Sunday, April 03, 2005

Why I’m a Holocaust Denier: The Sanctimonious Racism of the so-called Jewish Holocaust.

The march 2005 inauguration of the holocaust museum at yad vashem in jerusalem, attended by "the UN Secretary-General, presidents, ministers, prime ministers and notables from 40 countries" is just the latest publicity stunt carried out by jewish holocaust exploitation industry exploiting the mass slaughter of jews during the second world war, "But it was also a great victory for Israeli diplomacy. The chiefs of our Foreign Office openly boasted of this political achievement. The foreign guests met with the Israeli leaders and thus lent their indirect but clear support to Ariel Sharon's policy." (Uri Avnery ‘Memory of the Holocaust - from Jewish property into human possession’ March 19th 2005). For the last forty years, the jewish holocaust exploitation industry has been reaping huge economic and political gains from the exploitation of their own dead.

From yad vashem it is possible to see Deir Yassin where jewish racists carried out their first mass slaughter of palestinians in the run up to the establishment of the jews-only state. Paul eisen argues, "Deir Yassin also signalled the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians leading to their eventual dispossession and exile and was just one example of a conscious and premeditated plan to destroy the Palestinians as a people in their own homeland." He concludes, "For Deir Yassin, in clear sight of Yad Vashem, the symbol of our own tragedy, is the symbol of the tragedy visited by us on another people." (Paul Eisen ‘In Sight of Yad Vashem…. Jews and Deir Yassin Remembrance - January 2003). The jews who built this memorial at yad vashem are hypocrites, racists, and perverts who ought to be tried for aesthetic crimes against oomanity.

The Implications of the Jews-Only Holocaust.
The oft mentioned phrase "jewish holocaust" rests on a number of assumptions:-
* that the nazis’ slaughter of jews was the worst slaughter of a particular group of people ever carried out in ooman history;
* that the nazis’ slaughter of jews was the biggest slaughter ever carried out in ooman history;
* that the nazis sent only jews to the concentration and extermination camps;
* that more jews were killed than any other group of people;
* that the nazis slaughtered only jews because the jewish people are special and more important than other oomans.
* that the nazis’ unique form of slaughter tragically reveals that the jewish people are unique; and,
* that the nazis carried out the jews-only holocaust because of eternal anti-semitism.

These assumptions are false.

Firstly, the nazis’ slaughter of jews was not the worst slaughter of a particular group of people in ooman history. Norman g finkelstein has pointed out, "Between 1891 and 1911, some 10 million africans perished in the course of europe’s exploitation of congolese ivory and rubber resources. Yet, the first and only scholarly volume in english directly devoted to this topic was published two years ago." Hannah arendt suspected that anywhere between 10-20 million might have been massacred.

Secondly, oomans’ biggest slaughter to date was the rise of totalitarianism, i.e. stalinism and nazism, of which the second world war is just a part. Some estimates put the total number of deaths caused by totalitarianism at around 50 million.

Thirdly, many jews believe only jews were sent to nazi concentration and extermination camps, "The centrality of the Holocaust in Jewish consciousness caused the Jews to insist on its absolute exclusiveness. We are shocked and furious when somebody tries to remind us that the Nazis exterminated other communities too, such as the Roma, the homosexuals and the mentally ill. We get very angry when somebody comes and compares "our" Holocaust with other genocides: Armenians, Cambodians, Tutsis in Ruanda and others. Really! How can one compare?" (Uri Avnery ‘Memory of the Holocaust - from Jewish property into human possession’ March 19th 2005). To many jews the phrase "jewish holocaust" means precisely that the nazis slaughtered only jews. In other words, the "jewish holocaust" is just a shorthand for the jews-only holocaust. Historically, however, jews were accompanied by communists, POWs, the aged, the sick, homosexuals, seven day adventists, slavs, serbs, czechs, italians, poles, ukrainians, gypsies, etc. The effectiveness of jewish propaganda in creating the illusion of a jews-only slaughter and jews-only concentration and extermination camps is apparent from the fact that most people in the over-industrialized world believe that nearly six million jews were murdered in these camps (hannah arendt puts the figure between four and a half and six million) but few of them could provide an estimate of the total number of people killed in these ‘holes of oblivion’.

