Monday, November 21, 2005

The Amazing Spectacle of America’s Self-Destruction: Zionists and Katrina (Part One)

America’s self destruction is one of the most amazing spectacles in global politics. At the beginning of the new millenium, america’s economy was booming to such an extent it could afford to spend more on defence than all other countries around the world put together. America was hailed not only as the world’s sole superpower but a hyper-power which could over-awe the rest of the world. Such global pre-eminence had never been seen before in ooman history. But all was not what it seemed.

The Main Elements of America’s Self Destruction.
Firstly, politically america had been taken over by israelis, jewish neocons, whose prime loyalty is to the jews-only state in palestine. It was not surprising that those sickened by decades of zionist and american colonization of the middle east carried out the new york and pentagon (p*ny) bombings. There is little doubt that mossad knew about the planning for these attacks but it did not warn the bush administration because the political repercussions of the attack were so beneficial to the jews-only state in palestine. According to gerald shea, "Why the Israeli government decided not to share with us all the critical information they had, and the extent of that information, is a subject for the public inquiry. They may have thought some sort of warning prudent in the event their surveillance activities later became a matter of public knowledge. But any energetic Israeli effort to assist the United States in preventing the attacks would not have served their strategic interest, in view of the disastrous effect those attacks were likely to have on the relationships between the United States and the Arab world. As a leader of the Israeli New Jersey Group said when he was arrested on the afternoon of September 11, 'We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems.'" (Gerald Shea quoted in Justin Raimondo ‘Israel and 9/11: New Report Connects the Dots’ August 31, 2005). The reason the american congress does not launch an inquiry into what mossad knew about the p*ny bombings is because the likudnik israelis in congress are protecting the jews-only state.

Secondly, the p*ny bombings were politically exploited by america’s jewish neocons to push the bush administration into giving ariel sharon a free hand in implementing a military solution to the palestinian problem and into pursuing a series of proxy zionist wars. America’s zionist rulers proclaimed the american military would be welcomed as liberators in iraq. Less than four years later the american military has been fought to a humiliating stalemate, and the costs of the war have exploded to such an extent that more is being spent in iraq than in vietnam. "The U.S. Treasury is paying out more each month to sustain the war in Iraq than it did during the Vietnam War, according to a new report that calls the ongoing conflict "the most expensive military effort in the last 60 years."" (Jim Lobe ‘Iraq War Costs Now Exceed Vietnam's’ September 1, 2005). If it hadn’t been for the resistance put up by iraqi freedom fighters there is little doubt that america’s zionist rulers would have pushed the country into further proxy zionist wars against iran and syria, "The Iraqi resistance, one of the least expected and most powerful social movements of recent times, can lay claim to few positive results. In two years of excruciating (if escalating) fighting, the insurgents have seen their country progressively reduced to an ungovernable jungle of violence, disease, and hunger. But maybe, as Solnit suggests, their real achievement lies in what didn't happen. Despite the deepest desires of the Bush administration, to this day Iran remains uninvaded – the horrors of devolving Iraq have, so far, prevented the unleashing of the plagues of war on its neighbor." (Michael Schwartz ‘The Ironies of Conquest: The Bush administration's Iranian Nightmare’ August 10, 2005). It is vital to glorify iraqi freedom fighters for preventing the israeli necon led american military from pursuing further wars in the middle east.

Thirdly, since the invasion of iraq, the dollar has been declining in value, america’s balance of trade has worsened, and federal expenditure has gone through the roof. As a consequence, the global dominance of the dollar is under considerable threat. America’s zionist proxy war against iraq has reaped huge military, economic, and political, benefits for the jews-only state in palestine but, for america, it has become a military, financial, and political, disaster.

Fourthly, americans believed they could steal resources from around the world and indulge in a materialistic orgy without destroying the Earth’s life sustaining processes and destabilizing the global climate. They believed that even if they destabilized the climate, the chances were that it was highly unlikely to affect them. This arrogant and ignorant belief has been shattered by the devastation inflicted on new orleans by hurricane katrina. Despite the fact that america is by far and away the richest country in the world, the scale of the devastation caused by Katrina has required the american government to ask for assistance from the rest of the world.

