Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Jews-Only State in Palestine: Part Two

Jews-Only Cemeteries.
There are also jews-only cemeteries alongside the jews-only roads running between jews-only settlements/towns/cities, in the jews-only state. Jews loathe the idea of being laid to rest in the company of non-jews – as if even in death non-jews might contaminate or poison their jewish essence. As israel shamir has pointed out, "Their separate burial is necessary to guarantee their bodily resurrection when the Messiah comes. A Jewish body defiled by gentile proximity won’t be resurrected, according to the Jews. Even irreligious Jews follow this separation rule without giving it a second thought." If non-jews are accidentally buried amongst jews this puts all the jews at resurrectional risk so they have to be dug up and transferred to a non-jewish cemetery, "This squeamish attitude is particularly unpleasant: whenever the Jews discover that a person of doubtful Jewishness is buried among their lot they remove the body and dump it elsewhere. It happened to an Israeli citizen Teresa Angelowitz. She was buried in the Jewish cemetery; later on the religious authorities discovered that she was a wife of a Jew, but not a Jew. They exhumed her body at the dark of the night and re-buried on the dumping ground. It happened to many Russian soldiers who died defending the Jewish character of Israel and were refused the burial."

Many jews in the jews-only state were horrified by the tsunami which hit south-east asia in december 2004. They were horrified by the idea that jewish victims might end up being buried with the tens of thousands of goy victims, "While the whole world had sent aid to the tsunami-hit South East Asia, Israel forwarded a team entrusted with a unique task. Not many Israeli tourists were swept away by the giant waves – official death toll stands at three, with some twenty missing; not many comparing with the hundred thousand Indonesians or even with three thousand Swedes. Still the Israeli teams were very active on the ground. The highly trained experts led by Rabbi Meshi Zahav did not go to save trapped survivors or alleviate suffering of millions; their job was to save dead Jews from fate worse than death – that is to be buried with the goyim in the same grave. The Haaretz daily reported: "The Israeli rescue teams in Thailand split up Thursday: one team worked on identifying bodies in Krabi, while another worked on the same task in Phuket. The Israeli crews - from the police and Zaka (a non-profit group that specializes in identifying victims of disasters) - are trying to locate dead Israelis before they are buried". They pressed upon the Thai government to postpone the mass entombment, though it was necessary to prevent the spread of epidemics; and Bangkok gave in. Every dead Jewish body should be taken to Israel, or at least buried separately from impure non-Jews. Witty Gilad Atzmon remarked: "the ‘altruistic’ Jews … are in a state of panic, as we all know, dead Jews are precious, they deserve a special burial. The fact that 5-10 Jews might be lost forever among some other 125.000 gentiles is pretty horrifying, I am sure you can see it."" (Israel Shamir ‘Tsunami in Gaza’ January 2nd 2005).

In the jews-only state, with its jews-only religion, jews-only political rights, jews-only legal rights, jews-only culture, jews-only borders, jews-only employment, jews-only land ownership, jews-only planning laws, jews-only roads running between jews-only settlements/villages/towns/cities, jews-only immigration, jews-only cemeteries, it is absolutely imperative that, in death, every part of a jew’s body is buried in a jews-only cemetery, "A week after the Likud referendum, two terrible blows were delivered. An armored vehicle carrying a large quantity of explosives entered Gaza city in order to blow up buildings, and was hit by a roadside bomb planted by Palestinian guerillas. It exploded, tearing the six soldiers to pieces. The day after, the very same thing happened on the "Philadelphi Axis": an armored personnel carrier full of explosives, which was sent there to blow up tunnels under the border, was hit by a Palestinian rocket and blew up with its five crew members. The power of each of the two explosions was such that body parts were scattered over hundreds of meters. The whole country saw on TV how Israeli soldiers crawled on all fours, filtering the sand with their bare hands in order to gather the body parts of their comrades. The media competed in the orchestration of a necrophile hysteria, with endless talk about "body parts" interlaced with scenes of funerals. (Uri Avnery ‘Busharon: The Countdown’ May 15th, 2004). There is no intention here of mocking zionists’ death rituals. All cultures have their own rituals concerning the burial of the dead and each must be given the same respect. However, the respect that I afforded this ritual unexpectedly blew up in my face a few months later when I read an article in which the commentator made an aside that zionist state refuses to return what is left of the bodies of suicide bombers to their families. "When Michael Matza, the Inquirer's Jerusalem correspondent, wrote a story headlined "Palestinians' Remains Fuel a Bitterness," which detailed Israel's practice of not releasing the bodies of suicide bombers, it provoked a hue and cry from readers who felt the piece was too sympathetic to families of the bombers. It didn't matter that Matza had written numerous pieces sympathetic to Israeli victims of suicide attacks. He was denounced as anti-Semitic and labeled a "self-hating Jew," a favorite epithet for Jewish journalists." (Barbara Matusow ‘Caught in the Crossfire’ American Journalism Review June/July 2004 issue). The zionists show their utter contempt for palestinians by doing the exact opposite of what is demanded of them by their own death rituals. This is part of zionists’ cultural terrorism against the palestinians.

