Sunday, January 23, 2005

Adam Curtis, the Neocons, and The Power of Nightmares.

By far and away the best documentary on british terrestrial television about the so-called war on terror is Adam Curtis’s three part series ‘The Power of Nightmares’. Curtis’s thesis is that the two groups responsible for the war on terror are mirror images of each other - the american neoconservatives and the radical islamists. Both were triggered by political theorists who, in the 1950s, disdained american liberal democracy. Since then both movements have been trying to increase their political power by conjuring up dire political nightmares to frighten people into supporting them.

This article does not present a critique of curtis’s work: suffice it to say that although curtis is virtually the only documentary maker who talks about the american neocons, his series is marred by two striking deficiencies: firstly, the failure to mention that most of the american neocons are israelis and, secondly, his sidelining of the palestinian-zionist conflict. He focuses almost solely on the neocons’ domestic policies when it is precisely their foreign policies which distinguishes them from all other types of american conservatives.

The major achievement of curtis’s work is his analysis of the emergence of the neocons in the early 1970s. He reinterprets the past in a way that many compassionate people would find shocking. For those of a compassionate nature who lived through the vietnam war and its aftermath it is shocking to discover that the people we used to condemn turn out to be relatively benign in comparison to the evil spirits lurking in their shadows. How many of us used to condemn henry kissinger and the cia as being forces of evil in the world? How many of us realized at the time that both kissinger and the cia were acting, at least as far as the soviet union was concerned, pragmatically and were willing to compromise in order to maintain a stable world order? How many of us realized at the time that there were people who regarded both kissinger and the cia as being too soft on what they deemed to be the forces of evil in the world? How many of us realized that these people became powerful enough to eventually defeat both kissinger and the cia? How many of us realized that these people were the neocons – the same israeli traitors who drove america into the invasion of iraq and are currently driving the new bush administration towards armageddon?

The great shock of curtis's series is the discovery that the neocons didn’t just appear out of nowhere during the bush administration to push america into the needless invasion of iraq. Most other commentators on the neocons trace their roots back only to their 1996 israeli foreign policy document for benjamin netanyahu. In fact they had been formulating reactionary american foreign policies since the mid 1970s. What curtis makes obvious, without actually stating the idea, is that gerald ford’s neocon propaganda about the soviet union in the mid 1970s, and ronald reagan’s neocon inspired attacks on russia in the 1980s, were almost full dress rehearsals for bush’s neocon inspired attacks on saddam in the 2000s. The machiavellian tactics the neoconservatives’ used to force reagan into attacking russia were almost exactly the same tactics they used two decades later to push bush into attacking iraq. The same lies; the same nightmarish fantasies, the same empty fears, the same political battles with the cia, the reality based community. These revelations make curtis’s work far more politically relevant than the political sideshow produced by that shabbat goy, michael moore.

If you know little about the neocons’ history the following transcript of the first episode of ‘The Power of Nightmares’ should prove a revelation.

"In the early seventies, irving kristol became the focus of a group of disaffected intellectuals in washington. They were determined to understand why the optimistic liberal policies had failed. They found the answer in the theories of leo strauss. As the movement grew, many young students who had studied strauss’s ideas came to washington to join this group. This group became known as the neo-conservatives."

(The group included paul wolfowitz and william kristol. Most members of this group were israelis - all of whom were absolutely committed to the survival of the zionist state. Curtis focuses solely on their analysis of american society but it is utterly inconceivable that they would formulate policies than were irrelevant to the zionist state in palestine. On the contrary, they perceived the foreign policies of the zionist state and then sought to use america to promote these policies – in other to make america’s foreign policies compatible with those of the zionist state. This is crystal clear as regards russia. During the 1970s russia’s economy and military were in an advanced stage of decrepitude. As one commentator, jonathon steele described the soviet union, it was basically a third world country with superpower nuclear weapons. Russia did not pose any military threat to america – except under those circumstances where it was prepared to accept its own total annihilation – and whatever the russians were they weren’t genocidal. However, russia did pose a terrible threat to the zionist state. Russia could obliterate the zionist state in a matter of minutes. The zionist neocons knew all too well that the zionist state would never be safe militarily until the soviet union and even russia itself had been dismantled along with its nuclear threat. The only way the jewish neocons could help to protect the zionist state was by formulating american foreign policies to bring about the disintegration of the soviet union).

