Monday, January 30, 2006

The Prospects of a Nuclear Attack on Iran. Part Five: The Benefits to the Jews-only State of a Zog Attack on Iran.

Updated March 7th 2006.
The political and military benefits to the jews-only state in palestine of a zog attack on iran are directly proportional to the scale of the attack. Even a minimalist attack i.e. on a single target such as iran’s bushehr nuclear reactor, would benefit the jews-only state. But, in general, the more comprehensive the war against iran and other countries in the middle east, the more comprehensive the political and military benefits accruing to the jews-only state. What is more, the jews-only state is in a no-lose position. It is the americans who will suffer all the adverse military, economic, and political, consequences and few of the benefits whilst the jews will suffer hardly any adverse consequences but reap huge political and military dividends

No Nuclear Rival.
The most obvious military benefit to the jews-only state in palestine of a zog attack on iran’s nuclear reactor would be a short term set back to iran’s nuclear challenge to the jews-only state. The more of iran’s nuclear industry, and the more of its nuclear infrastructure, that is destroyed the longer it would take for iran to recover and once again challenge the nuclear dominance of the jews-only state. The longer the jews-only state can preserve its monopoly of nuclear weapons in the middle east, the longer it will be free to continue using its nuclear weapons to blackmail the united states into carrying out policies which are in the national interests of the jews-only state but not in america’s national interests.

The Jews-only State would Welcome an Attack by Hezbollah.
Many jewish leaders in the jews-only state in palestine would be pleased to provoke an attack on the jews-only state by hezbollah freedom fighters because this would provide them with the justification for an invasion of southern lebanon. They might annexe land giving the jews-only state control over the litani river – a vitally important strategic asset for the long term expansion and survival of the jews-only state. "And Israel will use the opportunity to deal with Syria and South Lebanon, and possibly with its Palestinian problem." (Paul Levian ‘Iran and the jaws of a trap’ Feb 3, 2006).

The jews-only state is concocting the necessary fabrications to justify an invasion on lebanon and the destruction of hezbollah freedom fighters. "There are recent reports that a weapons convoy, apparently Iranian, made its way through Syria through the Lebanese Bekaa and received a transit permit with the Lebanese government openly confirming that it knew the convoy's goal was Hezbollah. Therefore, the Lebanese government is an indirect partner in the establishment of the rocket array aimed against Israel. It has already been published that this includes some 12,000 Katyushas and rockets of various types. Militarily, it makes no difference if there were only 5,000 Katyushas, for example. The important factor is the range, which Iran makes sure to constantly improve. The Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 rockets have increased their ranges to some 70 kilometers. This means Hezbollah and, in effect, Iran can shoot at targets south of Haifa, and not only in the area of Haifa Bay." (Ze'ev Schiff ‘Who will deter whom? March 03 2006).

The Jews-only State would Welcome an Attack by Syria.
William rivers pitt believes that syria poses a serious military threat to the jews-only state in palestine, "Like Iran, Syria's military is nothing to scoff at. Virtually every credible analysis has Syria standing as the strongest military force in the Middle East after Israel. Damascus has been intent for years upon establishing significant military strength to serve as a counterweight to Israel's overwhelming capabilities. As of 2002, Syria had some 215,000 soldiers under arms, 4,700 tanks, and a massive artillery capability. The Syrian Air Force is comprised of ten to eleven fighter/attack squadrons and sixteen fighter squadrons, totaling somewhere near 650 aircraft. Syria also possesses one of the largest arsenals of ballistic missiles in the region, comprised primarily of SCUD-derived systems. Iran, North Korea and China have been willing providers of state-of-the-art technologies. Compounding this is the well-based suspicion that Syria has perhaps the most advanced chemical weapons capability in the Persian Gulf." (William Rivers Pitt ‘Attack on Iran: A Looming Folly’ January 09th 2006). Charley reese believes that if the zogs attacked iran, then it would be sensible for syria to offer military support to iran, "If Israel attacks Iran, the Iranians, who have missiles capable of reaching Israel, will fire back. Then we will probably get into it, and if the Syrians have any sense, they will attack Israel …" (Charley Reese ‘Credibility Can Only Be Lost Once’ November 27, 2004).

It has to be suggested, however, that pitt’s estimate of syria’s military capability is way off target and that hardline leaders of the jews-only state would welcome an attack by syria. Firstly, because it would enable them to bring about regime change in syria and, secondly, and even more importantly, because they could encourage the dismantling of the country - some syrian territory could be annexed into a greater kurdistan.