Jews-Only Racism: Jewish Racists.
There is a lot of ‘jews-only’ racism in the jews-only state. There are, of course, racists in every societies and there are even some in a few western governments but these days if western politicians were to make a racist statement in public they would immediately be attacked by their countries’ zionist lobby and, if they didn’t resign, they would be sacked forthwith. Not so in the racist jews-only state. Jewish politicians can make openly racist statements without anyone bothering to condemn them. "An Israeli cabinet minister has called for the expulsion of some 1.3 million Palestinian citizens of Israel who constitute nearly one fifth of the state’s population. Transportation Minister Avigdor Lieberman said during an interview with the Israeli army radio (Gali Tzahal) on Sunday that the "Arabs of Israel" should be expelled in case a Palestinian state was established and Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip were dismantled. Lieberman, a former Moldovan immigrant who arrived in Israel in 1978, suggested that the existence of a large non-Jewish minority in Israel threatened the "Jewish identity" and "ethnic purity" of Israel. But his explicitly racist remarks raised no ire in the Israeli political establishment. Israeli officials, from Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon downward, refused to condemn the remarks, suggesting a sympathy with Lieberman’s ideas. Lieberman's racism has been well known for many years. A few years ago, he called for the bombing of the Aswan Dam in Egypt, the Presidential palace in Damascus and Iran’s nuclear facilities. He also called for executing Arab Knesset members Tibi and Muhammad Baraka by a firing squad for supporting Palestinian rights and calling for ending the Israeli occupation. In 2002, he urged the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to carry out "wholesale killings" of Palestinian civilians in order to force them to flee to Jordan and other neighbouring Arab countries." (‘Israeli Minister Wants Total Palestinian-Arab 'Cleansing'’ May 10th 2004).

Why should such racism but so surprising in a racist state? "Recently, a law was passed in one of the Israeli Knesset's many committees saying that settlers who will be evacuated following a future retreat from the Gaza Strip will be given compensation. There was a minimal majority of one committee member for this law, which is an essential part of prime minister's Ariel Sharon's plan of "Gaza Disengagement", and in order for it to be passed the balance was tipped to the side of the government from outside the coalition by Member of Knesset Mohammad Barake. Barake, a MK from "Hadash" party (the former communist party) is, as his name might indicate, an Israeli Arab. Limor Livnat, the Israeli minister of education, who had also voted in favor of the law, was one of the most noticeable politicians in a group of right wing Knesset members and others who had each expressed outrage that an Arab (who had, like any other Member of the Knesset, been elected democratically) was the one to determine the future of Israel in such an important question. Because of Livnat's high position in the government there was a mini uproar in the Israeli media about the fact that the minister of education, the person who is in charge of what children will be taught in schools, had said something so bluntly racist. In actuality, no one was surprised. No one has any illusions that Ariel Sharon and the rest of the ministers besides - maybe - politicians from the Labor Party, think any differently from Livnat, in spite of them remaining more or less silent about the subject. In any normal "western" democracy such a thing would have become an immediate scandal. I can only imagine that if Germany's education minister would say something even remotely close to Livnat's statement about a Jewish parliament member, the only question would be whether that minister would find him or herself out of a job more quickly than it would take the foreign minister of Israel to file an official protest." (Uri Yaakobi ‘Limor Livnat and the Palestinian "problem"’ February 23rd 2005).