"The neoconservatives were idealists. Their aim was to try and stop the social disintegration they believed liberal freedoms had unleashed. They wanted to find a way of uniting the people and giving them a shared purpose. One of their great influences in doing this would be the theories of leo strauss. They would set out to recreate the myth of america as a unique nation whose destiny was to battle against evil in the world. In this the source of evil would be america’s cold war enemy, the soviet union. And by doing this they believed that they would not only give new meaning and purpose to people’s lives but they would spread the good of democracy around the world." (Once again curtis focuses on the neocons domestic policies. In reality, the neocons had to transform america’s foreign policies so that it would defend the zionist state by attacking the zionist state’s main enemies i.e. russia and the arab/moslem world. The concept of america’s unique destiny is simple a zionist code for persuading americans to lay down their lives, their resources, and their future, for the good of the zionist state in palestine).

(Once again, ignore curtis’s bizarre preoccupation with the neocons domestic policies. In june 1972 richard nixon, with the aid of henry kissinger, concluded a peace treaty with russia over nuclear weapons that ushered in a period of détente between the two countries that should have brought about the end of the cold war. Nixon proclaimed he had helped to create a world with less fear). "But a world without fear was not what the neoconservatives needed to pursue their project. They now set out to destroy henry kissinger’s vision. What gave them their opportunity was the growing collapse of american political power both abroad and at home. The defeat in vietnam and the resignation of nixon over watergate led to a crisis of confidence in america’s political class. The neoconservatives seized their moment. They allied themselves with two right wingers in the new administration of gerald ford. One was donald rumsveld, the new secretary of defence. The other was dick cheney, the president’s chief of staff. Rumsveld began to make speeches alleging that the soviets were ignoring kissinger’s treaties and secretly building up their weapons with the intention of attacking america."

(Rumsveld’s speeches consisted of a string of lies about russia’s non-existent build up of non-existent super weapons which is remarkably similar to his speeches nearly three decades later about saddam’s non-existent build up of non-existent super weapons. In both cases rumsveld was lying through his socks. It is important to appreciate that rumsveld was either paranoid or working for the american military industrial complex whereas the israeli neocons nightmares were real in the sense that russia was an annhilatory threat to the zionist state. Such allegations about russia’s increasing military power were mere political fictions to americans who didn’t care what happened to the zionist state. The only people for whom these nightmares were real were israelis who believed it was vital to protect the zionist state. The zionist neocons prove they are israeli traitors by expressing their terrifying fear of russia because americans shouldn’t experience such fears because russia is no threat to america).

"The CIA and other agencies who watched the soviet union continuously for any sign of threat said that this was a complete fiction. There was no truth in rumsveld’s allegations."

(This was the cia’s first battle with the zionist neocons over their fears for the zionist state in palestine. These battles were to persist for the next thirty years. It is no wonder that having decided, at the start of his second term of office, to pursue the neocons foreign policies, it then became necessary to neuter the cia by shifting many of its functions to the pentagon which was dominated by neocons).

"But rumsveld used his position to persuade president ford to set up an independent enquiry. He said it would prove that there was a hidden threat to america and the enquiry would be run by a group of neoconservatives one of whom was paul wolfowitz. The aim was to change the way that america saw the soviet union."

"The neoconservatives chose as the enquiry chairman a well known critic and historian of the soviet union called richard pipes. Pipes was convinced that whatever the soviets said publicly, secretly they still intended to attack and conquer america. This was their hidden mindset. The enquiry was called Team B and the other leading member was paul wolfowitz."

(In other words, rumsveld persuaded gerald ford to set up an independent enquiry to look into the soviet threat to america and then chose two israelis, richard pipes and paul wolfowitz, suffering from political nightmares about russia’s threat to the zionist state in palestine, to examine the evidence!).

