Friday, March 18, 2005

The Prospects of a New Race War.

Three Types of Racist.
There are three types of racist in america. Firstly, extreme right wing, waspish, racists who support race wars against non-wasps. If they were the only racists around it would be easy to marginalize them but, unfortunately, this is not the case.

The second lot of racists are far more difficult to combat. They are the zionists who give their undivided loyalty to the jews-only state in palestine whilst professing they are americans who put america first. These israeli traitors in the zionist dominated media, in the zionist lobby, and in the bush administration, know that the zionist state in palestine is a jews-only state, with jews-only laws, jews-only rights, jews-only property ownership, jews-only roads running between jews-only settlements/towns/cities, jews-only immigration, jews-only employment, jews-only marriages, jews-only religion, jews-only cemeteries, jews-only international laws, jews-only taboos, openly racist jewish politicians, etc. They know about this blatant racism and yet fully support the jews-only state. They even duped america into a proxy zionist war against iraq that was inimical to american interests. Another remarkable characteristic of these racists is their pretence at being anti-racists. In fact they are what could be called anti-racist racists. Anti-racist racists have cleverly contrived to bring about a situation where anyone trying to point out the blatantly racist nature of the jews-only state in palestine is deemed to be anti-semitic, a racist, and these days, under america’s new zionist-inspired anti-terrorism laws, even a terrorist.

The third group of racists are the most difficult to deal with. Many of them have been duped by zionist propaganda that the jews-only state in palestine is a secular, western, liberal democracy despite all the evidence to the contrary. Others have been duped into believing that the messiah requires the barbarity of a racist jews-only state in palestine before he will condescend to errr …. descend. These dechristianized zionists are racists because they finance, arm, and politically support, the jews-only state in palestine. Most of them do not care how racist the jews-only state is because their primary concern is winning divine salvation – even though the christian messiah would find the jews-only state utterly reprehensible and would condemn to eternal hell fire anyone who promoted such a state. It is not possible to regard so-called christian evangelists as christians when they believe in the judaic god of war, support the racism and supremacism of the jews-only state, and promote a zionist theory derived from the judaic old testament.

Triggering a Race War?
Some anti-racists argue it is wrong to accuse zionists of being israeli traitors and that such talk is bound to trigger off a race war. Such criticisms are just a variant of the tactic zionists have been using for the last forty years to prevent any criticisms of zionist influence over american politics or the jews-only state in palestine i.e. that such criticisms are just a precursor to, one small step away from, putting jews into concentration camps. This zionist tactic has also been invaluable in providing cover for the israeli traitors’ take-over of the bush administration.

The main criticism of this paranoid fear of triggering off a new race war is that the race war has already begun. It began over half a century ago with the zionists’ creation of the jews-only state in palestine. Ever since then jews have been trying to win support for the jews-only state in palestine and every convert has boosted the jewish race war against the moslem world. Over the decades, zionists have won so much support from the american (and british) governments in their racist war against palestinians and the moslem world that the american (and british) governments have become racist states. In september 2001, moslem fundamentalists retaliated against the racist america administration. This was the first time moslems had been able to seriously hit back against the american government’s complicity in zionists’ ethnic cleansing of palestinians. Not surprisingly the zionist dominated american administration responded by launching a proxy zionist war against iraq and adopting all the enemies of the jews-only state as their own enemies – even though they posed no threat to america.

The laws that america has implemented to combat terrorism were designed to be non-racist but their implementation, often under the direct control of israeli traitors in the bush administration, has been explicitly racist in targeting moslems. In their race war against the moslem world, the israeli traitors in america have been successful in driving america into a proxy zionist war against iraq and they have been equally as successful domestically in promoting a race war against moslems living in america through the introduction of anti-terrorism laws. Zionists in america (and britain) are willing to sacrifice the freedoms that americans (and britons) have enjoyed for centuries simply in order to use these countries to pursue their race war against moslems and the moslem world. If anyone points out that the zionists are pursuing a race war against arabs/moslems, zionists immediately denounce them for being racists!

The fear of provoking a race war against jews-only racists is completely overblown given that most extreme right wing groups in america (and britain) focus their race hatred almost exclusively on moslems rather than on jews. It is almost as if zionists have some hidden hand guiding right wing groups to focus their animosities solely on moslems. Indeed, in britain the british national party, the most well known fascist party in the country, is known to have jews but no moslems in its ranks.

The anti-racist racists who argue it is wrong to accuse zionists of being israeli traitors and fear a race war usually promote the idea that race is irrelevant because it is only a social construct. But it is patently obvious that even if race is only a political construct, it is relevant if people believe in race. And the people who believe in race are the jews who support the jews-only state in palestine. There are many so-called americans, so-called christians, who support the racism of the jews-only state in palestine and uphold ‘jews-only’ values. If anyone wants to appreciate the reality of the sheer horror of jews-only racism all they have to do is put themselves in the shoes of a palestinian or an iraqi. Only then will such people see jews-only racism for what it really is – the true successor of nazism.

Zionism, in promoting a jews-only state, is inherently fascistic. In so much as the zionist state wants to be a state for the jews it has to be fascistic in order to prevent palestinians from becoming a majority in the state. Much more to the point, however, is that zionism, in supporting a jews-only state, is inherently racist. Given zionist domination of america’s political system it is no surprise that america is becoming more and more racist not merely domestically towards its own citizens, but internationally by pursuing racist wars against the moslem world. Outside the western world, increasing numbers of people despise the racism of the bush administration’s domestic and foreign policies. The only people who can’t see this racism are america’s israeli traitors, who regard it as just bad publicity, and the americans who have been indoctrinated by decades of zionist propaganda. If americans do not take action against the israeli traitors in their midst they are going to find themselves pursuing more zionist proxy wars against syria and iran and living in an increasingly racist society. This is going to lead to the country’s moral, political, and economic bankruptcy. Zionism is poisoning the world.

