Wednesday, April 13, 2005

How the Jewish Neocons are Bleeding America to Death.

Michael t. klare has written a fascinating article about the possibility of an american war against iran. ‘Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran’ April 13th 2005. What he inadvertently exposes however are far more profound revelations. Firstly, that america is dominated by israeli traitors, the neocons. Secondly, that the zionist lobby is more powerful than the oil lobby. Thirdly, just how much america is suffering economically for pursuing a zionist foreign policy which is so wholly favourable to the jews-only state it could have been concocted only by the bush administration’s israeli traitors. The israeli traitors are forcing america into committing political and economic suicide for the sake of protecting the jews-only state in palestine.

Klare argues iran has vast oil and gas reserves. It has the second largest oil reservoir in the world, "According to the most recent tally by Oil and Gas Journal, Iran houses the second-largest pool of untapped petroleum in the world, an estimated 125.8 billion barrels. Only Saudi Arabia, with an estimated 260 billion barrels, possesses more; Iraq, the third in line, has an estimated 115 billion barrels. With this much oil - about one-tenth of the world's estimated total supply - Iran is certain to play a key role in the global energy equation, no matter what else occurs." (Michael T. Klare ‘Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran’ April 13th 2005). Iran also has the second largest reserves of gas in the world, "According to Oil and Gas Journal, Iran has an estimated 940 trillion cubic feet of gas, or approximately 16 percent of total world reserves. (Only Russia, with 1,680 trillion cubic feet, has a larger supply.)." (Michael T. Klare ‘Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran’ April 13th 2005).

American companies could have been helping to exploit these vast resources thereby making huge profits. The scale of these profits can be gleaned from the following facts, "Iran .. has considerable growth potential: it is now producing about 4 million barrels per day, but is thought to be capable of boosting its output by another 3 million barrels or so. Few, if any, other countries possess this potential, so Iran's importance as a producer, already significant, is bound to grow in the years ahead." (Michael T. Klare ‘Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran’ April 13th 2005); "At present, Iran is producing only a small share of its gas reserves, about 2.7 trillion cubic feet per year. This means that Iran is one of the few countries capable of supplying much larger amounts of natural gas in the future." (Michael T. Klare ‘Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran’ April 13th 2005). Klare makes something of an understatement about this potential for profits, "No doubt the major U.S. energy companies would love to be working with Iran today in developing these vast oil and gas supplies." (Michael T. Klare ‘Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran’ April 13th 2005). American oil companies might have a much less sanguine view of this issue.

However, the neocons managed to persuade the clinton administration to pass a law prohibiting oil companies both in america and the rest of the world, from doing any business with iran on the grounds that it was supporting the terrorist organization hezbollah. "A decade ago, Israel and its friends in Washington launched a campaign to convince President Bill Clinton that Iranian support of terrorism and its military buildup endangered Western interests. Tehran’s support of "terrorism" really consisted only of support for Hezbollah against Israel’s illegal occupation of southern Lebanon. The Israeli campaign succeeded in getting Congress to pass the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act (ILSA), which placed American sanctions on any company expending more than $20 million on Iranian oil and gas development. It was all aimed at stopping Iranian support for Hezbollah." (Andrew I. Killgore ‘Neocons Battle Against U.S. Rapprochement With Iran’ Washington Report on Middle East Affairs May 2004, page 35). In more recent times the rationale for the prohibition against iran has changed because it is now deemed to pose a nuclear weapons threat to america – even though it doesn’t even possess a functioning civil nuclear power programme. "At present, however, they are prohibited from doing so by Executive Order (EO) 12959, signed by President Clinton in 1995 and renewed by President Bush in March 2004." (Michael T. Klare ‘Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran’ April 13th 2005). The change in the rationale was imperative to cover up the fact that american oil companies were being sacrificed in order to protect the jews-only state in palestine from the miniscule military threat posed by hezbollah. At least now with the rationale of the nuclear weapons threat the american administration might be able to sell such a policy on the grounds that america’s security was under threat although whether this would be any consolation to american oil companies is another matter.

Whilst american oil companies have been sitting on the sidelines, quietly cursing the financial losses that israeli traitors in successive american administrations have imposed upon them, the rest of the world has been busy exploiting iranian resources - doubtlessly ecstatic about america foregoing such a bonanza because of its suicidal politically kosher policies.

France, Russia and Malaysia: "During the Clinton administration, French, Russian and Malaysian oil companies signed a multi-billion dollar contract to develop Iran’s South Pars gas field. This was clearly a case where ILSA might have been invoked. Clinton and his foreign policy brass met late into the night to consider the issue. Leon Fuerth, foreign policy adviser to Vice President Al Gore, argued passionately for invoking ILSA. In the end, however, President Clinton refused to go along, out of fear that the United States would be taken to task by the World Trade Organization - and that it likely would lose." (Andrew I. Killgore ‘Neocons Battle Against U.S. Rapprochement With Iran’ Washington Report on Middle East Affairs May 2004, page 35). What a shock, eh? Fancy one of al gore’s jewish advisors trying to persuade clinton to support the jews-only state.

China. "According to the Department of Energy (DoE), Iran supplied 14 percent of China's oil imports in 2003, and is expected to provide an even larger share in the future. China is also expected to rely on Iran for a large share of its liquid natural gas (LNG) imports. In October 2004, Iran signed a $100 billion, 25-year contract with Sinopec, a major Chinese energy firm, for joint development of one of its major gas fields and the subsequent delivery of LNG to China. If this deal is fully consummated, it will constitute one of China's biggest overseas investments and represent a major strategic linkage between the two countries." (Michael T. Klare ‘Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran’ April 13th 2005).