Planetary Justice
It is tempting to reflect that Katrina has rendered some sort of planetary justice. Since oomans themselves seem incapable of rendering such justice then the Earth imposes its own form of justice.

Firstly, americans’ destruction of the Earth’s life support system has ended up devastating their own backyard not merely the poorer parts of the world. Americans have boosted global burning not merely through the release of greenhouse gases but also the devastation of the Earth’s Photosynthetic capacity which could help to remove such gases from the atmosphere. The destruction of the Earth’s Photosynthetic capacity in new orleans has also destroyed the city’s natural defences against flooding, "The Bush administration's policy of turning over wetlands to developers almost certainly also contributed to the heightened level of the storm surge. In 1990, a federal task force began restoring lost wetlands surrounding New Orleans. Every two miles of wetland between the Crescent City and the Gulf reduces a surge by half a foot. Bush had promised "no net loss" of wetlands, a policy launched by his father's administration and bolstered by President Clinton. But he reversed his approach in 2003, unleashing the developers. The Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency then announced they could no longer protect wetlands unless they were somehow related to interstate commerce." (Sidney Blumenthal "No One Can Say they Didn't See it Coming" – September 2005); "The loss of such coastal wetlands may be the single preventable factor that most exacerbated Hurricane Katrina's destructive power. Wetlands along rivers and near the coast are vital for absorbing and storing floodwaters, and slowing down storm surges. Coastal wetlands in the Gulf Coast have been lost to ill-planned and deadly commercial developments. Louisiana alone has lost 5000 square kilometers of wetlands over the past seven decades - an area larger than the state of Rhode Island. This equals 65 square kilometers of hurricane absorbing coast being lost every year." (Glen Barry ‘Hurricane an Unnatural Disaster, Root Causes Are Ecological’ August 31, 2005). "More than one million acres of Louisiana's coastal wetlands, or 1,900 square miles, have been lost since 1930, due to development and the construction of levees and canals. Barrier islands and stands of tupelo and cypress also vanished. All of them absorb some of the energy and water from storm surges, which, more than the rain falling from the sky, caused the current calamity. "If these had been in place, at least some of the energy in the storm surge would have been dissipated," says geologist Jeffrey Mount of the University of California, Davis. "This is a self-inflicted wound."" (Sharon Begley ‘Man-Made Mistakes Increase Devastation Of 'Natural' Disasters’ Wall Street Journal September 2, 2005).

Americans also contributed to the devastation of new orleans by changing the course and nature of the mississippi to make it capable of carrying ocean-going vessels, "Leaving aside whether the levees that broke in New Orleans could have been better constructed, their very existence contributed to the disaster. Built to keep the city from being flooded by the Mississippi, they also keep the Big Muddy from depositing silt to replenish marshes and the river's delta, as do projects that direct the river's water and sediment out to sea to create a deep shipping channel. The result is that much of New Orleans fell below sea level. Combined with the dredging to build canals, "the Gulf of Mexico is a lot closer to New Orleans than it was when Hurricane Betsy ripped through in 1965," says Prof. Steinberg. Now the gulf is in the city." (Sharon Begley ‘Man-Made Mistakes Increase Devastation Of 'Natural' Disasters’ Wall Street Journal September 2, 2005).

Katrina was an american-induced disaster partly because of america’s direct contribution to global burning but, much more significantly, because the damage inflicted on the region’s wetlands increased the flooding brought about by the hurricane. It has been argued that there is no direct correlation between anthropogenic global burning and hurricanes. However, there are links, "The best science to date suggests the frequency of hurricanes doesn't reflect global warming. Straightforward physics, however, says their intensity might. As the seas and air warm, there is more evaporation, which fuels storms, and more energy available to pump them up. A new analysis by atmospheric physicist Kerry Emanuel of MIT suggests the net power of tropical cyclones (hurricanes and Pacific typhoons), a combination of the energy they pack and how long they last, "has increased markedly since 1970."" (Sharon Begley ‘Man-Made Mistakes Increase Devastation Of 'Natural' Disasters’ Wall Street Journal September 2, 2005); "Dr. Emanuel points out that detection of actual trends for hurricane activity has focused mostly on their frequency - not their power. His work suggests that hurricanes have become markedly more powerful and longer-lasting since the 1970s. Those observations certainly correspond with the events that pushed Katrina from a category one to a category five hurricane in a matter of days. This August, water in the Gulf of Mexico was unusually warm - two to three degrees Celsius warmer than average. As Katrina passed over the Gulf from Florida to Louisiana, she sucked up all that heat and grew into a monster." (David Suzuki ‘Heat Adds Power to Storms’ September 14, 2005).