Gilad atzmon provides some interesting insights into how the nazi slaughter of jews has led jews into regarding themselves not merely as victims but as exclusive victims, "Within the contemporary Jewish word view, the Jews are the only real ultimate genuine sufferers. If this is not enough, the fact that they are ‘the true real and only genuine sufferers’ is now legally imposed. To suspect this very fact may result in a court case. For instance, in case you happen to be a new historian and you may doubt some facts to do with the latest Nazi Judeocide, you probably find yourself behind bars or just removed from your academic post." (Gilad Atzmon ‘To Sit in the Dark’ March 2005). Jewish self victimization is not solely a psychological defense mechanism but a political device to win sympathies from non-jews thereby enabling jews to achieve political goals which might otherwise have been unattainable, "The victim strategy is the latest and most sophisticated form of Jewish supremacist segregation. Not only that I surround myself with walls, I even make the other feel guilty for me building those walls around myself (by the way, I don’t know whether you are aware of the bizarre fact that within the Israeli discourse it is the Palestinians that are blamed for the Jews building the apartheid wall). You can take from the Jew his religion, you can take away the chicken soup you can even put ‘sea fruit’ on his plate but once you take away the victim tendency, the Jew isn’t a Jew anymore. Once you lift the colossal threat of Hitler then the Jew becomes an ordinary boring being. Let me tell you, this is not going to happen." (Gilad Atzmon ‘To Sit in the Dark’ March 2005).

Fourthly, the assumption that more jews were killed during the rise of totalitarianism and the second world war than any other group of people is wrong. It has been estimated that around twenty million russians died during this period. Whilst it is impossible to know the exact figures for russian and jewish fatalities, it is almost certain that far more russians were killed during this calamity than jews. Why is there no talk of a russian holocaust only the jews-only holocaust?

It has been estimated that hitler was responsible for the slaughter of twenty one million people. Many argue that stalin was responsible for an even greater slaughter. Thus the jews were not merely a minority of the people killed by the nazis, they were an even smaller minority of the total number of people killed during this period. And yet this is not discernable from the racist myopia of the propaganda concerning the jews-only slaughter.

Fifthly, the jews who believe in the fantasy of the jews-only holocaust often veer into the belief that only the deaths of jews was important, that only jews are special. This is just racist. The phrase "jewish holocaust" is inherently racist since it ignores the deaths of all the other peoples slaughtered by the nazis.

Sixthly, it is true that the nazis introduced an entirely new form of slaughter. The nazis, and to a lesser extent stalinism, used a bureaucratic and industrialized slaughter process to exterminate huge numbers of people. This combination had never been used before. A state bureaucracy, in which civilians played a major role, organized the branding, rounding up, detention, processing, collating, dispossessing, and transporting, of those to be slaughtered. The slaughter itself took place in industrialized killing centres, extermination camps which were basically ooman abattoirs. Never before had places been constructed, on an industrial scale to operate at maximum efficiency, specifically to exterminate oomans. The nazis slaughtered millions in entirely conventional ways such as through invasions, occupations, warfare, round-ups, etc. but many millions were also slaughtered through this unique extermination process.

As a generalization which might serve as a benchmark, pogroms often involve killers who lapse into a frenzy of bloodlust, completely losing control of themselves and all civilized values. Pogroms are always sickeningly barbaric but the killing frenzy usually subsides quickly as emotions become exhausted or satiated. In stark contrast with such frenzied, highly emotional, outbursts of hatred and violence, the nazis used their civil administration to carry out an industrial slaughter in a peaceful, calm, unemotional, orderly, and legal, process so that it seemed a part of normal, everyday, life. It was, in other words, exactly like the industrialized slaughter of Animals in modern consumer societies – where nobody bats an eyelid at Animals being loaded onto a truck or seeing a lorry load of Animals being driven to an abattoir. In this mode, the slaughter process could have continued not merely for months or years but decades. The totalitarian slaughter process seems to have fewer inherent constraints than pogroms. This is because firstly it was incorporated as part of normal civilized life and, secondly, because most people involved in the process played only a small or indirect role which didn’t require killing anyone and thus never perceived themselves as killers.

