Monday, January 30, 2006

The Prospects of a Nuclear Attack on Iran. Part Six: The Jews-Only State’s Nuclear Blackmail of America.

Updated March 7th 2006.
A Short History of Jews’ Blackmailing America into Proxy Zionist Wars.
It is not at all surprising that the jews-only state in palestine in conjunction with the jewish sayanim network of mossad collaborators in america, the jewish dominated media in america, the jewish lobby in america, the jewish-owned politicians in congress, and the israelis in the bush administration, are able to force america into a war against iran which would be of benefit only to the jews-only state. Over the last four decades, the jews-only state in palestine, and its jewish allies in america, have frequently forced american administrations into adopting policies which are in the interests of the jews-only state but have been contrary to america’s national interests.

In 1973 the jews-only state used its nuclear weapons to blackmail president nixon and foreign secretary henry kissinger into airlifting military supplies to the jews-only army to stop the advancing arab armies. Such an action was not in america’s political, economic, or military interests. As a consequence of america’s intervention, arab oil producing countries launched an oil embargo which pushed the american and global economies into a decade long recession. Arab governments remained hostile to america and american interests for well over a decade. "If anything, Israel’s presence in the region has been the key destabilizing factor in the region and on two occasions, in 1967, and again in 1973, it almost led to nuclear war (and did lead then to a costly Arab oil embargo.) In the early days of the October War, when it appeared that Israeli troops might be overrun, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan reportedly panicked and threatened to use Israel’s atomic weapons on Egypt if the US did not rush Israel an airlift of conventional weapons. The Nixon administration promptly responded." (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict – April 2005); "Israel has unscrupulously used these nukes to blackmail the United States (for instance, they forced Kissinger and Nixon to airlift supplies during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, according to Seymour M. Hersh in his book, The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy)." (Kurt Nimmo ‘Iran Attack: No Way Back Now’ January 18th 2006).

In 1990, saddam invaded kuwait. Having been a devoted ally to america for the last decade or so, saddam believed that kuwait was his reward for the gruelling war against iran. There is reason for believing that bush senior acquiesced in the invasion, "In 1991, after Saddam had sent his army into Kuwait (possibly believing that the U.S. had given him the green light to do so), George H.W. Bush formed a large coalition of nations and launched Operation Desert Storm against Saddam's forces at a time when they were assumed to be reasonably formidable. In the brief conflict that followed, however, the American military (with its coalition of largely paying, rather than fighting, allies in tow) proved that assessment blindingly wrong by obliterating significant portions of the Iraqi military, while losing hardly a soldier in battle." (Tom Engelhardt ‘A Quailhawk's Cakewalk’ February 22, 2006).

The jews-only state was incensed by this invasion. It is possible it forced america into ejecting saddam from kuwait either by threatening to attack iraq or by threatening to use its nuclear weapons against iraq in order to blackmail america into a war. Seymour hersh believes the latter. (See Seymour Hersh ‘The Samson Option: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy’ 1991. The biblical samson brought down a temple that killed himself and his enemies. "The title of Hersh's book comes from Israel's notion that once they have the Bomb, they are in a position to bring it all down on everyone if ever they feel cornered. It's the ultimate in Israeli security as a nation-state, if not for the security of humankind."). Blankfort believes that the jewish lobby in america was primarily responsible for pushing america into ejecting saddam from kuwait, "Chomsky’s comment, notwithstanding, AIPAC, "was widely credited with having played a key role" in rounding up the necessary votes in the Senate to give Pres. Bush his majority. "[B]ecause of the extreme sensitivity to the issue, AIPAC was anxious to camouflage its role to avoid providing evidence for the accusation... that the Persian Gulf War was fought at the behest of the Jews to protect Israel." To disguise their role, the Washington Jewish Week’s Larry Cohler reported that AIPAC had prominent Jewish senators vote against the war while lobbying non-Jewish senators in states with small Jewish populations to support it. That Saddam Hussein was not removed at the time brought strong criticism from the primarily Jewish neocons and on a lower register from AIPAC. During the Clinton presidency they would press their demand for regime change in Iraq and under Bush Jr., they made sure that task would be carried out." (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict – April 2005). The first gulf war can be called america’s first proxy zionist war.