Red-state Fascism.
There is much talk these days, amongst those who refuse to recognize the jewish race war against moslems, about ‘red-state fascism’. This analysis is irrelevant for a number of reasons. Firstly, the assumption behind this analysis is that the threat to america’s constitution comes mainly from rural, christian evangelists in america’s red states. But these so called christians are basically zionist trolls. They are people who zionists have converted to zionism. The leaders of the so-called christian evangelists were all wooed and bribed by zionists who then helped to convert their christian flocks to follow this new zionist goal.

Secondly, the blue states support the war against terrorism i.e. the jews-only race war against moslems, just as much as the red states. There is virtually no difference between the republicans and the democrats over the war in iraq, the curbing of civil liberties in america, and further wars against iran and syria. The reason for this is that both of these parties are just the international branches of the likud party. The likudnic democratic party is only slightly less racist and imperialistic than the likudnic republican party. Whereas, in the past america has been inviolable whilst the rest of the world has endured horrendous wars, in this jew-only race war even the american constitution is no longer safe.

Thirdly, the issue at stake is not fascism but racism. Fascism is almost invariably a domestic problem whereas racism is by nature an international phenomenon. The introduction of fascism is usually brought about by internal, domestic problems such as the threat of widespread disorder or even civil war. The onset of fascist governments rarely develops into imperialist adventures. Franco is a good case in point and also, to a lesser extent given his minor overseas adventures, mussolini. But in america the problem is not fascism but racism. The curbing of civil liberties has nothing whatsoever to do with domestic discontent or civil war. What is happening in america is that israeli traitors in the american media, in the zionist lobby, and the american political system, are pushing america into race wars against iraq and other moslem countries whilst fostering racial hatred of moslems in america by pushing america into the adoption of anti-terrorist laws which can be used to target moslems. The more that zionists can stir up race hatred against moslems, the greater the support they will have for the american government to embark on further wars against the moslem world. Zionists have been successful in getting america to fight their racist wars against the moslem world and now they want america to fight their racist wars domestically by curbing the civil liberties of moslems living in america. America is suffering from a zionist-induced race war causing global strife, not a minor domestic fascist problem.

But don’t Christians Dominate American Politics?
There are those who argue that it is so-called christian evangelists who dominate the bush administration and who provide the greatest support for the jews-only state in palestine. There are five examples, however, which reveal why america is dominated not by so-called christian evangelists but by zionists.

Firstly, christian evangelists are more accurately defined as dechristianized zionists. Some are so fanatical they give absolute loyalty to the jews-only state in palestine. Raimondo highlighted a report about a speech made by kay arthur, a popular "Christian Zionist" author and minister, at the convention of the national religious broadcasters, "Perhaps the most startling moment of the morning was an appearance by popular Christian Zionist author, Kay Arthur of Precepts Ministries. 'I love America,' Arthur said, her voice quivering with emotion. 'But if it came to a choice between Israel and America, I would stand with Israel.' While the crowd applauded tepidly ..."" (Justin Raimondo ‘Putting Israel First’ March 6th 2005). Such is the power of zionism over americans it can even persuade patriotic americans to publicly announce they are traitors to their own country.

Secondly, the political weakness of the dechristianized zionists is blatant for all to see in their failure to turn america into a christian state. If dechristianized zionists were anything like as powerful as they are reputed to be they would have converted america into a christian state. And yet their efforts to do this have been blocked by the superior power of the zionist lobby which insists, for obvious reasons, on a separation of church and state – a separation which they support only in america not in palestine where racism has a stranglehold over the jews-only state. America is supposedly a christian nation and yet the 3% of its population which is jewish have managed to protect the separation of church and state. In america, the constitutional separation of church and state symbolizes the dominate position of the zionist lobby over christian evangelism.

Thirdly, america’s so-called christian evangelists have never protested to the jews-only state in palestine over the appalling treatment of the significant proportion of palestinians living in the jews-only state who are christian.

Fourthly, another significant example of dechristianized zionists’ political weakness is their failure to protest about the massacres of christians in east timor. As stephen zunes has pointed out, "Interestingly, even though the East Timor situation involved a predominantly Muslim country conquering, occupying, and terrorizing a predominantly Christian country, virtually no protests arose from the Islamaphobic Christian Right." (Stephen Zunes ‘The Influence of the Christian Right on U.S. Middle East Policy’ Foreign Policy In Focus June 2004). The reason for the absence of protests about this issue is because zionists have no interests in east timor so they didn’t bother to channel goyims’ energies over this issue. Dechristianized zionists are not organized enough to launch such a campaign for themselves.

Fifthly, the american congress has passed an anti-semitism bill which makes it illegal for christians to criticize the jews-only state in palestine.

Finally, american christians did not protest about the zionist desecration of a christian church in jerusalem when the zionists arrested vanunu.

Political power usually resides in numbers – although there are many examples of minority rule around the world. But political power is also about one group of people persuading another group to support their goals. In such cases, power lies with the persuaders rather than the persuaded. If a dozen people can persuade thousands of others to support their goals then power lies with the persuaders not the persuaded. Zionists have managed to persuade christians to ditch their christian god for the sake of the war-mongering zionist god, the master of the universe, and to believe that the messiah will return only if they create a jews-only society in palestine. These christians are nothing more than dechristianized zionists who have put their power at the disposal of zionism. Zionists’ dominance of america’s foreign policy is a by-product of their control over america’s domestic politics.