This unique form of slaughter, which was probably modeled on the Animal exploitation industry, was not some unintended, but perverted, compliment to jewish uniqueness – as if the only way to kill such a unique people was a unique form of slaughter. Firstly, the bureaucratic and industrialized method of extermination was capable of being turned upon any group of people whether inside or outside society. It did not require politicians to whip up public emotions against a particular group or to concoct lies to inflame public anger. All that it required was a bureaucratic decision. Secondly, the way that a person or a people are killed is ultimately meaningless – what matters is that they are killed. A person killed in an extermination camp is not any more important or significant or valuable or unique than a person killed during an air raid or executed during a military round up.

Finally, as regards the assumption of the jews-only holocaust resulting from eternal anti-semitism. One minor quibble about this assumption is that if eternal anti-semitism was to blame then the jews-only holocaust could hardly be called unique. The notion of eternal anti-semitism is another example of jewish racism. It is every bit as odious as anti-semitism. If the nazis exterminated only jews then it might make sense to blame eternal anti-semitism but since this was not true it is just jewish racist propaganda.

Many of the jewish propagandists who peddle the phrase "jewish holocaust" know these assumptions are false but continue to use the phrase because they are racists and jewish supremacists.

The Transformation of Totalitarianism into the Jews-Only Holocaust.
The rise of totalitarianism in the 1930s and 1940s produced an unprecedented bloodbath. Stalin sent tens of millions of people to concentration camps and hitler sent millions to extermination camps. Their ideological battle to reshape the world inevitably triggered off a world war in which millions more died. In terms of ooman fatalities, stalin killed more people than hitler – only a tiny proportion of whom were likely to have been jews. The nazis killed more non-jews than jews. It is possible the nazis killed more russians than jews. So why the continual emphasis on jewish deaths? Why is it that today the only people who seem to have died during the rise of totalitarianism and the second world war were jews? People these days do not talk about stalin's holocaust or the russian holocaust or the european holocaust or the totalitarian holocaust – only the jewish holocaust. Nobody talks about a polish holocaust, "In the Holocaust three million Polish Jews died, but so did three million non-Jewish Poles. Jews were targeted but so were Gypsies, homosexuals, Slavs and Poles." (Paul Eisen ‘Jewish Power’ August 19, 2004). Why is it that people in the over-industrialized world talk of 6 million jews being killed in extermination camps but not the total number of people killed in these camps. The reason for this is primarily because the zionist dominated media, and the dominance of the zionist lobby, in the over-industrialized world, has enabled zionist propagandists to monopolize the term "holocaust" to refer only to the deaths of jews. This is jewish revisionism at its racist worst.

Since it was first established, the zionist dominated, hollywood, film industry, has been faced with the problem of whipping up publicity for newly released films to turn them into box-office successes and thus garner huge profits for investors. Every year the zionist dominated advertising industry has been faced with the similar problem of gaining publicity for the new products to be launched onto the market. The zionist dominated media industry of newspapers, magazines, television, and radio, are constantly faced by the need to publicize their products to attract readers, viewers and listeners. Publicists work by the general rule: the bigger the hype, the greater the publicity, the greater the sales, the greater the profits. It is not surprising that some publicity minded jews eventually realized that the nazi slaughter of jews could also be treated as a product which could be hyped up for economic and political gains. In both america and britain, the "jewish holocaust" industry has hyped up the jews-only holocaust until it has become the greatest political asset, and a major economic asset, for the jews-only state in palestine and jews around the world. The "jewish holocaust" industry has become as expert in gaining, maintaining, and refining, publicity for its product as any hollywood film company.

Since the collapse of totalitarianism, the "jewish holocaust" industry has succeeded in whittling away the rise of totalitarianism and the second world war into one minor, specific phenomenon - the nazi slaughter of jews. Zionist propaganda has ensured that the unprecedented slaughter carried out by totalitarianism has virtually disappeared until all that is left in the public mind is the "jewish holocaust". Zionist propaganda has been so effective that the word holocaust has become virtually synonymous with 'the jewish holocaust' as if the nazis killed only jews, and as if the only people who died during the rise of totalitarianism and the second world war were jews. Tens of millions of non-jewish victims seem to have disappeared into history. Extermination camps became known as ‘holes of oblivion’ into which all types of people disappeared. Today, however, the phrase "jewish holocaust" has become the new hole of oblivion in which the deaths of all non-jews are rendered invisible – just as in the palestinian-israeli conflict only jews are the victims whilst unarmed, defenceless palestinian victims are at best treated as meaningless, at worst never reported. Jews have rewritten history so that what happened during the 1930s and 1940s was the nazi extermination of jews not the rise and fall of totalitarianism and the second world war. Totalitarianism and the second world war have become just a background noise to the violin whine of the nazi slaughter of jews.