Racism is not just prevalent amongst jews-only politicians in the jews-only state but amongst most jews themselves. Israel shamir quotes matti golan, the former editor-in-chief of the leading zionist newspaper ‘haaretz’ and of the ‘globes’, the paper for the jewish economic elites. "My problem is not only with Germany. It is with everything German, anywhere. I neither argue nor get upset. I have simply wiped Germany and its people off my globe". Shamir explains that, "Golan is not a firebrand; he is not one of Jewish religious fanatics who deny goyim even descent from Adam. Golan is not a Cabbalist and extremist but one of the sane, non-religious mainstream influential Jewish intellectuals. When this article was discussed on in the internet, a typical Jewish response was this: "Matti Golan is a prominent journalist and columnist. He represents ideas held by the vast majority of Israeli Jews in this subject. My opinion included." If I were a German, I would have second thoughts before providing Matti Golan's country with nuclear-capable submarines lest he will 'simply wipe Germany and its people off our globe'. In my view, Golan sounded a call for racist hatred and genocide." (Israel Shamir ‘Children Of A Lesser God’ 01.05.04).

Perhaps there ought to be a zionist lobby in the zionist state to keep zionist politicians on the straight and narrow.

Jews-Only Marriage.
The jews-only policy does not, as yet, extend to stopping jews from marrying non-jews – it just makes it impossible for them to live together. "A new law passed by the Israeli parliament on 31 July 2003 bars family unification for Israelis who are married to Palestinians from the Occupied Territories. The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law explicitly discriminates against Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It also implicitly discriminates against Palestinian citizens of Israel, who constitute some 20% of the Israeli population, and against Palestinian residents of Jerusalem, for it is they who usually marry Palestinians from the Occupied Territories. As such, the law formally institutionalizes a form of racial discrimination based on ethnicity or nationality. The UN Committee on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination has expressed concern about this new law and has called on Israel to revoke it and reconsider its policy with a view to facilitating family unification on a non-discriminatory basis. The UN Human Rights Committee has likewise called on Israel to revoke the law and to reconsider its policy with a view to facilitating family unification of all citizens and permanent residents. Not being able to obtain family unification for their Palestinian spouses leaves thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel and Jerusalem residents with two options: having their spouse live with them illegally or moving to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where they would be living under Israeli military occupation, in a situation of conflict and facing daily incursions by the Israeli army, bombardments, house demolition, curfews and hundreds of checkpoints, which make it extremely difficult to move, work or carry out ordinary daily activities. In addition, it is illegal for Israelis and Jerusalemites to enter the Occupied Territories and those married to residents of the Occupied Territories may only do so in special circumstances and subject to permits and stringent restrictions."

In july 2004, the jews-only state renewed the law to encourage jews-only marriages, "Also Sunday, the Israeli Cabinet extended for six months a rule forbidding Palestinians who marry Israelis from living in Israel. Human rights groups have criticized the law. Arabs make up about 20 percent of the country's population, and many Israelis are concerned about their growing numbers." (Ibrahim Barzak ‘Palestinian Authority Offices Burned Down’ Guardian,1280,-4324486,00.html?gusrc=ticker-103704 July 18, 2004).

Jews-Only Prerogatives in International Law.
Jews-only prerogatives exist on the international level as much as they do on the domestic level. The main jews-only prerogative is that the jews-only state does not have to abide by united nations’ resolutions. There are varying estimates as to how many un resolutions are being flouted by the jews-only state. But worse than the refusal to live up to these resolutions is the refusal of the western world to insist that the jews-only state live up to its international obligations. Throughout the 1990s the american and brutish governments made incessant demands for saddam hussein to abide by un resolutions but they never once demanded that the zionist state in palestine did the same thing. Both governments also made incessant demands for saddam hussein to abolish his non-existent weapons of mass destruction but never demanded the zionist state in palestine gets rid of its very real weapons of mass destruction. Even worse than the western world’s obliviousness to the zionist state’s indifference to un resolutions is that the only countries which the western world insists must abide by un resolutions are the enemies of the jews-only state. Worst of all, however, are countries such as america and britain which ignore zionists’ refusal to abide by un resolutions whilst insisting that the enemies of the jews-only state must abide by such resolutions, and then launch an illegal war against iraq with no united nations’ sanction. The fact that the jews-only state does not have to abide by un resolutions indicates clearly the zionist state’s belief in jewish uniqueness, that jews are a special, chosen people superior to all other races. The people of the jews-only book refuse to live by man made laws; they will abide only by laws handed down to them by their jews-only god.