"Team B began examining all the cia data on the soviet union but however closely they looked there was little evidence of the dangerous weapons or defence systems they claimed the soviets were developing. Rather than accept that this meant that the systems did not exist Team B made an assumption that the soviets had developed systems that were so sophisticated they were undetectable. For example, they could find no evidence that the soviet submarine fleet had an acoustic defence system. But what this meant, Team B said, was that the soviets had actually invented a new non-acoustic system which was impossible to detect. This meant that the whole of the american submarine fleet was at risk from an invisible threat that was there even though there was no evidence for it."

(These are, of course, exactly the same tactics that the neocons would use nearly three decades later to fabricate the rationale for america to invade iraq. To an outsider, it might seem a little odd that richard pipes and paul wolfowitz always suspected the existence of non-existent weapons but never seemed to notice the real weapons of mass destruction owned by the zionist state in palestine. In reality, however, neither of these israeli traitors would have been able to motivate america to fight for the zionist state without such lies. The so-called noble lie that leo strauss promoted was not the platonic lie necessary to keep peace and stability within a particular society, but the motivation for one country to unknowingly sacrifice itself for the sake of another country).

"What Team B accused the CIA of missing was a hidden and sinister reality in the soviet union. Not only were there many secret weapons the CIA hadn’t found but they were wrong about many of those they could observe such as the soviet air defences. The CIA were convinced that these were in a state of collapse reflecting the growing economic chaos in the soviet union. Team B said that this was actually a cunning deception by the soviet regime. The air defence system worked perfectly but the only evidence they produced to prove this was the official soviet training manual which proudly asserted that their air defence system was fully integrated and functioned flawlessly. The CIA accused Team B of moving into a fantasy world."

(The zionist neocons had no other option than churning out such blatant lies if they wanted to curb russia’s threat to the zionist state in palestine. This was the only way they could deceive the american president and the american people into taking action against the russians).

"The neoconservatives set up a lobby group to publicize the findings of Team B. It was called ‘the committee on the present danger’ and a growing number of politicians joined including a presidential hopeful called ronald reagan. Through films and television the committee portrayed a world in which america was under threat from hidden forces that could strike at any time. Forces that america must conquer to survive."

(The zionist neocons then relied on zionist financiers to fund these anti-american zionist publicity stunts and the zionist owned media to publicize them – all of which they did gleefully because they too realized this was their way of contributing to the long term survival of the zionist state. And to zionists, the long term survival of the zionist state is their primary objective).

"This dramatic battle between good and evil was precisely the kind of myth that leo strauss had taught his students would be necessary to rescue the country from moral decay. It might not be true but it was necessary to re-engage the public in a grand vision of america’s destiny that would give meaning and purpose to their lives. The neoconservatives were succeeding in creating a simplistic fiction. A vision of the soviet union as the centre of all evil in the world and america as the only country that could rescue them. And this nightmarish vision was beginning to give the neoconservatives great power and influence." (To zionists around the world and to the zionist state, the soviet union was the centre of all evil because it could obliterate the country in one fell swoop. However, the more that the zionists could zionize the american people i.e. the more that zionists were able to indoctrinate americans into adopting a zionist perspective, the more likely it was that they too would see it as the centre of evil).

"And at this very same moment (late seventies-early eighties) religion was being mobilized politically in america but for a very different purpose and those encouraging this were the neoconservatives. Many neoconservatives had become advisors to the presidential campaign of ronald reagan and as they became more involved with the republican party they had forged an alliance with the religious wing of the party because it shared their aim of the moral regeneration of america. By the late seventies there were millions of fundamentalist christians in america but their preachers had always told them not to vote. It would mean compromising with a doomed and immoral society. But the neoconservatives and their new republican allies made an alliance with a number of powerful preachers who told their followers to become involved in politics for the first time."

(The zionist neocons realized they needed to win mass support for the republican party if a republican president was to be elected who would then implement foreign policies to protect and defend the zionist state in palestine. They also realized that the more they could drum up support for the zionist state amongst republicans and christians, the more support there would be for such foreign policies. The neoconservatives’ alliance with what at the time was known as the moral majority was undoubtedly one of their most astute political tactics and one of their greatest political successes. It was one of the main pillars of their later political successes. Without such support, it might still have been possible for the neocons to transform america’s foreign policies but it would have been much more difficult electing republican presidents to implement such policies. The zionists’ conversion of fundamentalist christians, who believed in the god of love, to dechristianized zionists who believed in the zionist god of wrath is surely one of the most bizarre mass conversions in history. It is almost on a par with what happened in russia a decade and a half later, when the zionist oligarchs controlling the country used the zionist owned media to persuade russians to vote for a vodka soaked corpse. The day after his election, boris yeltsin suffered a heart attack and never took any further part in politics).