Given jewish expertise in hollywood, the advertising industry, and public relations departments in multi-national corporations, and given zionists’ domination of the media, the transformation of the rise of totalitarianism and the second world war into the nazi slaughter of jews, was not difficult. Even sixty years after the collapse of totalitarianism, there are tv programmes on british television, virtually every week, often written produced or directed by jews, about the second world war or nazism in which references are made to the jews-only slaughter. This zionist indoctrination has long ago become a self-reinforcing syndrome. Once the propaganda about the jews-only holocaust had become established in the public mind, whenever the second world war/the nazis/hitler/concentration camps are mentioned, the public automatically thinks about the suffering and slaughter of jews rather than the suffering and slaughter of the tens of millions of non-jewish victims. As zionist propagandists succeeded in monopolizing public sympathies, they could start reaping increasingly significant political, and financial, rewards.

The Political Benefits of the Jews-Only Holocaust Industry.
Zionists’ appalling exploitation of the suffering of their own people, and their rendering invisible the deaths of all non-jews, has gone far beyond the bounds of decency. The hollywood fantasy of the jews-only holocaust has been used to reap huge political and economic rewards:-

* to justify the creation of a jews-only state. This led jewish racists to drive out nearly three-quarters of a million palestinians from their homes and their country. These days there are jews who even legitimize the nazi slaughter of jews by arguing, ‘Jewish People deserve Israel because of the holocaust.’

* to illegally confiscate all palestinian land. The more that zionists could make non-jews in america and britain feel guilty about the jews-only slaughter and the jews-only concentration camps, the easier it was to persuade them to condone zionist atrocities against palestinians. "As bizarre as it may sound, in 1948, while the Israelis ethnically cleansed the Palestinian population, the ‘guilty’ West was sitting and praising ‘Jewish heroism’. Very much the same happened following the miraculous Israeli victory in 1967. For many years, ‘guilt’ became the core of European parliamentary left blind support of Israel." (Gilad Atzmon ‘To Sit in the Dark’ March 2005). It didn’t matter if people had played no role in the nazi’s mass slaughter or had even fought against it: if zionists could make them feel guilty for the slaughter then zionists could reap political rewards. The more that zionist propagandists could provoke guilt in non-jews for the jews-only slaughter, the more violence the jews-only state in palestine could use against palestinians to achieve its goal of a racially pure, palestinian-free, judaic state.

* to portray themselves as helpless victims of nazi aggression in order to cover-up their use of overwhelming force against defenceless palestinian, mostly civilians. Despite the fact that the jews-only state is far more powerful than the third reich ever was, it portrays itself, and is portrayed by zionists in the american/brutish media, as a small vulnerable state heroically struggling against overwhelming odds. Not surprisingly, merely mentioning that the zionist military is the fourth or fifth most powerful military in the world will produce accusations of anti-semitism.

* to put themselves above international law and ignore united nations’ resolutions. Ben cohen has pointed out, "Since 1967, the United Nations Security Council has passed 15 resolutions criticizing Israel's behaviour. None of them have been acted upon. They include: Resolution 267 condemning Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem in 1980; Resolution 441 calling for the creation of a UN Commission to examine illegal settlements in the occupied territories."

* to prevent the united nations from indicting ariel sharon for his role in the slaughter of palestinians in the chatilla and sabra refugee camps.

* to allow mossad agents to roam the world executing their enemies - including jews who dared to criticize the jews-only state!

* to forcibly extract, with the aid of american economic power, vast compensation payments from european countries in which the slaughter of jews during the second world war took place. The vast majority of the compensation paid out for damage caused during the second world war has gone to jews, despite the fact that jews were only a minority of the victims. Interestingly, the zionists have not paid a single penny in compensation to the million or so palestinians forced out of their country by racist zionists or killed during zionist war crimes. It is time governments stopped making compensation payments to zionists for events which took place during the second world war until the zionists have paid reparations to palestinians for the houses they have demolished and the land they have stolen.