It is likely that in 2003, the jewish lobby in america, the jewish-owned media, the jewish-owned politicians in congress and the israelis in the bush adminsitration, were powerful enough to push the bush administration into an invasion of iraq without the jews-only state having to use nuclear blackmail. This was america’s second proxy zionist war. There are a substantial number of commentators who believe that america’s invasion of iraq was a proxy zionist war and that america’s jewish neocons were responsible for providing the political lies that manipulated the american administration and the american public into support for the invasion. Please see ‘The Commentators supporting the proposition that Jewish Zionists Initiated America’s Invasion of Iraq for the Benefit of the Zionist State in Palestine’. The same is also true now as regards a war against iran. Jews in america are probably powerful enough to push america into a war against iran without having to rely upon the jews-only state to exert nuclear blackmail. The war against iran will be america’s third proxy zionist war. It has to be wondered when americans are going to appreciate that they are being duped into wars that do not serve their national interests.

Warner farr has highlighted the way the jews-only state in palestine deceived successive american governments about the jews’ development of nuclear weapons. He also believes the jews-only state has threatened to use nuclear weapons against arab countries but, very strangely, he did not consider it had used nuclear blackmail to force america into giving the jews-only state unqualified support. "This paper is a history of the Israeli nuclear weapons program drawn from a review of unclassified sources. Israel began its search for nuclear weapons at the inception of the state in 1948. As payment for Israeli participation in the Suez Crisis of 1956, France provided nuclear expertise and constructed a reactor complex for Israel at Dimona capable of large-scale plutonium production and reprocessing. The United States discovered the facility by 1958 and it was a subject of continual discussions between American presidents and Israeli prime ministers. Israel used delay and deception to at first keep the United States at bay, and later used the nuclear option as a bargaining chip for a consistent American conventional arms supply. After French disengagement in the early 1960s, Israel progressed on its own, including through several covert operations, to project completion. Before the 1967 Six-Day War, they felt their nuclear facility threatened and reportedly assembled several nuclear devices. By the 1973 Yom Kippur War Israel had a number of sophisticated nuclear bombs, deployed them, and considered using them. The Arabs may have limited their war aims because of their knowledge of the Israeli nuclear weapons. Israel has most probably conducted several nuclear bomb tests. They have continued to modernize and vertically proliferate and are now one of the world's larger nuclear powers. Using "bomb in the basement" nuclear opacity, Israel has been able to use its arsenal as a deterrent to the Arab world while not technically violating American nonproliferation requirements." (Warner D. Farr, LTC, U.S. Army 'The Third Temple's Holy of Holies - Israel's Nuclear Weapons' The Counterproliferation Papers Future Warfare Series No. 2 quoted in Lili 'Israel's 'Use' Of Its Nuclear Weapons Against US' RENSE.COM 26.2.2003).

The War against Iran is a Proxy Zionist War.
The jews-only state in palestine, the jewish sayanim network of mossad collaborators in america, the zionist owned media in america, the jewish lobby in america, the jewish-owned politicians in congress, and the israelis in the bush administration, are using all of their political powers to force the bush administration into a war against iran. "The AIPAC believes the Islamic Republic poses a grave threat to Israel’s supremacy in the Middle East. In line with its policy of forcing a US confrontation with Iran, AIPAC, the Israeli PACs (political action committees) and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CPMAJO) have successfully lined up a majority of Congress people to challenge what they describe as the "appeasement" of Iran. According to the Jewish Times (12/6/05), "If it comes down to a political battle, signs are that AIPAC could muster strong support in Congress to press the White House to demand sanctions on Iran."" (James Petras ‘Israel's War with Iran’ December 28, 2005). The leading advocates pushing america into a war against iran are all jewish. For further details please see ‘The Jews Stirring up World War Three: The Zog War Against Iran.’.

There is only one reason for a zog attack on iran and that’s to boost the regional dominance of the jews-only state in palestine. Iran does not pose a military threat to the jews-only state any more than saddam did. Even if iran developed nuclear weapons, it would not pose a threat to the jews-only state because both would be in a mad situation. What would change, however, is firstly, that the jews-only state would lose its nuclear dominance of the middle east and, much more importantly, it would no longer be able to use its nuclear weapons to blackmail america into fighting proxy zionist wars. Whether the war against iran is started by the jews-only state in palestine or america is irrelevant because it will still have been initiated and orchestrated by jews for the benefit of the jews-only state.

