Monday, November 21, 2005

The Amazing Spectacle of America’s Self-Destruction: Zionists and Katrina (Part Three)

Katrina Exposes the dominance of Zionism over America’s Oil Industry.
Since march 2003, the world’s hyper-power has been floundering around in iraq – everything it does just makes its occupation of the country even more untenable. This was not very surprising given that such an outcome had been predicted by many anti-war critics. What is much more surprising, especially to the wider world, is the floundering of the bush administration when confronted by an entirely predictable climatic disaster in america itself. It was surprising that the bush administration refused to provide new orleans with the resources needed to protect itself from flooding. It was even more surprising to discover the region had no evacuation plan or emergency relief plan to put into operation should such a disaster strike. More startling still is that even if evacuation and emergency relief plans existed the region didn’t have the organizational infrastructure, manpower, equipment, or resources, to implement such plans. The consequence of this seeming indifference and ineptitude was the unnecessary deaths of thousands of people, social chaos, city wide looting, social violence, and the total breakdown of law and order. It was as if a part of the wealthiest nation in the world simply returned to the state of nature. But, then such surprises shouldn’t have been that shocking given the record of the bush administration’s indifference and callousness. Katrina has exposed the utter rot and corruption at the heart of american politics but a handful of critics have been pointing out the mafia nature of this administration for many years.

The most shocking revelation exposed by Katrina is the bush administration’s complete indifference to the interests of america’s oil industry. New orleans is a major part of america’s oil industry, "According to reports, 25% of our oil and gasoline comes through the New Orleans port and refineries, all out of commission." (Paul Craig Roberts ‘Failure on Every Front’ September 3 / 4, 2005); "Louisiana is the source of about 15 percent of U.S.-produced petroleum, much of it from the Gulf. The local refineries are critical to American infrastructure. Were all of these facilities to be lost, the effect on the price of oil worldwide would be extraordinarily painful." (George Friedman ‘New Orleans: A Geopolitical Prize’ September 01, 2005); "These wetlands (in Louisiana) protect one of the most extensive petroleum infrastructures in the nation. The deep offshore wells now account for nearly a third of all domestic oil production, while Louisiana's Offshore Oil Port, a series of platforms anchored 18 miles (29 kilometers) offshore, unloads a nonstop line of supertankers that deliver up to 15 percent of the nation's foreign oil. Most of that black gold comes ashore via a maze of pipelines buried in the Louisiana muck. Numerous refineries, the nation's largest natural gas pipeline hub, even the Strategic Petroleum Reserve are all protected from hurricanes and storm surge by Louisiana's vanishing marsh." (Joel K. Bourne, Jr. ‘Gone with the Water’ September 2005). The cost of constructing, running, and maintaining this oil infrastructure, consisting of oil terminals, oil refineries, and oil distribution networks, must be over a hundred billion dollars. The oil industry supposedly funds the most powerful lobby in america and many of its personnel hold leading positions within the bush administration. It should have been relatively easy for the oil lobby and its oil-based politicians to have pressured the american government into funding flood defences in the region to protect the oil industry’s colossal investments. And yet they utterly failed to do so. That the bush administration ignored new orleans and its residents is not too surprising but it is utterly shocking to discover it was also willing to ignore its own oil industry. "You can smell the petrodollars burning at Port Fourchon, the offshore oil industry's sprawling home port on the central Louisiana coast. Brawny helicopters shuttle 6,000 workers to the rigs from here each week, while hundreds of supply boats deliver everything from toilet paper to drinking water to drilling lube. A thousand trucks a day keep the port humming around the clock, yet Louisiana 1, the two-lane highway that connects it to the world, seems to flood every other high tide. During storms the port becomes an island, which is why port officials like Davie Breaux are clamoring for the state to build a 17-mile-long (27-kilometer-long) elevated highway to the port. It's also why Breaux thinks spending 14 billion dollars to save the coast would be a bargain. "We'll go to war and spend billions of dollars to protect oil and gas interests overseas," Breaux says as he drives his truck past platform anchors the size of two-story houses. "But here at home?" He shrugs. "Where else you gonna drill? Not California. Not Florida. Not in ANWR. In Louisiana. I'm third generation in the oil field. We're not afraid of the industry. We just want the infrastructure to handle it." (Joel K. Bourne, Jr. ‘Gone with the Water’ September 2005).

The reason the bush administration ignored new orleans and its oil industry is because the administration is dominated by israelis whose only loyalty is to the jews-only state in palestine. The bush administration’s primary concerns are promoting the interests of ariel sharon, the jews-only state in palestine, and zionist expansionism in the middle east. It was simply not bothered about a disaster not merely to one of the country’s biggest cities but to the country’s oil industry.