* to invade a succession of arab countries in order to promote zionist expansionism.

* to justify arming themselves with chemical, biological, and nuclear, weapons.

* to push america into ending iraq’s invasion of kuwait in 1991 in order to prevent iraq from using kuwaiti oil revenues to increase its military strength and thus challenge the regional dominance of the jews-only state in palestine. The first gulf war was a zionist proxy war against iraq.

* to impose sanctions on iraq which led to the deaths of anywhere between half a million and a million iraqi children, "The united states, with british compliance, is currently blocking a record $5 billion worth of humanitarian supplies from reaching the people of iraq. These shipments already approved by the un office of iraq, which is authorized by the security council. They include life-saving drugs, painkillers, vaccines, cancer diagnostic equipment." Norman g finkelstein has written, "As in the nazi holocaust, a million children have likely perished. Questioned on national television about the grisly death toll in iraq, secretary of state madeleine albright replied that "the price is worth it". The mirror (a british newspaper) reported that, "There’s hardly any pain killers … available because of un sanctions which all but ban vital medical supplies entering the country. Doctors cannot cope with the cancer cases which have shot up in basra where hundreds of thousands of depleted uranium shells were fired by the us and britain in 1991 and in regular attacks since. There are soaring levels of cancer close to the border with kuwait, apparently caused by depleted uranium from tank-busting shells. Sewage and waterworks cannot be replaced because virtually every component from pipes to taps could be used for military purposes. This has led to gastro-enteritis and, in the past, cholera epidemics. About 5,000 children die every month from water contamination, food poisoning and, in the past, cholera epidemics."

* to push america into an invasion of iraq. The second gulf war in 2003 was also a zionist proxy war against iraq.

* to cover up the racism of the jews-only state in palestine.

* to prevent criticism of the jews-only state in palestine.

* to cover up zionists’ goal of controlling america’s foreign policies and thus world domination. Zionists have recognized the best way of covering up their attempt at world domination is by associating the idea with the jews-only holocaust.

The Economic Benefits of the Jews-Only Holocaust Industry.
The economic exploitation of the jews-only holocaust was summed up in abba eban’s infamous phrase, "There’s no business like shoah business." – shoah being the hebrew word for holocaust. Norman finckelstein has stated, "In recent years, the Holocaust industry has become an outright extortion racket."

The Extortion against European Countries.
Finckelstein has pointed out how the jews-only holocaust industry in america was able to take over american political and economic institutions in order to use them to force european governments into paying compensation to so-called ‘holocaust’ victims. He pointed out .. "the world jewish congress treasury has amassed no less than "roughly $7 billion" in compensation monies." (Norman G Finkelstein ‘The Holocaust industry. Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering’ Verso London 2000 p.108). Anyone who has not read his book really has no business in politics. It should be compulsory reading in all schools.

Jewish Banks were as Bad as other Banks.
It is true that many european banks refused to return monies and properties to their jewish owners after the second world war. But then again the same is also true of american and jewish banks, "A report released by the Israeli parliament states that the holdings of European Jews killed in the Holocaust were not returned at their proper value by Israeli banks to the heirs. Furthermore, the banks did not make a determined effort to return these holdings. The parliamentary committee investigating this matter accused the banks of severe negligence in the handling of the money estimated to be some $200 million held by Israeli banks and the Israeli state. Criticism was also aimed at the Israeli government who as custodian of the assets also failed to make a concerted effort to neither maintain the value of the holdings nor return them to the survivors and heirs. "What we have discovered, in particular the attitude of the banks, has filled us with disgust," said the chairwoman of the parliamentary committee, Colette Avital, a Labor Party legislator. "Neither the state nor the banks paid enough attention to this problem." After a four year investigation, the report details that some 9,000 people or their heirs are entitled to compensation from both the Israeli government and banks; compensation to the tune of $31.5 million. Israel's second largest bank, Bank Leumi was found to be responsible for nearly 95% of the liabilities, with four other financial institutes holding responsibility for the rest." (‘Israeli state and banks withheld Holocaust assets’ January 19th 2005).