In addition, it has also been pointed out that, "Katrina is the 11th storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, which began on June 1. That is seven more than are usually whipped up by this stage of the season in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, the United States' National Hurricane Centre said. The season ends on November 30." (Elizabeth Nash ‘The deepening climate crisis’ August 29th 2005). The damage done to the region’s wetlands meant that even smaller hurricanes would have caused serious flooding. Thanks have to be given that the climatic consequences of america’s greed and arrogance has impacted one of its own cities rather than a city in a poorer part of the world which has little responsibility for destabilizing the climate.

A number of commentators also believe america is responsible for Katrina, "So far, the United States has done exactly nothing even to try to slow the progress of climate change. We're emitting far more carbon than we were in 1988, when scientists issued their first prescient global-warming warnings." (Bill McKibben ‘After Katrina, the climate just gets worse and worse’ September 11, 2005); "Katrina and Rita, then, are not just bad luck, nature's occasional surprises thrust on unsuspecting humanity. Make no mistake about it. We Americans created these monster storms. We've known about the potentially devastating impact of global warming for nearly a generation. Yet we turned up the throttle, as if to say: "We just don't give a damn." What did anyone expect? SUVs make up 52% of all the vehicles owned in America, each a death engine, spewing record amounts of CO2 into the earth's atmosphere." (Jeremy Rifkin ‘Sorry, Mr President, homilies won't stop the hurricanes’,16546,1576714,00.html September 23, 2005); "And that’s because these disasters seem mostly self-inflicted, in some larger sense. I noticed that the New York Times and many other media outlets reported several human causes with Katrina’s effects: the building on and subsequent erosion of the Mississippi Delta’s natural hurricane buffer the barrier islands; the increasing temperatures of the Gulf waters and the hotter water’s very significant contribution to more and more powerful hurricanes; the repeated Federal failure to provide budget funds for levee reinforcement that everyone knew we would eventually need; the gradual sinking of New Orleans as the energy industry pumps out more water and oil and natural gas from underneath the city; the federal government’s finally giving in to developers of the outlying areas in the Delta by underwriting insurance policies for new building, which private companies had previously declined to provide; and of course the general, overall greed and stupidity of continuing to build a major coastal city below sea level without requiring elevated foundations and a flood-ready infrastructure." (David Langness quoted in Juan Cole ‘David Langness Reports on New Orleans’ September 13, 2005).

For normon solomon to state, "The catastrophic hurricane was an act of God." (Norman Solomon ‘Bring Them Home...NOW!’ September 1st 2005) shows a level of ecological ignorance that is shocking.

Secondly, Katrina has given americans a real taste of what their country has done to iraq. The american military decimated falluja and now new orleans has been devastated almost as badly. The overwhelming majority of americans were not interested in the damage inflicted on falluja or the deaths of innocent iraqis. It is highly doubtful whether anyone in iraq has the slightest sympathy for what Katrina has done to new orleans.

Thirdly, the gulf of mexico is an oil producing region and new orleans is not merely a major oil terminus but a major centre for oil refining and distribution. It distributes nearly two million barrels of oil per day - 10% of america’s daily oil consumption. Katrina brought about the closure of "nine Gulf Coast refineries." (‘Hurricane raises fears of global energy crisis’ August 31 2005). It also stopped the distribution of oil around the country. It is almost as if the Earth is deliberately targeting some of the biggest Earth-wrecking industries that are doing so much to destabilize the climate. The arrogance of the american oil industry in creating such a massive oil infrastructure in an area prone to hurricanes is astounding.

Finally, over the last couple of decades an increasing number of america’s dechristianized zionists have been doing their best to provoke armageddon in the middle east in order to encourage the return of their so-called messiah. Such israeli branded livestock now have their armageddon but it’s on their doorsteps and since their god has not yet appeared to rescue them they are going to have to live with the consequences. Perhaps praying for god to inflict devastation on other people wasn’t such a christian thing to do?