Thursday, February 03, 2005

Busharon is Zionist Propaganda.

There are so-called progressives/lefties/greenies/liberals/tribalists/peaceniks who denounce bush and sharon by referring to them as busharon. This neologism implies that the seemingly homely george bush is just like the evil ariel sharon, whose life has progressed from being a terrorist, mass murderer, war criminal until he’s now a state terrorist. Busharon suggests that sharon and bush promote the same policies. It does not, however, say much about the relationship between them. It doesn’t indicate whether bush is the master and sharon the slave or vice versa. If anything, the word’s failure to suggest the nature of the relationship implies there is no master-slave relationship at all – just two, like minded, individuals working together to implement mutually beneficial policies. As far as zionists of the progressive/leftie/greeny/liberal/tribalist/peacenik ilk are concerned the word is a useful propaganda devise since it enables them to parade their political credentials i.e. suggesting george bush is as much of a terrorist as ariel sharon, without having to discuss the critical issue of who is the puppet and who is the puppeteer. This is an issue they must avoid at all costs since it raises fundamental questions about america’s foreign policies and the survival of their racially pure homeland which some people inconveniently still refer to as palestine.

So, if you want to spot the zionists spouting progressive ideas about america and the palestinians but who, in reality, are just helping to prop up the zionist state, then watch out for their use of the word, busharon. It’s time for anti-zionists to start challenging those who use the word to explain what they mean. Do they mean, like the zionist lover noam chomsky, that bush is the puppeteer whilst sharon is the puppet? Do they mean, like the zionist lover uri avnery, that the relationship is a symbiosis, "Some people say, only half in jest, that the USA is an Israeli colony. And indeed, in many respects it looks like that. President Bush dances to Ariel Sharon's tune. Both Houses of Congress are totally subservient to the Israeli right-wing - much more so than the Knesset. It has been said that if the pro-Israeli lobby were to sponsor a resolution on Capitol Hill calling for the abolition of the Ten Commandments, both Houses of Congress would adopt it overwhelmingly. Every year Congress confirms the payment of a massive tribute to Israel. But others assert the reverse: that Israel is an American colony. And indeed, that is also true in many respects. It is unthinkable for the Israeli government to refuse a clear-cut request by the President of the United States. America forbids Israel to sell an expensive intelligence-gathering plane to China? Israel cancels the sale. America forbids a large-scale military action, as happened last week in Gaza? No action. America wants the Israeli economy to be managed according to American precepts? No problem: an American (circumcised, to be sure) has just been appointed as Governor of the Central Bank of Israel. As a matter of fact, both versions are right: The USA is an Israeli colony and Israel is an American colony. The relationship between the two countries is a symbiosis, a term defined by the Oxford Dictionary as "an association of two organisms living attached to each other or one within the other" (from the Greek words for "living" and "together".) (Uri Avnery ‘King George’ January 24, 2005). Or do they mean, like ralph nader, that sharon is the puppeteer whilst bush and congress are the puppets.

The likud party dominates the zionist state just as much as it does the american state. Indeed, the democratic party resembles one branch of the likud party whilst the republican party resembles another branch. The zionist lobby in america boasts of its huge influence over american politicians but there is no american lobby in the zionist state trying to implement american policies. Avnery asserts that "in many respects" Israel is an American colony. Firstly, "It is unthinkable for the Israeli government to refuse a clear-cut request by the President of the United States."

This is a zionist deception. Let’s look at what sharon has done to bush.
* In may 2001, dick cheney told sharon to stop using american jets to attack civilians. Sharon ignored the order, "Israel should stop using american built jets in attacks on palestinian areas, us vice-president dick cheney said yesterday. F-16s were used by the israelis last week for the first time since 1967 in response to a suicide bomb." The use of jets in such operations has now become so commonplace they do not merit any public discussion let alone public protest.

** In september 2001 sharon called bush a neville chamberlain. "American relations with Israel plunged to their lowest point in a decade yesterday when the White House denounced as "unacceptable" statements by the Israeli prime minister comparing the US coalition-building in the Arab world to British appeasement of the Nazis in the 1930s. The Bush administration was reported to be furious with Mr Sharon's actions, and the White House spokesman, Ari Fleischer, told journalists that the president felt personally affronted by the comparison to Neville Chamberlain and the discredited policies of appeasement in the run up to the second world war. In a blunt response, Mr Fleischer (a great admirer of ariel sharon) said: "The president believes that these remarks are unacceptable. Israel could have no better or stronger friend that the United States and no better friend that President Bush."" Sharon refused to apologize for his insult to the so-called president of the united states. It shows what little power bush has over sharon that he didn’t dare to try and extract a public apology from him.