Some of the extortion money raised by jewish racists has been used to finance their oppression of palestinians, "The most astounding example of such Jewish moral fraud may well be the Simon Wiesenthal's new "tolerance" center in Jerusalem. Ostensibly built as a beacon to inter-ethnic "tolerance," the Jerusalem building is built on a Muslim cemetery. It cost millions of dollars to build, and - despite this astounding embarrassment - it won't be torn down in shame any time soon. Rather, the Muslim bones will just be swept under the Jewish Tolerant rug, so to speak. What this building symbolizes, then, is that the Jewish demand for "tolerance" is, at root among the broken Muslim spinal cords and femurs, fraud. Jewish and Israeli demand to be beyond the pale of criticism is actually an incessant push for "Tolerance's" opposite: popular passive acceptance of Jewish collective racism, dissimulation, manipulation, and hypocrisy." (Chad Powers 'Welcome to Amerisraelistan' The Jewish Tribal Review January 2002

Personally Profiting from the Jews-Only Holocaust.
Elie wiesel is perhaps the most well known jewish campaigner for reparations for jews-only survivors of the nazi concentration camps. He has played a key role in promoting the political and economic exploitation of the jews slaughtered by the nazis. He was one of those in attendance at the inauguration of the holocaust museum at yad vashem in jerusalem. Yair sheleg has stated, "Finkelstein analyzes and sharply criticizes the exploitation of the Holocaust for financial profit. He singles out the author Elie Wiesel as having reaped personal benefit. But Finkelstein also assails the general Jewish campaign to restore property and/or to arrange compensation for assets stolen during the Nazi period. He views the campaign and its methods as "those of extortionist gangsters." (Yair Sheleg 'The Finkelstein Polemic' Ha'aretz Magazine 30.3.2001).

Wiesel’s political stance has also been condemned, "Wiesel – whose courage permeates his books on the Holocaust but who lamentably failed to condemn the massacre of Palestinian refugees in Beirut in 1982 at the hands of Israel's Lebanese allies, said he felt "sadness", but his sadness was "with Israel, not against Israel" because "after all the Israeli soldiers did not kill" – took out a full page in The New York Times. In this, he urged Bush to "please remember that Ariel Sharon, a military man who knows the ugly face of war better than anyone, is ready to make 'painful sacrifices' to end the conflict." Sharon was held "personally responsible" for the massacre by Israel's own commission of inquiry – but there was no mention of that from Wiesel, who told reporters in May that he would like to revoke Arafat's Nobel prize.". The director of Deir Yassin Remembered has written about wiesel, "Might I caution your readers not to be fooled by the mystical charm of Elie Wiesel, who is the icon of what Norman Finkelstein (in his book by the same title) calls The Holocaust Industry. Far from being a great humanitarian, Wiesel, as Noam Chomsky contends, is simply "a terrible fraud." Wiesel is often quoted as saying that "the opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference." He has devoted his life to carefully crafting articles and speeches about oppression, genocide, and man’s inhumanity to man. Yet when asked about the oppression and dehumanization of Palestinians by Israel, he "abstains" and dismisses the subject claiming "I cannot say bad things about Jews," or "Such comparisons are unworthy." His eloquent, unwavering support of Zionism has caused him to condemn Palestinians, who are the victims of the colonial expansionism epitomized by the illegal settlement of over 420,000 Jews in the occupied territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. He degrades Palestinians with racist remarks, such as claiming they use their children as shields for adults throwing stones and worse. He knows from personal experience that on April 9, 1948 Arab civilians, including women and children, were murdered in cold blood in the village of Deir Yassin on the west side of Jerusalem by Jewish terrorists known as the Irgun and the Stern Gang. Wiesel worked for the Irgun, not as a fighter, but as a journalist and knows the details of this infamous (but not the only nor the largest) massacre of Arabs by Jews. And while he piously demands public apologies for atrocities committed against Jews (for example in 1946 at Kielce, Poland), he has never been able to apologize for the atrocities committed by his own employer." (Letter by Daniel A. McGowan, Director, Deir Yassin Remembered - February 26, 2005).

