Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Israeli Traitors Running America’s Invasion of Iraq: Part Two

Zionists Sabotaging Humanitarian Assistance to Iraq.
"Interference by the Pentagon delivered a massive blow to efforts to provide humanitarian relief for Iraq after last year's war, according to two US aid experts who struggled with the conflict's chaotic aftermath. The traditional American response to humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters abroad is carried out by the State Department's US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA). In the months leading up to the war, these agencies trained up an 80-person team specially for Iraq, many of them with long expertise in emergencies, says the commentary, published by Frederick Burkle and Eric Noji in Saturday's Lancet. But that initiative was hamstrung by the Pentagon which, breaking with tradition, decided to set up its own humanitarian planning team, say the authors. As confusion mounted between the rival State Department and Pentagon relief initiatives, the US government decided to give overall administrative control to the Department of Defense's team - by now named the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (ORHA). Meanwhile, the ORHA team that was rushed to Baghdad was mainly staffed by policy wonks, it says. They had little field experience in relief operations, many were ignorant of functions, charter and capabilities of UN agencies, Red Cross organisations or NGOs, and they simply created another unnecessary level of bureaucracy. Many of these (non-governmental) agencies distanced themselves, fearful that their reputation for neutrality would be compromised on the ground if they had to work with occupying troops, say Burkle and Noji. "The situation was further complicated by the fact that the (Pentagon) humanitarian planning team, citing secrecy, refused to disclose crucial information needed for planning not only to international relief organisations but also to other US military, government and civilian agencies working on humanitarian relief," they add." (Pentagon meddling crippled post-war humanitarian aid for Iraq: US experts’ Oct 7 2004).

Zionists Controlling the Reconstruction of Iraq.
The chalabis were close allies of the zionists, "In come the new Ali Babas: Israelis teaming up with the Chalabis and the neo-conservative businessmen cabal that runs the Pentagon, holding the purse to reconstruct Iraq. The arrival of the Israelis in Iraq is being orchestrated by one Salem Chalabi, 41, the executive director of the tribunal before which Saddam Hussein, Tariq Aziz and other former Iraqi regime officials appeared last Thursday. He also happens to be the nephew of the now widely discredited Ahmed Chalabi, once the Pentagon's favorite boy for the leadership of Iraq who has since fallen out of favor but still has his tentacles all over Iraq. The nephew, it turns out, is even better than his uncle - or worse, depending on where you stand. He teamed up with a well-known Israeli militant hard-line Likud party member called Mark Zell, a leader of the Gush Emunim Israeli colonists' movement. Together, the two formed a company in Iraq to work on reconstruction. For years, Zell has been a driving force behind the "acquisition" of Palestinian land in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to build Jewish colonies on them. He is also close friend and former business partner of none other than Douglas Feith, the U.S. undersecretary of Defense for policy who reports directly to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the man with the last word on how money is spent in Iraq. Salem and Zell called their new Iraqi company "Iraq Law International". It describes its mission, according to Al Hayat, as "a boutique investment firm specialized in the new Iraq." Zell, on the other hand, formed an American company in Washington called Goldberg & Co. Its stated goal is "to assist American companies in forming relationships with the American government in the context of projects to rebuild the new Iraq," according to Al Hayat. The newspaper and several Iraqi businessmen interviewed separately say Zell and the young Chalabi have already secured several hundred million dollars worth of projects, thanks to Feith's discreet help, in the new Iraq." (Youssef M. Ibrahim ‘Ali Baba and the Israelis’ The Washington Times July 06 2004).

The americans also relied on the U.S. Agency for International Development to help bring about the reconstruction of iraq, "Still, it’s not easy determining why the biggest power plant in Iraq’s largest city seems to be such a low priority. Baghdad is still beset by blackouts, and so much of America’s success or failure depends on power: the economy can’t recover without it. The next logical place to ask is the U.S. Agency for International Development, which gave Bechtel the contract last April. Questioned by NEWSWEEK about Daura, USAID chief Andrew Natsios referred to a priority list drawn up by a coordinating committee under the Coalition Provisional Authority - the chief occupying power - and said he didn’t know where Daura was on it. His aide said the CPA would know. No, Natsios said, he thought Bechtel would know. But Bechtel’s Menaker responded: "We perform the work tasked to us by USAID. We don’t make decisions on priorities. USAID and CPA make those decisions." Some CPA officials concede privately that the problem stems from the lack of preparation before the war. "It always comes back to the same thing: no plan," says one CPA staffer." (Rod Nordland and Michael Hirsh ‘ $87 Billion Money Pit’ Newsweek 3.11.2003). It ought to be noted that usaid also has offices in the zionist state in palestine so perhaps its iraqi offices were staffed by zionist loving people from the zionist state.

