Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Jews-Only State in Palestine: Part One

Jews-Only Religion.
It started a couple of thousand years ago when some jewish people decided to create a fictitious god who would regard only them as his chosen race. Jews became god’s special race whilst all other races were deemed inferior because they would never win his divine favour. Unlike all other religions, which allow anyone to become a member who professes the basic principles of that religion, judaism is exclusively for jews. It is next to impossible for a non-jew to be admitted into the judaic religion. It is as difficult for non-jews to become a member of judaism as it is for them to become a jew. In other words, judaism is a jews-only religion. For millenia this sense of divine specialness, exclusiveness, chosenness, and supremacism, has percolated throughout jewish culture. Putting aside the religious aspect of this belief, what the message boils down to is that only jews matter, only jews are important, all other races are inferior.

The modern manifestation of the jewish tradition of specialness and supremacism was the violent creation of a jews-only state in palestine. To jews, god had given the land of israel to the jews and the presence of non-jews on this sacred judaic soil is sacrilegious.

Jews-Only Political Rights: The Second Class Status of Palestinian-Israelis.
Despite the fact that there are many palestinians with israeli citizenship, the zionist state is a jews-only state because only jews have full rights. Firstly, palestinian israelis have only limited political rights in comparison to jews. They have the right to vote in zionist elections, form political parties, hold political meetings, contest for seats in the knesset, and even become members of the jewish parliament But they are not allowed to form political parties which advocate a multi-cultural state in which palestinians and jews share power, "in this "outpost of democracy," no party that opposes the existence of the Jewish state is permitted to take part in elections. It is as if the United States were to declare itself a Christian state, define "Christian" not by religious belief but by descent, and then pass a "gag law" prohibiting public discussion of the issue." (Noel Ignatiev ‘Toward a Single State Solution: Zionism, Anti-Semitism and the People of Palestine’ counterpunch 17.06.2004).

Secondly, despite the fact that palestinian israelis seem to have many political rights, they do not have the same legal rights as jews – which surely indicates the insignificance of their political rights and the relative insignificance of democracy to jews. "The tours (of Palestinian and Bedouin areas inside Israel) proved to be a dramatic illustration of the discrimination and racism inherent in a system designed specifically to maintain a Jewish majority - a system based on the superiority of Jews over anyone else. Palestinians, including Bedouin, living inside Israel are citizens of the state. They can vote in Israeli elections; Bedouin, although not other Palestinians, serve in the Israeli military. As a matter of law and of the institutional arrangements inherent in Israel's status as a Jewish-majority state, however, Palestinians and Bedouin, because they are non-Jews, do not receive anything like equal rights or services from the state. Not only do they face the kind of de facto discrimination that blacks have faced in the U.S. - their schools are inadequate, their municipal services are inadequate, they face job discrimination, their towns often sit next to toxic waste dumps and other environmentally hazardous sites - but because Israel is explicitly a Jewish state, Palestinians are unable by law to enjoy the benefits of the state provided to Jews or in any way to live in the state as Jews do." (Kathleen & Bill Christison ‘"Finally It Broke My Heart": Random Impressions from Palestine’ September 24, 2004).

Palestinian israelis are second class citizens - and if many jews had a choice about the matter they would deport these indigenous ‘aliens’ if they could get away with it politically. Paradoxically, in order to win the sympathies of people in the western world, jews try to hide the second class citizenship of israeli palestinians from the outside world as much as they try to hide their goal of a jews-only state. Whilst pretending to western audiences that the zionist state is an open, western, secular, multicultural, society like all other western states, zionists are doing their utmost to remove all palestinians from their own country. The more that zionists try to make conditions for palestinians unlivable, the more they cover up such ethnic cleansing with the deception that the jews-only state is just like any other western state. There are jews in the western world who pretend to be anti-zionist in order to surreptitiously put forward arguments in favour of the jews-only state in palestine. They do this by suggesting that in the jews-only state, palestinians are treated just the same as jews. Such jews invariably expose their pro-zionist stance when they claim that jews and palestinians are equal.

The Jews-Only Existence in the Jews-Only State.
The jews-only nature of the jews-only state is manifest from zionists’ attempts to completely eradicate all signs of palestinian existence in palestine. In 1948, the zionist military drove palestinians out of palestine. The zionists demolished their villages to make sure that palestinians could never return. They then wiped out all traces of palestinians’ occupation of the land – much as the nazis tried to obliterate the existence of jews in what hannah arendt called ‘the holes of oblivion’. The zionists then build jews-only settlements in their place, "Moshe Dayan, former Defense Minister, stated in a famous speech before students at the Israeli Institute of Technology in Haifa in 1969: "Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist. Not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahial arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushua in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population." (Ha'aretz, April 4, 1969, quoted in Davis, 21). (Noel Ignatiev ‘Toward a Single State Solution: Zionism, Anti-Semitism and the People of Palestine’ counterpunch 17.06.2004). Since then heavily armed zionist militias have terrorized palestinian civilians in the hope of driving them out of the country and obliterating their existence in palestine. The jews-only state is trying to destroy all traces of palestinian culture in palestine.