The jews-only state is determined to attack iran in order quosh a rival in the middle east. But it would also like to trigger a regional war to re-arrange other middle eastern countries and consolidate its regional dominance. The jews-only state wants to bring about the palestinianization of the arab/persian world in the middle east leaving it not merely with military superiority but with unrivalled economic, and industrial, superiority. The dismantling of iraq, iran, lebanon, and syria, will go a long way towards ensuring the long term supremacy of the jews-only state in the region. The jews-only state fears not only a nuclear rival. It also fears the prosperity and industrial development of any arab/persian nation because this will give such countries the potential for developing a powerful military, possibly with nuclear weapons, to rival the jews-only state. The only way for the jews-only state to ensure its continued supremacy is to keep the entire arab and persian peoples in a state of poverty, a de-industrialized state, so they can never develop with their own skills, or buy with their own resources, the military technologies needed to defeat the jews.

America could suffer grievous military and economic damage as a result of a war against iran. It could suffer even more damage in a middle east conflagration. The israeli traitors in the jewish lobby, the american media, congress, and the bush administration, don’t care about the crippling effects of a war on america’s economy, or the loss of american lives, because the benefits to the jews-only state in palestine would be so great. What does it matter to them if americans get killed or america goes bankrupt? Their sole interest is boosting the regional dominance of the jews-only state and taking yet another step towards jewish world domination. They are perfectly willing to sacrifice america to ensure jewish world domination. The zionists have reduced the palestinians to utter poverty and defencelessness. Their aim in pushing america into a proxy zionist war against iraq was the palestinianization of iraq. They now want to bring about the palestinianization of iran. And they don’t care if this also results in the palestinianization of america.

The racist, jews-only state in palestine is willing to push the whole world into an economic collapse because it wants to create a racially pure jews-only state – the antithesis of western multi-cultural societies. Paranoid, supremacist zionists around the world seem quite willing to risk pushing the entire world into an economic collapse.

What is American about America?
The question that jewish dominance of american politics, american society, and american culture, raises is what is american about america or the american government? The answer is very little. Iran does not pose a military threat to america and yet most of the bush administration’s time is devoted to formulating and implementing policies concerning iran. Israelis have colonized the american administration and are simply using it to implement the foreign policies of the jews-only state. Even more remarkable is the number of americans (and europeans) who pretend there are no israelis in the bush administration, no israeli dominance of the american media, and that america’s proxy zionist wars against iraq and iran have nothing to do with jews or the jews-only state.

Americans ought to concentrate on liberating themselves from the israeli infiltrators in the american media, congress, and the bush administration, before they are bankrupted by an invasion of iran. "As we draw closer to a major confrontation with Iran and Israeli officials set short-term deadlines for igniting a Middle East conflagration, it seems that we are doomed to learn from future catastrophic losses that Americans must organize to defeat political lobbies based on overseas allegiances." (James Petras ‘Israel's War Deadline: Iran in the Crosshairs’ December 24/25, 2005). The israelis in america don't care about the economic disasters that america could suffer as long as they can use america's military power to boost the regional power of the jews-only state in palestine and the global power of zionism. America could suffer such a crippling economic crisis as a result of a war against iran that israelis in america may have to cast aside the american constitution to establish a zionist dictatorship – aided by their zionist indoctrinated christian allies who spend more time promoting a racially pure jewish state in palestine than they do on efforts to christianize their own country. Still the one positive point about the end of the american constitution is that the jews-only state in palestine won’t be boasting it’s the most democratic country in the middle east – it’ll be boasting it’s the only democratic country in the world.

American protests about the threat posed by iranian nuclear weapons are pure jewish propaganda. In a remarkable parallel to the farce they brought about over iraq, the jews in america are targeting iran for having non-existent weapons of mass destruction. The jews in america were successful in manipulating americans into a war against iraq so, they thought, why not repeat the trick again with iran since obviously the american public doesn’t seem in the least bit discomforted by jewish lies.