"And at the beginning of 1981 ronald reagan took power in america. The religious vote was crucial in his election because many millions of fundamentalists voted for the first time. And as they had hoped, many neoconservatives were given power in the new administration. Paul wolfowitz became head of the state department policy staff. While his close friend, richard perle, became the assistant secretary of defence. The head of Team B, richard pipes, became one of reagan’s chief advisers. The neoconservatives believed that they now had the chance to implement their vision of america’s revolutionary destiny. To use the country’s power aggressively as a force for good in the world in an epic battle to defeat the soviet union. It was a vision that they shared with millions of their new religious allies."

(In reality, america’s unique vision is basically to demilitarize all possible threats to the long term survival of the zionist state in palestine no matter how much this might generate anti-american hatred around the world).

"To persuade the president, the neoconservatives set out to prove that the soviet threat was far greater than anyone, even Team B, had previously shown. They would demonstrate that the majority of terrorism and revolutionary movements around the world were actually part of a secret network co-ordinated by moscow to take over the world."

(This is presumably the same non-existent network of global terrorists that saddam took over after the collapse of the soviet union. In reality the only global network of terrorists were the zionists manipulating americans into believing that russia was a military threat to america).

"The main proponent of this theory was a leading neoconservative who was the special adviser to the secretary of state. His name was michael ledeen and he had been influenced by a best selling book called ‘The Terror Network’. It alleged that terrorism was not the fragmented phenomenon that it appeared to be. In reality all terrorist groups from the plo to the bader-meinhof group in germany and the provisional ira, all of them were part of a coordinated strategy of terror run by the soviet union. But the CIA completely disagreed. They said this was just another neoconservative fantasy."

(One has to commiserate with the cia, the reality-based community, that it had to put up with these israeli traitors who were prepared to do anything, whether it meant lying, cheating, or stealing, for the noble purpose of protecting the zionist state in palestine and the not so noble purpose of using americans as their sacrificial lambs).

"But the neconservatives had a powerful ally. He was william casey and he was the new head of the cia. Casey was sympathetic to the neoconservative view and when he read the terror network book he was convinced. He called a meeting of the cia’s soviet analysts at their headquarters and told them to produce a report for the president that proved this hidden network existed. But the analysts told him this would be impossible because much of the information in the book came from black propaganda the cia themselves had invented to smear the soviet union. They knew that the terror network didn’t exist because they themselves had made it up."

(It didn’t matter at all to these israeli traitors how many of their lies were exposed as long as they could provide a steady torrent of lies which would be eagerly publicized by the zionist owned media. By the time that one lie had been exposed and the truth disseminated throughout society, two or three other lies had taken its place to maintain people’s support for these zionist policies).
"In the end, Casey found a university professor who described himself as a terror expert and he produced a dossier that confirmed that the hidden terror network did in fact exist. Under such intense lobbying, reagan agreed to give the neoconservatives what they wanted and in 1983 he signed a secret document that fundamentally changed american foreign policy. The country would now fight covert wars to push back the hidden soviet threat around the world. It was a triumph for the neoconservatives. America was now setting out to do battle against the forces of evil in the world. But what had started out as the kind of myth that leo strauss had said was necessary for the american people, increasingly came to be seen as the truth by the neoconservatives. They began to believe their own fiction. They had become what they called democratic revolutionaries who were going to use force to change the world."

(The neocons are not ‘democratic revolutionaries’. If they were concerned about democracy they would support palestinian rights in palestine. They are israeli traitors manipulating america into wars that are of no benefit to america but of critical importance to the survival of the zionist state in palestine).

The rest as they say is history.

Researchers on ‘The Power of Nightmares’ were satiyesh manoharajah and hossam al-hamalawy