The Jews-Only Borders.
Another example of jewish specialness or uniqueness is that the jews-only state in palestine is the only country in the world which refuses to define its own borders. It refuses to do this because it doesn’t want to curb its colonialist ambitions with specific boundaries, "Israel is unique in that it doesn't have defined or recognized borders ... Israel has always been a country with creeping borders - it has an insatiable urge to expand, and thus further dispossess the native population. On May 14, 1948, the day he proclaimed the new state without specifying its borders, Ben Gurion wrote in his diary: "Take the American Declaration of Independence for instance. It contains no mention of the territorial limits" A few years later, Ben-Gurion wrote: "To maintain the status quo will not do. We have to set up a dynamic state bent upon expansion" The current construction of the land-grab wall is merely the latest manifestation of these expansionist proclivities." (Paul de Rooij ‘Straw Men and Wild Fires’ February 28, 2005); "In 1948, the Jewish colony became a state but with ever expanding borders. Israel launched six major wars against the Palestinian people and the neighboring Arab states. These were launched in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1978, 1982, and 2002. In all these wars, Israel expanded its borders. In 1948, it annexed the Galilee, Auja area, and the Jerusalem corridor, which were Palestinian territories according to the 1947 UN Partition Resolution 181. In 1956, Israel collaborated with the imperialist European powers of Britain and France in invading Egypt and the Palestinian territory of Gaza Strip. Only a firm stand from President Eisenhower forced the Zionist Israelis to withdraw from Gaza Strip and Sinai. In 1967, Israel invaded and occupied the Arab territories of Sinai, Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights. In 1978, Israel invaded and occupied South Lebanon. Then, it invaded Lebanon, including its capital, Beirut, in 1982. When it withdrew, few months later, it expanded its occupation of South Lebanon. In addition to these wars, Israel launched major air raids on Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, and Tunisia." (Hassan A. El-Najjar ‘Zionism: The Highest Stage of Imperialism’,%20the%20highest%20stage%20of%20imperialism%20By%20Hassan%20A.%20El-Najjar.htm May 15th 2002); "Unlike many countries, including the United States, the Israeli state does not belong, even in principle, to those who reside within its borders, but is defined as the state of the Jewish people, wherever they may be. That peculiar definition is one reason why the state has to this day failed to produce a written constitution, define its borders, or even declare the existence of an Israeli nationality." (Noel Ignatiev ‘Toward a Single State Solution: Zionism, Anti-Semitism and the People of Palestine’ counterpunch 17.06.2004).

Jews-Only Employment.
The jews-only state also implements jews-only employment policies, "Israel plans to terminate employment opportunities for Palestinians by 2008. Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya'alon said Israel no longer maintains a policy of encouraging Palestinian employment. Ya'alon said the government has been phasing out the number of jobs available to Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip in Israel. By 2008, Israel would institute a complete ban on the employment of Palestinians, Middle East Newsline reported. The government can ban Palestinians from entering Israel and requires entry and work permits. "The goal is to stop Palestinians from working in Israel by 2008," Ya'alon told the Low-Intensity Conflict warfare counter-terrorism [LIC-2005] conference on Tuesday. Ya'alon said Israel has been encouraging Western and other donor nations to help the Palestinian Authority create jobs in an effort to end its dependence on the Jewish state. He said the new policy no longer regards a peace agreement with the PA as resulting in security." (Israel to ban hiring of Palestinians’ WORLD TRIBUNE.COM March 10, 2005).

Jews-Only Land Ownership.
Another jews-only policy implemented by the jews-only state in palestine concerns land ownership. "The state owns 94 percent of Israel's land and holds it in trust specifically for the Jewish people, meaning that Palestinians cannot buy land - even land they once owned before Israel was created and they were dispossessed. They usually cannot even rent state land." (Kathleen & Bill Christison ‘"Finally It Broke My Heart": Random Impressions from Palestine’ September 24, 2004). Palestinian israelis who have the right to vote and sit in the knesset do not have the right to buy land because the jews-only god has given the land of palestine exclusively to jews.

Even worse is that palestinian israelis who have the right to vote, the right to form political parties, and the right to sit in the knesset, are so politically powerless they have no rights to stop the jews-only state from confiscating their land. In other words, the jews-only state confiscates the land of palestinian-israelis just as much as it confiscates the land of palestinians – the only difference is that in the former case they have to carry out the confiscation legally, as the nazis did during the second world war to jew, whilst in the latter case they can do so illegally. The jews-only state even deprives palestinian israelis of the land they own, "Israel has nationalised some 93 per cent of the country's lands, by appropriating land without compensation from the four million Palestinian refugees who live in exile and by confiscating the lands of the one million Palestinians who live as citizens. This 93 per cent of Israel is out of bounds to Palestinians like Ali." (Jonathan Cook, The Electronic Intifada, ‘Apartheid targets Palestinian home-owners inside Israel’ March 10th 2005).