The Jews-only State Welcomes an Attack by Shias in Iraq.
The jews-only state in palestine would also welcome the idea of iraqi shias attacking the american military in iraq because this would further boost the political prospects for an independent kurdish state in iraq.

The Jews-only State could help to bring about the Rise of Greater Kurdistan.
The jews-only state in palestine would like to bring about the break up of iran, iraq, and syria, in order to give its kurdish allies the chance to create a greater kurdistan covering territory annexed from these countries. The more the zionists can turn an attack on iran into a comprehensive war against their enemies in the region, the greater their chance of breaking up the iranian, syrian, and iraqi, states for the sake of a greater kurdistan.

The Biggest Beneficiary of a war against Iran will be the Jews-Only State in Palestine.
It has been argued that the biggest beneficiaries of the american invasion of afghanistan were the jews-only state in palestine and iran. It has also been argued that the biggest beneficiaries of the american invasion of iraq were the jews-only state in palestine and iran. "The chief beneficiaries of the conquest of Iraq, and subsequent threats against both Iran and Syria, have been, in descending order, Israel, Iran, and Osama bin Laden. Al-Qaeda has used the invasion as a recruiting tool and training ground for its global jihad against the United States. Iran has extended its influence deep into southern Iraq and has penetrated the central government in Baghdad. In the long run, however, Israel benefits the most, as a major Middle Eastern Arab country fragments into at least three pieces and the U.S. military is ineluctably drawn into neighboring countries." (Justin Raimondo ‘AIPAC and Espionage: Guilty as Hell’ September 30, 2005); "The only major beneficiary of the US war in Iraq is the State of Israel: The war destroyed a major supporter of the Palestinian Intifada and Israel got a free hand in its terror and territorial colonization Palestinian land." (James Petras ‘The meaning of war: A heterodox perspective’ January 2005); "If there was a single "smoking gun" that led to accusations against the neo-cons that the attack on Iraq was a war for Israel, it was the revelation that, in 1996, Perle directed a task force that included two other high ranking American-Jewish neo-cons, current Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith, and David Wurmser, senior adviser to John Bolton, Under-Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, that produced a white paper for then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It was entitled, "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," and the name referred to putting an end to Israel's negotiating with the Palestinians, and the concept of trading land for peace." (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘A War for Israel’ c.2003).

One commentator believes that iran has been the biggest beneficiary, overall, of american foreign policies, "Alani said Iran was already the prime indirect beneficiary of U.S. policies in the region since the Sept. 11 attacks. "The Americans removed their Taliban enemies in Afghanistan. Saddam is gone and there is a pro-Iranian government in Baghdad. Saudi Arabia's influence has been neutralised since 9/11." (Alistair Lyon ‘Iran could play Iraq card in row over nuclear plans’ Feb 28th 2006).

A zog war against iran would remove all the political and military benefits acquired by iran since the pentagon and new york (p*ny) bombings. The jews-only state would thus be left as the sole beneficiary of the america’s foreign policies since the p*ny bombings. "The only possible beneficiary of a US or Israeli military attack on Iran or economic sanctions will be Israel: it will seem to eliminate a military adversary in the Middle East, and consolidate its military supremacy in the Middle East. Even this outcome is problematic because it fails to take account of the fact that Iran’s challenge to Israel is political, not its non-existent nuclear potential. The first target of the millions of Muslims protesting Israeli aggression will be the Arab regimes closest to Israel. An Israeli attack would be a pyrrhic victory, if a predictable political conflagration unseats the rulers of Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia." (James Petras ‘Israel's War with Iran’ December 28, 2005).

Whilst a zog attack on iran poses huge economic and military risks for america, the risks of such a war to the jews-only state are minimal. The jews-only state in palestine is thus in the enviable position of having everything to gain and little to lose from pushing america into an attack on iran and a regional war in the middle east. This is why jewish politicians and israeli traitors in america can afford to act so irresponsibly as warmongers because it is america that would take the risks not their beloved jews-only state. It is true that the other big beneficiary of a regional war would be the kurds if they managed to establish an independent kurdish state in iraq – even more so if a kurdish state in the former iraq could also annexe territory from iran, and syria. But this too would also be a benefit to the jews-only state since a kurdish state would be beholden to the jews-only state.