America’s Military Tactics.
Americans adopt Israeli Military Tactics to Quosh Iraqi Freedom Fighters.
The tactics adopted by the american army in trying to suppress the revolt in fallujah were no different from those used by the zionist army in suppressing the palestinians. What the zionists did in jenin in 2002 was virtually copied by the americans in fallujah in 2004. Both armies simply demolished the cities where the rebels were supposed to be hiding out. Both used bulldozers as machines of war. "When Sharon tries to prevent Palestinian statehood, Iraqis remember that his closest ally is represented in Iraq by an army which most of them regard as occupiers. When US forces learn their guerrilla warfare techniques from the Israelis - when they bomb houses from the air, when they abuse prisoners, when they even erect razor-wire round recalcitrant villages - is it surprising that Iraqis treat the Americans as surrogate Israelis?" (Robert Fisk ‘In This Mire Of Death, Lies And Atrocities, We Glimpse The Ghost Of Vietnam’ December 28th 2004).

Jinsa proclaims the help that the zionist army has been providing for the american army, "Some of Israel’s most valued contributions to Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) were its advice on erecting and manning roadblocks and checkpoints, and techniques for tracking suspected terrorist using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). More specific assistance has reportedly come in the form of aerial surveillance equipment, decoy drones, and the use of armored construction equipment to clear booby-trapped structures, according to Reuters, December 12, 2003. In Fallujah, Israeli mine-clearing and wall-breaching methods were employed. Opening holes in walls allows U.S. troops to bypass explosive devices on booby-trapped doors. It is also used to create paths through adjoining buildings limiting soldiers’ exposure to enemy fire in narrow alleyways and on open streets." (Jonathan Howland, JINSA Editorial Assistant ‘Israel Assists U.S. Forces, Shares Lessons-Learned Fighting Terrorists: Fallujah Success Capitalized on IDF Know-How,2360,655,1701,2774 Dec 29, 2004).

Isn’t it a little strange that america is learning occupation techniques from the zionist state’s occupation of palestine when it supposedly invaded iraq in order to liberate iraqis from a brutal dictator?

American Army trained in the Zionist State.
"Army and Marine Corps forces that battled terrorist insurgents in the Iraqi cities of Fallujah and Mosul employed urban warfare tactics gleaned from the combat experience of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). In the last two years, hundreds of U.S. military personnel have trained in the Negev desert at Israel’s Adam counter insurgency urban warfare training facility. Meanwhile, the U.S. military has completed the construction of a number of simulated Arab villages at the U.S. Army’s Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) at Fort Polk, Louisiana. In a letter to Army Magazine in July 2003, Brig. Gen. Michael Vane - Deputy Chief of Staff at the U.S. Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) - wrote that U.S. officers had recently "traveled to Israel to glean lessons learned from their [Israeli] counterterrorist operations in urban areas." Later, an unnamed U.S. official told the World Tribune, November 10, 2004, "We have learned a lot regarding urban warfare tactics in the Middle East from our allies - yes, this includes Israel. IDF soldiers train at the Adam counter insurgency urban warfare training facility in Israel. At the JRTC, the U.S. Army simulates everything from local government meetings, religious protests, and mobs angry over an absence of electrical power or water, and attacks by insurgents, according to the Associated Press (AP), February 14, 2004. The Department of Defense predicts that by 2010, 75 percent of the world’s population will live in or around urban centers, making urban warfare training a priority for the military. In 2003, the fringe media reported that Israeli commandos were training U.S. Special Forces at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The story, apparently lacking sufficient sources, was not picked up by the mainstream media. AP, however, reported on December 13, that a large TRADOC delegation visited Israel that year. Anonymous sources said the focus of the meeting was urban warfare tactics learned from the IDF incursions into Jenin and the Gaza Strip in 2002. Israeli officials issued a statement declining to comment on "ongoing strategic cooperation between the U.S. and the Israeli military." (Jonathan Howland, JINSA Editorial Assistant ‘Israel Assists U.S. Forces, Shares Lessons-Learned Fighting Terrorists: Fallujah Success Capitalized on IDF Know-How,2360,655,1701,2774 Dec 29, 2004).

Israelis Help Americans to Demolish Fallujah.
The americans used israelis in the fight to demolish fallujah, "It has become clear that Israel played a major role in the battle for Fallujah, despite the American concern to conceal this fact. What news leaked of officers, soldiers, and even rabbis of dual citizenships that took part in the battles, some of which were killed by the resistance's bullets, is only the tip of the iceberg. The killing of an Israeli officer in Fallujah exposed the existence of a large number of officers, snipers, and paratroopers in Iraq. Based on Israeli press statistics, Israel currently has no fewer than 1,000 officers and soldiers scattered around the American units working in Iraq. In addition, 37 rabbis are operating within the American troops, which leads to believe that the real number is greater; since Ha'aretz admitted that others are concealing their Jewish identities, which makes them self-driven Israeli citizens." (Rashid Khashana ‘Israel's Battle in Fallujah’ November 22nd 2004).

