Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Israelis Importing Fascism into America

There’s (yet another) interesting article by justin raimondo about the way that the american right wing is becoming more fascistic. The following two paragraphs give the gist of the article.

"Widespread torture, fixed elections in the Stalinist tradition, and professed admiration for Uzbekistan's police state, which routinely engages in "preventive detention" of political "criminals" – this is the Schwartzian brand of "conservatism" that has infected the American Right like a plague and called forth all sorts of demons – Daniel Pipes, Michelle Malkin, Richard Perle, and David Frum (writing in An End to Evil, the neocon manifesto) – to rally 'round its banner."

"It is the banner of a thoroughly degenerated and corrupt "conservatism" that is, in effect, fascism – a blueprint for totalitarianism erected in the name of fighting "terrorism." Schwartz may be an extreme example of this horrific phenomenon – horrific, that is, to old-style conservatives and libertarians such as myself, who once saw themselves as on the "Right" – but he is far from alone. The "Trotsky-cons" – otherwise known as the neoconservatives – may have started out on the Left, but they have come full circle in their final incarnation, embracing the very worst (i.e., anti-libertarian) aspects of both the Left and the Right. In their celebration of war, the pagan ethos, and the joys of "Big Government conservatism," Schwartz and his fellow neocons are the very antithesis of what the American Right used to stand for: Professor Claes Ryn has rightly nailed them as "neo-Jacobins," and the danger from them is far worse than any threat once posed by their fascist intellectual ancestors." (Justin Raimondo ‘Today's Conservatives Are Fascists’ http://www.antiwar.com/justin/?articleid=4245 January 3, 2005).

The fact that american right wingers are becoming fascistic seems to happen every decade or so. But is this all that’s going on? So who are these right wingers mentioned in raimondo’s article?

Stephen Schwartz – israeli
Daniel Pipes – israeli
Richard Perle – israeli
David Frum – israeli

I wonder if anyone can spot the common denominator between them???

I wonder if their support for sharon’s fascism in palestine has anything to do with their promotion of sharon’s fascism in america? I wonder if their support for sharon’s war against defenceless palestinians has anything to do with their initiation of america’s war against moslems? Are these israeli commentators importing their foul, dirty, fascistic habits into america? There’s a very strong whiff of gunpowder around here.