India. "In January, the Gas Authority of India Ltd. (GAIL) signed a 30-year deal with the National Iranian Gas Export Corp. for the transfer of as much as 7.5 million tons of LNG to India per year. The deal, worth an estimated $50 billion, will also entail Indian involvement in the development of Iranian gas fields." (Michael T. Klare ‘Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran’ April 13th 2005).

India and Pakistan. "Indian and Pakistani officials are discussing the construction of a $3 billion natural gas pipeline from Iran to India via Pakistan - an extraordinary step for two long-term adversaries. If completed, the pipeline would provide both countries with a substantial supply of gas and allow Pakistan to reap $200-$500 million per year in transit fees. "The gas pipeline is a win-win proposition for Iran, India, and Pakistan," Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz declared in January." (Michael T. Klare ‘Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran’ April 13th 2005).

Japan. "In early 2003, a consortium of three Japanese companies acquired a 20 percent stake in the development of the Soroush-Nowruz offshore field in the Persian Gulf, a reservoir thought to hold 1 billion barrels of oil. One year later, the Iranian Offshore Oil Company awarded a $1.26 billion contract to Japan's JGC Corporation for the recovery of natural gas and natural gas liquids from Soroush-Nowruz and other offshore fields." (Michael T. Klare ‘Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran’ April 13th 2005).

Israeli traitors in successive american administrations have prevented american oil companies from making vast profits from exploiting iranian resources. In other words, america’s zionist, jews-first, lobby is so powerful it is able to prevent america’s gigantic oil companies from doing what they are in business to do i.e. make as much profit as possible. This conclusion is rather unusual since most commentators continually point out firstly, that bush’s cabinet is dominated by men in the oil business and, secondly, that there are no neocons in his cabinet. It seems scarcely credible that the american oil industry with placemen at the top of the american political system are losing out to the jews-first lobby.

There is, however, an additional piece of evidence which confirms the dominance of the zionist lobby over the american oil industry. If america’s foreign policies were being determined by the oil industry then the american government would have developed a friendly relationship with iran to help with the transportation of oil from the caspian sea. The most economic, and thus most profitable, way to get caspian oil onto the international oil markets is through the construction of an oil pipeline through iran. This, however, would be a disaster for the jews-only state in palestine which supports a much longer pipeline to turkey. "A lot is at stake for the neocons in this latest struggle - perhaps everything, in fact. If the United States reconciles with Iran, the oil pipeline from Baku, Azerbaijan to Ceyhan, Turkey, so passionately sought by Israel, would be in danger. The international oil companies operating in the Caspian Sea region immediately would push for a shorter and cheaper pipeline route - through Iran - to salt water." (Andrew I. Killgore ‘Neocons Battle Against U.S. Rapprochement With Iran’ Washington Report on Middle East Affairs May 2004, page 35).

American oil companies have been losing out on vast profits from iran and the american economy has also consequentially suffered significant economic losses because of the jews-only policy of prohibiting trade with iran. However, as far as the israeli traitors in the bush administration are concerned this is of no significance because they believe america’s primary role in the world is not to help its multinational oil companies make profits but to protect the jews-only state.

The world is having a feast at the spectacularly lavish banquet provided by iran but the americans, controlled by their zionist parasites, are refusing to join in the merriment originally because iran was a minor military threat, through hezbollah, to the jews-only state (but not to america) but now because it is an entirely fictitious nuclear threat (primarily to the jews-only state in palestine but eventually, in a few decades times, perhaps to america as well).

The longer this iranian feast persists, the richer and more powerful the world will become whilst america, forced by its zionist parasites, becomes relatively poorer.

Given that this situation is so detrimental to american interests, it is highly likely that the bush administration will feel compelled to act. It can either try to neutralize the israeli traitors in its midst and start co-operating with iran or it will allow israeli traitors to push the country into a war against iran. But are all those countries which have invested so much in iran and which stand to gain so much through their trade with iran, just going to stand by and allow america to stop them from enjoying the iranian banquet? Let’s hope not. Let’s hope they provide iran with all the military weapons it needs to deter an unjust, unprovoked, and pre-emptive, attack.

The israeli traitors in america are forcing the country into committing economic and political suicide for the sake of protecting the jews-only state in palestine. They are doing this not merely by refusing to allow american oil companies to exploit iran’s abundant resources and by pushing america into a vast expensive proxy zionist war against iraq but by pushing america into a future zionist proxy war against iran. America’s fall from hyperpower status is not so much self-induced but zionist induced.

The evidence that klare has presented reveals without doubt that the refusal of successive american administrations to develop cordial relationships with iran is causing huge losses to america’s oil corporations and to the american economy. This is policy has been orchestrated by the israeli traitors within successive administrations, the zionist lobby, and the zionist dominated american media. But klare is suffering from so much zionist indoctrination he cannot see any of these revelations and reaches conclusions which are decidedly politically kosher, "the current planning for an attack on Iran is fundamentally driven by concern over the safety of U.S. energy supplies, as was the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq." The bush administration often expressed its fear that saddam would refuse to sell iraqi oil to america but this is just another, zionist-inspired, fabrication. Saddam was desperate to sell as much oil as he could to america and any other country around the world. What the bush administration, but especially its israeli traitors, were really worried about was not a highly implausible iraqi oil embargo but what saddam would do with his oil revenues i.e. build up his military power to protect the country against an attack by the jews-only state in palestine. The israeli traitors in the first bush administration forced america into a proxy zionist war against iraq to prevent iraq from rebuilding its military forces. The israeli traitors in the second bush administration are trying to force america into another proxy zionist war to prevent iran from becoming a military threat to the jews-only state.