These are not the only jews-only international prerogatives, "On December 13, 2004 the EU General Affairs and External Relations Council approved the EU-Israel Action Plan as part of the EU's New Neighborhood Policy - one step below full membership in the EU. According to the released EU-Israel Action Plan: "The EU and Israel are now closer together than ever before and, as near neighbours, will reinforce their political and economic interdependence. Enlargement offers the opportunity for the EU and Israel to develop an increasingly close relationship, going beyond co-operation, to involve a significant measure of economic integration and a deepening of political co-operation." Despite European declarative positions affirming Israel's obligations in international law, and dismissing Israel's rejection of them, and despite Israel's shocking human rights record, the EU-Israel Action Plan states that the "EU and Israel share the common values of democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law and basic freedoms." Worse, the EU-Israel Action Plan might even lead to Israel deciding on EU policies themselves. It stated "the possibility for Israel to participate progressively in key aspects of EU policies and programmes." It provides "an upgrade in the scope and intensity of political co-operation." Concrete steps include that the "EU will continue its efforts to ensure that the condemnation of anti-Semitism will become a part of international norms through, inter alia, appropriate UN resolutions." Considering Israel's policy to equate anti-Semitism with criticism of Israeli state practices vis-a-vis Palestinian civilians, this has meant that the EU will censure itself when it comes to address Israeli violations of human rights. The EU-Israel Action Plan formalised the facilitation of Israel's violations of human rights and international humanitarian law by shielding Israel from legal and political accountability, and by helping it escape the normal penalties or costs that would result ordinarily from the violations." (Arjan El Fassed, The Electronic Intifada, ‘In bed with Israel: EU's close relationship with Israel supports abuse’ March 11th 2005).

The Nazis’ Jews-only Slaughter.
The jewish sense of specialness, chosenness, and supremacism, over all other peoples, nations and races makes itself apparent in jewish opinions about what happened during the second world war. Despite the fact that amongst those sent to nazi concentration camps were jews, communists, POWs, the aged, the sick, homosexuals, seven day adventists, slavs, serbs, czechs, italians, poles, ukrainians, gypsies, etc. many jews refuse to accept such facts. As far as they are concerned the nazis slaughtered only jews, "The centrality of the Holocaust in Jewish consciousness caused the Jews to insist on its absolute exclusiveness. We are shocked and furious when somebody tries to remind us that the Nazis exterminated other communities too, such as the Roma, the homosexuals and the mentally ill. We get very angry when somebody comes and compares "our" Holocaust with other genocides: Armenians, Cambodians, Tutsis in Ruanda and others. Really! How can one compare?" (Uri Avnery ‘Memory of the Holocaust - from Jewish property into human possession’ March 19th 2005).

The Jews-only Holocaust.
It has been estimated that over 50 million people may have died during the second world war. It has been estimated that the nazis slaughtered 21 million people during their reign in power. It has been estimated that around twenty million russians were killed during the second world war. And yet to jews these huge slaughters of people around the globe have all been reduced to the so-called jewish holocaust i.e. the jews-only holocaust in which apparently the only people who died during the second world war were jews – or perhaps it’s only the deaths of jews that mattered. Whatever the real figures for russian and jewish fatalities, far more russians were killed during the second world war than jews. And yet this is impossible to discern from the ridiculous propaganda of the jews-only holocuast. There are few other more racist phrases than the ‘jews-only holocaust’.

Jews-Only Compensation for the Jews-only Holocaust.
It is not only in the jews-only state that jews are able to enjoy jews-only privileges. The jews-only holocaust industry was set up to gain compensation for jews-only survivors of the nazi concentration camps. The moral bankruptcy of the jews-only holocaust industry is transparent from the fact that it has fought for reparations only for its own people - not for any of the other social groups which also suffered under the nazis. Jewish americans used america’s huge political and economic power to force european governments to pay compensation to jews who suffered during the second world war and to force european banks into returning jewish assets deposited with them during the second world war. This campaign degenerated into what daniel finkelstein has described as an "extortion racket". Even abba eban, a zionist politician, has mockingly said about the jews-only holocaust industry, "There's no business like Shoah business." (Shoah being the hebrew word for holocaust). Who on Earth could possibly have believed that jews would have ended up exploiting the biggest disaster in their own history? It is, without doubt, one of the most shocking episodes of moral depravity in ooman history. Even more lamentable is that whilst the jews-only holocaust industry is demanding reparations for the loss of property suffered by jews during the second world war, they are refusing to compensate palestinians whose homes have been demolished, and their land stolen, by the jews-only state in palestine. In other words, jews are demanding reparations from european governments whilst denying such reparations to the people they are dispossessing.