This analysis is reinforced by the fact that in the mid 1990s, the israelis in the clinton administration and in congress passed a law banning trade with iran because it posed a miniscule threat to the jews-only state in palestine. The biggest victim of this ban was the american oil industry which over the last decade has lost out on hundreds of billions of dollars in trade with one of the world’s biggest oil and gas producers. For more info on the zionists trouncing of the american oil industry please see
‘How the Jewish Neocons are Bleeding America to Death’

It could also be added that, given the critical role of oil in the american economy, it might have been thought the federal government would have wanted to protect the oil industry for the good of the country as a whole. Given also the critical role of new orleans in america’s transportation system it might have been thought that the federal government would have wanted to protect this transportation system, "Katrina has taken out the port - not by destroying the facilities, but by rendering the area uninhabited and potentially uninhabitable. That means that even if the Mississippi remains navigable, the absence of a port near the mouth of the river makes the Mississippi enormously less useful than it was. For these reasons, the United States has lost not only its biggest port complex, but also the utility of its river transport system - the foundation of the entire American transport system. There are some substitutes, but none with sufficient capacity to solve the problem." (George Friedman ‘New Orleans: A Geopolitical Prize’ September 01, 2005).

New orleans is basically what america will look like once zionists have sucked the life out of the country. The reason that israelis support the most extreme forms of capitalism in america is basically because they want to extract as much money as possible from america for the jews-only state in palestine without spending any money on their responsibilities in america. For example, some jewish billionaires are making huge profits from americans and then using these profits to finance jewish squatters on palestinian land. "Abramoff (an israeli who became a billionaire in america) also works with the World Zionist Organization and the Christian Coalition to bankroll illegal Israeli settlement activities. According to Israeli prosecutor Talia Sasson they are part of a larger international problem. Some $60 billion worldwide has been illicitly funnelled to Israeli settlements via different foreign donors, quasi-NGOs and secret military accounts. In one such case, according to Senate testimony and news reports in Newsweek and The New Republic, an Abramoff charity, Capital Athletic Fund, underwrote sniper scopes, camouflage suits, thermal imagers, night vision goggles, hydration tactical tubes, shooting mats and other paramilitary equipment through Greenberg Traurig to right wing settler Shmuel Ben-Zvi. Abramoff wanted to help ultraorthodox settlement Beitar Illit "neutralize terrorists" and wrote to Ben-Zvi; "Thanks brother. If only there were another dozen of you the dirty rats would be finished." Apparently angling for cover and a tax deduction, Beitar Illit seminar director Ben-Zvi suggested invoicing the weaponry to the Israeli Defence Forces on 'Sniper Workshop' stationery with a sniper logo and letterhead to qualify it as an educational entity. Payments were partially run through "Kollel Ohel Tiferet," an entity not publicly listed or traceable. Beitar Illit Mayor Yitzhak Pindrus claims never to have heard of it. (Newsweek, 5/2/05). Abramoff dollars may also have found their way to the Israeli Defense Forces' Lebanon Border Unit, the civilian SF troops that patrol the Israel-Lebanon border. Yaagal, supposedly disbanded after Israel's 2000 pullout from south Lebanon, still conducts clandestine reconnaissance, plans ambushes and carries out cross-border incursions into Hezbollah-held areas of south Lebanon. As so often with lobbyist Abramoff's entities, the tools and trails remain murky." (Trish Schuh ‘Faking the Case Against Syria’ November 18, 2005). The attitude of many israelis living in america has been revealed by binyamin netanyahu, "U.S. intelligence sources report that the one Israeli who is considered an extreme threat to U.S. national security is former Prime Minister and current Prime Minister hopeful Binyamin Netanyahu. Not only has Netanyahu visited convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in his North Carolina prison cell and advocated strenuously for his release but he was once overheard by an ex-CIA agent as saying to a group of his supporters, "Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away." Considering the damage the neo-cons and their Israeli facilitators are causing for U.S. national security, Netanyahu may soon have his wish." (Wayne Madsen ‘The Neo-Cons’ Unfettered Access to America’s Secrets’ September 2005). Given the catastrophic political neglect of new orleans, its transportation industry, and its oil industry, america is well on its way to becoming a jews-only state i.e. a state solely concerned with jews around the world.