*** As regards the so-called agreement between sharon and bush in april 2004, patrick j. buchanan pointed out, "According to the New York Times, Sharon threatened not to come to Washington unless Bush, in advance and in writing, agreed to capitulate. "In a moment of diplomatic brinkmanship," writes James Bennet, Sharon threatened to cancel his trip if Bush refused to give him "the guarantees he wanted in exchange for his plan to withdraw settlers from the Gaza Strip." Sharon's ultimatum: In return for giving up Gaza, Bush must give him title to more desirable Palestinian lands on the West Bank. What did Bush give up? None of the Palestinians driven out of their homes by the Irgun massacre at Deir Yassin and during the 1948 war will ever be allowed to return. Palestinian rights in that 78 percent of Palestine that is already Israel, and in the sectors of the remaining 22 percent Sharon plans to annex, are forfeit forever. Second, major Israeli settlements on the occupied West Bank, planted by Sharon in violation of international law, which every U.S. president has called "obstacles to peace," are now deeded to Israel. Like Lord Balfour, Bush is surrendering title to Arab lands he does not own and surrendering Palestinian rights that are not his to give up. As for the Sharon Wall that snakes in and out of the West Bank, incorporating Palestinian fields, olive groves, homes and villages, Bush no longer insists it be confined to Israeli territory." (Patrick J. Buchanan ‘Bush Outsources Mideast Policy’ c.May 2004).

Secondly, avnery states, "America forbids a large-scale military action, as happened last week in Gaza? No action." This is another zionist deception.

* In october 2001, sharon defied bush by launching an invasion of what, nominally, were supposed to be palestinian controlled areas. According to julian borger, "The Bush administration has known for months that its control over the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, is tenuous at best. Yesterday's raid on Beit Rima was a neon-bright indicator of Mr Sharon's complete disregard for Mr Bush's opinions. The usual tools of US diplomacy in the region now look flimsy. The secretary of state, Colin Powell, has been planning for several weeks to make a landmark policy speech laying out a clear blueprint for Israeli-Palestinian cohabitation, including the creation of a viable Palestinian state, with a share of Jerusalem as its capital. "That can be one of the threats held over Sharon's head," said Judith Kipper of the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington. "But in the end it is just a speech. It is just words, and it is not going to have much effect on Sharon.""

** On thursday april 4th 2002, bush demanded that sharon withdraw his troops from palestinian controlled areas, "President bush last night demanded that israel withdraw its invading troops from palestinian territories." Sharon showed no interest in responding. The following sunday, bush repeated his demand. This time sharon didn’t just ignore the president of the united states. As leader of god’s chosen people, sharon went out of his way to humiliate the president of the united states by going on a tour of his front line troops occupying palestinian areas in order to reassure them he wouldn’t be withdrawing the zionist army. The following tuesday, bush made a third demand, with a little expression of anger, for the withdrawal of the zionist army. This time sharon took the media along with him to make sure the whole world could see him defying the president of the united states by telling his troops there would be no early withdrawal. On april 15th it was reported that sharon had stated he would not end the occupation "until he was ready".

In effect, ariel sharon is the real president of the united states and thus president of the world. Uri avnery is getting more and more confused in his old age. It was only a couple of years ago that he was arguing, "In Europe, Jews already feel the pressure. But in the United States, they still feel supremely self-confident. In Europe, Jews have learned over the centuries that it is not wise to be too conspicuous and to display their wealth and influence. But in America, the very opposite is happening: the Jewish establishment is practically straining to prove that it controls the country. Every few years, the Jewish lobby "eliminates" an American politician who does not support the Israeli government unconditionally. This is not done secretly, behind the scenes, but as a public "execution". Just now this was done to the black Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, a young, active, intelligent and very sympathetic woman. She has dared to criticize the Sharon government, support Palestinians and (worst of all) Israeli and Jewish peace groups. The Jewish establishment found a counter-candidate, a practically unknown black woman, injected huge sums into the campaign and defeated Cynthia. All this happened in the open, with fanfares, to make a public example - so that every Senator and Congressperson would know that criticizing Sharon is tantamount to political suicide." (Uri Avnery ‘Manufacturing Anti-Semites’ October 2, 2002).

For an elaboration of the master-slave relationship between sharon and bush please see
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