There is only one Holocaust.
The Gargantuan Slaughter of Animals.
The war that oomans have been waging against defenceless Animals is the most pervasive, and most relentless, war that oomans have ever waged. It is the first holocaust ever to have taken place on Earth but it is a war that has simply never stopped. It is even bigger these days than it ever was in the past. Around the world oomans are systematically slaughtering anywhere between a hundred billion and two hundred billion Animals a year – perhaps even more given that the scale of the slaughter is so gargantuan that even estimates are just a stab in the dark. The slaughter of Animals has reached such a colossal scale that it is almost beyond imagination. It is so vast, so much greater than any slaughter carried out against oomans, that it can be described as the only holocaust on Earth.

Around the world, vast numbers of Animals are being treated like lumps of meat and are being slaughtered in modern day extermination camps which would have made the nazis envious. The extermination camps erected during the second world war may have been dismantled, but these days virtually exact replicas exist in every country throughout the over-industrialized world. People treat the existence of these extermination camps as a routine part of everyday life.

Even if oomans are not morally outraged by this gargantuan slaughter they ought to feel a little apprehensive about the impact of this slaughter on their own self interest – not merely because Animal extermination camps churn out shit-infested meat but because the Animal exploitation industry is the prime cause of global burning which is destabilizing the Earth’s climate.

The Jews who are Blind to the Holocaust they are Inflicting on Animals.
There are a number of reasons why many jews object to Animal rightists using the term holocaust for oomans’ gargantuan slaughter of Animals.

Firstly, because the jewish holocaust establishment has been working hard to monopolize the word for its own use so that whenever the word is mentioned the public automatically thinks about the terrible suffering of jewish people.

Secondly, many jews are carnivores and thus support the slaughter of Animals. In other words, the jews who object so much to the use of gas ovens to exterminate jews during the second world war are daily shovelling corpses into their domestic gas ovens. One wonders how many beings elie wiesel has shoved into his gas ovens. It is truly amazing that a people who are supposedly so hypersensitive about concentration and extermination camps seem oblivious to the Animal concentration and extermination camps in the jews-only state. They seem to have no sensitivity whatsoever to the exact same form of slaughter being used against Animals. If I was jewish, having Animal concentration and extermination camps in operation around me would bring me nothing but terror. Even worse, is that it wouldn’t take much to convert such facilities to take in bipeds rather than quadrupeds. And yet jews, just like any other people around the world, seem quite willing to regard such institutions as normal.

If this doesn't indicate the blinkered nature of the jews-only holocaust ideology nothing will. The members of the jews-only holocaust establishment are fully paid up members of the Animal holocaust brigade so they don’t want to debate the meaning of the term holocaust nor the idea of Animal rights. As all good religious jews know, Animals were put on Earth to be slaughtered and consumed by oomans. Indeed, the jewish god has sanctioned the Animal holocaust - although what his views are about the slaughter of jews is not known.

Thirdly, carnivorous jews do not want to face the fact that their slaughter of Animals means that they too, like all other carnivores, are members of the oomano-imperialist master race. In this they are no different from their nazi bretheren.

The biped master race is converting the planet's vast range of habitats into monocultural pastureland (now covering a third of the Earth's land surface) and, in the process, replacing the Earth's vast variety of Wildlife with tens of millions of domesticated Animals. Carnivorous jews, like all other bipeds, can’t face up to the geophysiological facts of life: that the Animal exploitation industry is the prime cause of the destabilization of the Earth's climate which, eventually, could trigger off a global burning disaster that would not merely undermine oomans' life support system but destroy all life on Earth. This proves conclusively that the Animal holocaust is far more important than the petty slaughter which took place during the rise of totalitarianism and the second world war. The Animal holocaust currently being carried out by oomans is far more significant politically and morally than the slaughter which took place during the second world war for the obvious reason that if oomans destroy the Earth's Wildlife then they will also end up destroying the Earth's life support system for oomans. No Wildlife, no oomans. There is only one holocaust and that is oomans’ slaughter of Wildlife (and thereby the Earth itself).

During the 1930s and 1940s there was an unprecedented bloodbath during the rise of totalitarianism and the second world war. Zionist propaganda has myopically focussed solely on what it calls the jewish holocaust. The jews-only holocaust is fictitious because the nazis exterminated other peoples. The fact that the totalitarianism and the second world war is now commonly recognized as the jews-only holocaust is testimony to zionist domination of the american (and british) media and the american (and british) political system.

