics. In the 1970s and 1980s a number of womens-only groups emerged but nothing like on the scale of separatism in jewish organizations. What else underlines jewish exclusiveness than jewish supremacism? This separatist tendency almost seems like a jewish characteristic.

Dominik Diamond: Blame the Moslems.
I have no idea what dominik diamond’s ethnic origins are nor his general opinions but he’s a columnist on the richard desmond owned tabloid, ‘The Daily Star’ so perhaps the following quote is just a manifestation politically conventional attitudes in britain. "At the weekend, Britain’s largest Sunni Moslem group issued a fatwa condemning the attacks on London. That’s good. But it’s not good enough. No muslim group in Britain has issued a fatwa specifically against al-Qaida. What are you waiting for? Another bomb? I wrote after 9/11 that it wasn’t good enough for the Muslim community to say terrorism was wrong. They have to uproot it from within their society. Sorry folks, but you haven’t. The evil rhetoric in mosques has gone unhindered. The excuse? Many imams didn’t think they were being serious. Yeah right. So when they scream about slaughtering us infidels, what bit of that isn’t serious? Three of the London bombers were actually banned from mosques in Beeston. So why were the authorities not notified by those connected with the mosque? All that evil needs to succeed is for good people to stand by and do nothing. Well good people knew about these scumbags. And they did nothing. And evil reared its ugly head. So I’m not messing about any more. I am begging each and every Muslim reading this column to do everything in their power to root out this cancer within your society." (Dominik Diamond ‘Why a Fatwa isn’t Enough’ Daily Star p.13 July 20th 2005).

The hyprocrisy of this article is stark. No condemnation of jewish communities in britain harbouring jewish terrorists in their midst. No condemnation of those supporting the racist jews-only state in palestine. No understanding that jewish terrorism in palestine is provoking moslems around the world into responding with violence in order to end such an appalling 60 year long injustice. In other words, diamond makes no contribution to bringing peace between moslems, jews and christians by understanding the causes of violence. All he is doing is making moslems scapegoats for jewish terrorism .

American Jews Stirring up Race Hate in Britain
Published july 25th 2005
When american jews start denouncing jewish terrorists such as ariel sharon then perhaps people in britain might take the quote below seriously but until this happens it is just a case of american jews stirring up race hatred in britain. American jews can get away with their appalling racist hypocrisy in america but in britain they’re not going to be allowed to get away with it.

"The American Right, for four years a fount of rapturous praise for Tony Blair, is showing signs of falling out of love with Britain over what it sees as its soft and ineffective record on terrorism. The July 7 bombings prompted outpourings of sympathy from Americans. But the media coverage of the bombings was marked by a tone of frustration at London's record of tolerance for Islamist preachers. This has intensified on the Right in the wake of Thursday's botched attacks. Two prominent articles in the latest edition of The Weekly Standard, the neo-conservative journal with close ties to the Bush administration, have laid into Britain's domestic approach to fighting terrorism. Under the headline "Letter from Londonistan" Irwin Stelzer concludes that British policy amounts to "easy entry for potential terrorists" and "relative safety from deportation and detention as enemy combatants". He concludes that Mr Blair is the "prisoner of a dominant political class that is preventing Britain from responding to the threat the nation faces"." (Alec Russell ‘US Right turns on Blair for being 'soft on terror' July 25th 2005).

Yet more Jewish Poison in the British Body Politic
Published july 25th 2005
The influence of the racist jews-only state in palestine on british politics is pervasive and poisonous. Here’s another example of what this poison is doing to british life. An eye witness to the murder stated that this innocent person was shot in the head five times whilst he was being held down, "The investigation has now been complicated by the killing Friday of an innocent Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes, who was living legally in the UK and working as an electrician. He lived in an apartment block that was under surveillance and was followed by plainclothes police. When he headed into the Underground, they commanded him to stop. He ran instead. Because he was wearing a jacket in the middle of the summer, they feared he was a bomber and shot him in the head five times. In fact, it was in the 70s that day in London and one of my correspondents from that city said there was a cool breeze, and he might have put on a jacket to go out himself. I suppose for a Brazilian the weather might have called for a wrap.
The tragedy of the death of Menezes is a deliberate outcome of al-Qaeda tactics. The organization is attempting to spread fear and hatred, and knows that the Western security agencies and military will often over-react, helping discredit them with Muslims and perhaps others. (The racial profiling aspect of Menezes' death is clear, and has cast a chill on the UK Muslim community). That British police have received training in Israel in stopping suicide bombers with the technique of shooting the suspect in the head has not made things easier in that regard. (PM Tony Blair attempted to deflect criticism in this regard by sourcing the technique to Sri Lanka, where the Tamil Tigers virtually pioneered the suicide bombing as tactic)." (Juan Cole ‘London and Sharm el-Sheikh Investigations’ July 25th, 2005).