Americans adopt Zionists’ Palestinianization Policy.
Pictures of the american military bombing and destroying iraqi homes in an effort to root out so-called iraqi terrorists/moslem fundamentalists are all too reminiscent of zionists’ invasions of palestinian areas. In the latter case, the zionist military does not merely try to exterminate palestinian terrorists, it also aims at destroying palestinian homes, businesses, and infrastructure, to force as many palestinians as possible into poverty. It also tries to destroy the spirits of the palestinian people so that with nothing left in palestine they are forced into exile. The oppressive tactics used by the american military in iraq are copied from the zionists’ tactics for the oppression of palestinians just as the torture methods used by the american military at guantanamo bay and iraq have been copied from the zionists’ torture of palestinians. The american military, corrupted by the zionists in the bush administration, has become as diabolically evil as its zionist chums.

The americans are reducing iraq to rubble in the same way as the zionists are reducing palestine to rubble. The americans have adopted the zionists’ palestinianization tactic in iraq.

Kurt nimmo has concluded, "I also believe it is no mistake U.S. "military planners" are using what are essentially Israeli tactics in Iraq .. "(Kurt Nimmo ‘Iraqi Suicide Bombings: the Strausscons and Likudites Sowing Chaos’ November 23, 2004).

Pepe escobar has concluded, "As for the Iraqi "model", the crucial point is that the Americans managed to turn Iraq into a replica of Palestine - the same ghastly litany of occupation, suicide bombings, streams of refugees and death and destruction. Not only was the Iraq war entirely based on neo-con lies: these lies led, among other disasters, to Iraq's infrastructure being completely destroyed and the US alienating the Muslim world. Fallujah and Baghdad are replicas of Gaza and the West Bank." (Pepe Escobar ‘The Roving Eye: Evildoers, here we come’ December 17th 2004).

Whilst the american invasion and occupation of iraq seems to be an entirely american operation, it is almost entirely being run either by israelis or along israeli lines.

The Zionist Assassination of Yassin leads to the Deaths of Four Americans and the Seige of Fallujah.
On march 25th 2004 the zionist state assassinated hamas’s spiritual leader, sheikh ahmed yassin. This led to rioting in iraq in which brutish troops were hurt. See channel five news report on the incident. (The video clip is - 1mb and 31 seconds long). Here is a concrete evidence that what the zionist government does in palestine is leading to the endangerment of american and brutish troops in iraq.

Iraqi nationalists responded to the zionist state’s assassination of yassin by kidnapping four american security guards working in iraqi. According to juan cole, "There is increasing evidence that the brutal attack on the American security guards in Fallujah, and the desecration of their bodies, was the work of Islamists seeking vengeance for the Israeli murder of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Leaflets found at the scene said the operation was in the name of Yassin. al-Hayat reports in its Friday edition that responsibility for the attack has been taken by a group called Phalanges of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. The group said the deaths were a "gift to the Palestinian people." You put yourself in the shoes of an American military commander in Fallujah. He treats with the local clan leaders and Sunni clergy. He tries to get them on the side of the US. He faces hostility, but he is making some progress. And then Ariel Sharon sends US-made helicopter gunships to Gaza and has them fire missiles at people coming out of a mosque, killing 8 and wounding 24. One of the dead is a half-blind paraplegic Islamist named Sheikh Yassin. He could have easily been arrested, and had been in the 1990s. But he was incinerated in a piece of state terror instead. And all of a sudden the people of Fallujah in Iraq are pointing their fingers at the American troops and saying, 'you did this. You gave Sharon the green light.' And all the commander's hard work in building bridges collapses over night. And four US security personnel are dead, and 5 US troops are dead, and the fighting flares up. Thanks, Prime Minister Sharon. Thank you very much." (Juan Cole ‘Deaths of Americans in Fallujah: In revenge for Sharon's Murder of Sheikh Yassin?’ 2.04.2004).

The slaughter, and hideous mutilation, of four americans led to the american army invading fallujah causing the loss of many innocent iraqi civilians and a few american troops. Rachelle marshall has stated, "A few days later, after four American security guards were killed in Fallujah and their bodies burned by a crowd, Marines responded by laying siege to the city. When Iraqis fought back, U.S. warplanes dropped 500-pound bombs on houses where the gunmen were thought to be hiding, Apache helicopters fired missiles into residential neighborhoods, and AC-130 gunships strafed the streets. An American soldier said he saw a helicopter fire a missile at a man holding a slingshot; a woman hanging laundry was killed along with several relatives when a missile destroyed their house; a severely wounded woman arrived at a hospital still holding a white flag." (Rachelle Marshall ‘The Fact Behind the Fictions: the U.S. and Israel Plan Permanent Occupations’ Washington Report on Middle East Affairs June 2004, pages 6-8).
The americans’ seige of fallujah was called off only when it was realized that the price of invading the city would have been completely out of proportion to the initial reasons for the invasion. However, here was a clear cut example of the spiral of violence starting off with the zionists in palestine and then ending up in iraq leading to the loss of iraqi and american lives.