Zionists’ continually attempt to provoke guilt for the jews-only slaughter even amongst those who were not even born when such events took place. This guilt-trip propaganda should be resisted not merely because it is logically absurd for anyone to feel guilty for something they have not done but, more importantly, because zionists are using it to justify further appalling crimes. On a personal level, i was not born until after the collapse of totalitarianism and i utterly refuse to feel any personal guilt or responsibility for the terrible crimes committed by the nazis. I feel no more guilt about what the nazis did in their extermination camps than I do about what stalin did in his concentration camps.

What the nazis did in power was abominable. But it is staggering the way that zionists have turned this atrocity into their greatest political and economic benefactor. Zionists have benefited enormously from the nazis and the concentration camps. After all, one of the great paradoxes of recent jewish history is that the zionist state would never have been created without the mass slaughter of jews. Some countries are based on coal, some on oil, some on minerals, some on cash crops, but the zionist state was founded on western guilt over the concentration camps. Its life is perpetuated by the political interest drawn from the hype of the ‘jewish holocaust’. If ariel sharon was asked whether he’d be willing to sacrifice 4-6 million jews for the sake of a viable zionist state there is little doubt what answer he’d give. Who on Earth could possibly have believed that jews would have ended up exploiting the biggest disaster in their own history? It is, without doubt, one of the most shocking episodes of moral depravity in ooman history.

How much longer is the world going to allow zionists to keep exploiting nazism and the concentration camps? How much evil is the world going to allow the zionists to commit before they demand an end to such evil? It’s time to stop the zionists from exploiting these institutions as their own political aladdin’s cave. They’ve done it for the last sixty years and left a trail of disasters behind them and it’s imperative to stop them from using it to justify even bigger ones in the future. It’s time people started complaining about the zionists’ fixation on nazis and the concentration camps and it’s time they objected to the political, economic, and military, exploitation of the so-called jewish holocaust.

The key lesson zionists have learnt from the nazis slaughter of jews is not that such dreadful events should never happen again but how to slaughter people with the utmost moral and political ease. Instead of fearing and despising what the nazis have done, the zionists are copying and emulating their nazi persecutors.

It has to be wondered, what the jewish victims of the nazi concentration camps would think about their exploitation by their own people if, by some miracle, they came back to life? What would they make of the way that zionists have used their deaths as a political football to provoke wars against arab countries, to extort billions of pounds in compensation from european countries, to initiate un sanctions against iraq causing the deaths of anywhere between 500,000 and a million children; and to get away with the periodic slaughter of palestinians. They would doubtlessly be appalled by what is being done in their name. The jews slaughtered by the nazis must be turning in their graves over the way zionists have been exploiting their deaths to legitimize zionists’ slaughter, oppression, and deportation of palestinians.

If jews continue to believe in the basic assumptions of the jewish holocaust they are never going to overcome their holocaust fixation. If zionists are to rid themselves of this fixation they have got to put their suffering in its proper historical context i.e. the rise of totalitarianism and the second world war. Furthermore they need to put their fixation into a proper moral context. Neither stalinism or nazism is a matter of any great significance in comparison to oomans’ holocaust against Animals - in which, of course, most jews are fully paid up members of the oomano master race. It has to be said that if people can’t tell the difference between a petty european bloodbath and geocide then there is little hope for the survival of oomancruels.

Paul eisen has stated, "Whether those who question the Holocaust narrative are revisionist scholars striving to find the truth and shamelessly persecuted for opposing a powerful faction, or whether they are crazy Jew-haters denying a tragedy and defaming its victims, the fact is that one may question the Armenian genocide, one may freely discuss the Slave Trade, one can say that the murder of millions of Ibos, Kampucheans and Rwandans never took place and that the moon is but a piece of green cheese floating in space, but one may not question the Jewish Holocaust. Why? Because, like the rest of the Jewish history of suffering, the Holocaust underpins the narrative of Jewish innocence which is used to bewilder and befuddle any attempt to see and to comprehend Jewish power and responsibility in Israel/Palestine and elsewhere in the world." (Paul Eisen ‘Jewish Power’ August 19, 2004). I am a jewish holocaust denier and if this means being thrown in prison then so be it. Sorry but i’ve had enough of the sanctimonious racism of the ridiculous "jewish holocaust".