Floundering on the Edge of Disintegration.
The israeli devastation of america is amazing to behold. A political system utterly crippled by israeli traitors, a crippled currency, a crippled military in iraq, an israeli dominated adminsitration which throws vast amounts of money to the jews-only state in palestine whilst burying itself under astronomic debts. Katrina is almost certain to curb american economic growth, "Some analysts cut US growth forecasts, saying soaring petrol prices would hurt consumer spending." (‘Hurricane raises fears of global energy crisis’ August 31 2005). The same is also true of insurance costs. The increase in insurance costs as a result of the massive payments that will have to be made as a result of the devastation in new orleans will also help to inhibit future economic growth in america. New orleans, a city crippled by an american induced hurricane, a city left defenceless by israeli traitors in the bush administration busy syphoning off american taxpayers’ resources to their friends and allies in the jews-only state in palestine, stands as a symbol of a country in the process of self destruction. America has brought these disasters upon itself and only americans are capable of rectifying these disasters.

One Katrina is not Enough.
The p*ny bombings were hailed as the political equivalent of the attack on pearl harbour and the subsequent changes in america’s foreign policy e.g. the ‘war on terror’ have borne this out. But now americans have generated their own 9/11 on an even vaster scale so it might be expected that even more radical political changes would ensue from this disaster e.g. an acceptance of global burning. However, it is highly doubtful whether americans are capable of making such a change. They are simply too comprehensively sucked into the vortex of irresponsible consumerism, planetary indifference, and israeli oppression, to be able to accept they are planetary beings with planetary responsibilities who need to protect the Earth’s life support system and ensure the stabilization of the climate. There’s even less chance of any changes amongst america’s ideological communities. Firstly, america’s pseudo christian culture, "First, I am getting e-mail from Christians solemnly noting that the hurricane struck New Orleans shortly before the onset of "Southern Decadence," a homosexual extravaganza scheduled for the Crescent City. A news release which appears to have originated with a Protestant group and is being circulated by Protestants and Catholics, reads as follows: "ACT OF GOD DESTROYS NEW ORLEANS DAYS BEFORE SOUTHERN DECADENCE: Just days before 'Southern Decadence,' an annual homosexual celebration attracting tens of thousands of people to the French Quarter of New Orleans, an act of God destroys the city."" (Michael A. Hoffman II New Orleans: The Buck Stops Here’ September 5th 2005).

Libertarians’ response to Katrina isn’t much different. Lew rockwell uses Katrina to demand the privatization of all levees and all of america’s public infrastructure. "Can levees and pumps and disaster management really be privatized? Not only can they be; they must be if we want to avoid ever more apocalypses of this sort. William Buckley used to poke fun at libertarians and their plans for privatizing garbage collection, but this disaster shows that much more than this ought to be in private hands. It is not a trivial issue; our survival may depend on it. It is critically important that the management of the whole of the nation's infrastructure be turned over to private management and ownership. Only in private hands can there be a possibility of a match between expenditure and performance, between risk and responsibility, between the job that needs to be done and the means to accomplish it." (Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. ‘The State and the Flood - September 02, 2005). Gary north suffocates Katrina within the folds of his libertarian ideology, "Following the waves of Katrina, we can expect a tidal wave of propaganda from the environmental movement regarding the need to spend billions of Federal dollars to restore a pristine, pre-hurricane wilderness south of New Orleans. We will be told of the historic opportunity to preserve wetlands. What is a wetland? It is a swamp. What is a rain forest? It is a jungle. Re-naming things that voters would not otherwise pay to preserve is the environmental lobby's way to get into our wallets permanently." (Gary North ‘Milking the New Orleans Disaster for All It's Worth – September 2005).

The left has its own ideological barriers preventing it from learning from Katrina. It is almost completely focused on the social issues arising from this disaster rather than the environmental ones. For example, "What the world has witnessed this past week is an image of poverty and social disarray that tears away the affluent mask of the United States." (Robert Scheer ‘The Real Costs of a Culture of Greed’ September 6, 2005).

In stark contrast to the p*ny bombings where the issue of islamic fundamentalism became a constant topic of political debate, all talk of climate change disappeared a week after the new orleans disaster.

It is highly unlikely that Katrina will change american attitudes or america’s political culture. It has to be wondered just how many Katrina’s is it going to take before the Earth beats americans into accepting the reality of ooman induced global burning. America seems doomed to provoke, and suffer from, more Katrinas. It has to be feared they are far too stupid ever to submit to the predominance of the Earth.

It’s laughable to think that a country which can’t be bothered to protect its own people from highly predictable climate change disasters has invaded another country to create a political system that cares about its own people. Perhaps americans ought to demonstrate their abilities to defend themselves before invading other countries. The bush administration screamed that iraq was a threat to the united states so war needed to be declared against that country whilst at the same time denying that global burning was a threat to the united states. So bush charged off to iraq to prevent a non-existent disaster whilst continually denying that global burning was a threat. Bush charges after a non-existent disaster and turns it into a real disaster whilst ignoring real disasters on his own doorstep thereby exacerbating their disastrous impact.