Jews-Only Planning Laws.
The way that jews steal land from palestinian-israelis who rightfully own their own land is through the jews-only planning system. The following incident is about a palestinian-israeli called ali living in a palestinian village called sakhin. The jews-only state is preventing him from building an extension to his house on his own land, "But even so, couldn't Ali at least find a legal way to build a house inside a Palestinian community or inside Sakhin? The problem again is the law. In 1965, the government passed the Planning and Building Law, which defined all the places in which Israeli citizens, Jews and Palestinians, could live. Every community's room for expansion was circumscribed on a map of the country in the form of a blue line marked around it. Anywhere inside the blue line could be developed, anywhere outside the blue line could not. In the case of Jewish communities, the blue lines were drawn generously to allow for future expansion. The state has also been adding new Jewish communities to its list ever since 1965. In Palestinian communities, by contrast, the blue lines were drawn tightly around the houses that already existed in 1965, leaving no room for expansion. (In fact, Israel refused to draw blue lines around dozens of Palestinian communities that had existed before the creation of Israel, thereby "uncreating" them. Today some 100,000 Palestinians live in these "unrecognised villages". In law all the homes in unrecognised villages are considered illegal and subject to demolition). Since 1965, no new Palestinian communities have been approved." (Jonathan Cook, The Electronic Intifada, ‘Apartheid targets Palestinian home-owners inside Israel’ March 10th 2005).

Some zionists have become politically embarrassed about such racism. But what they are embarrassed about is not the racism but the perception of racism by the rest of the world. So racist jews are currently seeking ways to camouflage this racism to win the approval of its supposedly anti-racist supporters in the western world, "the Jewish National Fund … maintains and implements Israel's discriminatory land policies. Two weeks ago, Israel's attorney general determined that all land managed by the Israel Lands Administration, including land owned by the Jewish National Fund, must be marketed without discrimination or limits including to non-Jews. According to the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, "The state prosecutor's office believes it will not be able to defend before the High Court the policy of allocating Jewish National Fund land to Jews only." Days later, news agencies reported, " The Jewish National Fund and the Finance Ministry are discussing ways to separate the JNF from the state, to allow it to continue selling land to Jews only."" ('QUIT! premieres latest line of "Estee Slaughter" products on Valentine's Day' February 21st 2005). These anxieties about the anti-racist sensibilities of westerners might be misplaced given that the western world supports the jews-only state to such an extent that many western governments are now as racist as the jews-only state in palestine.

Jews-Only Roads.
The jews-only state in palestine tries to purify its jewish essence, and consolidated jewish supremacism, through the construction of jews-only roads. "Before there was terrorism, there were the roads. Israel has established a 300-mile road network throughout the West Bank connecting the settlements. These are high-security roads-three football fields wide with their surrounding security perimeters - and they are accessible only to Israelis. They separate Palestinian population areas from each other and from their agricultural land; in fact, before the current warfare, they segmented the areas of semi-autonomous Palestinian control into 227 separate, non-contiguous patches of land." (Kathleen Christison ‘Before There Was Terrorism’ May 2, 2002).

Jews-Only Settlements/Villages/Towns/Cities.
The concept of jews-only roads should not be entirely surprising since jews have also created jews-only settlements, villages, towns, and cities, "They (palestinians) are not permitted, by law, to move into Jewish cities or the Jewish neighborhoods of mixed cities. (Kathleen & Bill Christison ‘"Finally It Broke My Heart": Random Impressions from Palestine’ September 24, 2004); "small luxury Jewish communities known in Hebrew as "mitzpim". These mitzpim, which have extensive lands on which their inhabitants can build, are required by law to vet anyone who wishes to live inside them. Again by law, non-Jews are not entitled to apply to join these communities." (Jonathan Cook, The Electronic Intifada, ‘Apartheid targets Palestinian home-owners inside Israel’ March 10th 2005). So, although palestinian-israelis are technically allowed to travel on these roads in practice this is not possible because the roads link one jews-only settlement/town/city to another.

Jews-Only Immigration.
In the violent establishment of the jews-only state in 1948, jews drove around three-quarters of a million palestinians from their homes and their country. The jews-only state refuses to allow these palestinians or their descendants to return to their homes, their land, or even their country. In stark contrast, any jew around the world who has never had any connection whatsoever with palestine is legally entitled to immigrate to palestine, become a jews-only citizen, and own jews-only property. "Wiesel supports "the right of return" for Jews, but only for Jews. An American Jew, who can trace his ancestors back to the Revolutionary War, has the right to return to Israel, obtain dual citizenship, obtain subsidized housing on land expropriated from Palestinians, and drive to settlements on roads "for Jews only." Palestinians who can trace their ancestors to the same land for centuries and who have a title and key to property from which they were driven in 1948 have no right to return." (Letter by Daniel A. McGowan, Director, Deir Yassin Remembered - February 26, 2005).

The jews-only state also insists that whilst christians are allowed to visit holy christian sites in palestine, it is not willing to allow them to immigrate and become israeli citizens – especially, of course, if they are palestinian christians.

Of course, all states around the world have the right to control immigration but the jews-only state in palestine allows immigration only from jews not from any other race or religion. In other words, the jews-only state promotes a racist, jews-only, immigration policy.