Sunday, February 26, 2006

Summary Dismissal from

I’ve just been summarily removed from’s email group. I thought I would publish the exchange of messages leading up to my removal so that readers can judge for themselves whether the decision had merit.

Under the heading ‘Filthy Jewish Nazis’ I posted Genevieve Cora Fraser’s article ‘Israeli Defense Minister Declares Palestine "Axis of Evil"’ February 23rd 2006. I posted no comment on her article as I thought the outrageousness of the jews-only state’s new policy of starving the palestinians into submission was obvious enough.

The following exchange ensued.

From Norm Cohen February 24th 2006 Message 43483
Hi John,
Wow. You must have had a tough day. Hope you feel better now that you've got this all off your chest. But don't despair. Sasha Cohen didn't get gold.
The evil Jews don't always win. ;-)


From mundi February 24th 2006
The phenomenon of americans grovelling to their jewish masters is certainly one of the most shocking historical phenomenon of the 21stc. America might be the world’s hyper-power but americans have sold their country to the jews-only state – traitors to their own country. American politicians bought by jack abramoff and aipac; the christian zionists; the american oil companies which allow their country to be pushed into wars they don’t want and fail to protect their vast investments in new orleans because subsidies have to be paid to the jews-only state; the trade unionists who invest their pension funds in the racist jews-only state; the lefties duped by the chief rabbi of the left noam chomsky; the greens selling out ralph nader; the american military who sacrifice their own troops and their own honour to fight wars for the benefit of the jews-only state; the peace movement which never criticizes the war-mongering apartheid state in palestine; and the liberals duped by the holocaust industry. It is as if americans have totally lost sight not only of their national interests but their national identity and their patriotism. It’s almost as if the zionists have hypnotized them into becoming their devoted slaves. Americans have become the world’s niggers, eunuchs to the court of the terrorist, war criminal, ariel sharon. Americans even seem willing to sacrifice their own freedoms, their own constitution, their own values, the values of western civilization, solely in order to serve their jewish masters. The scale of jewish indoctrination of americans is so staggering that americans can’t see what a laughing stock they are, what ridiculous idiots they’ve become.

From mundi February 24th 2006
Hi Norm,
Came across a quote I thought you might like, "Rabbi Arthur Waskow, a long-time activist with impeccable credentials, assured the Jewish weekly, Forward, that United for Peace and Justice, organizers of the February 15th anti-war rally in New York, "has done a great deal to make clear it is not involved in anti-Israel rhetoric. From the beginning there was nothing in United for Peace's statements that dealt at all with the Israel-Palestine issue." (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘The Israel Lobby and the Left: Uneasy Questions’ c.2004). Looks like you’ve been outed!

Sorry I don’t know who sasha is. I’ve been supporting the Palestinian delegation at the winter olympics. With all those wonderful facilities the jewish master race provides for its captive slaves I expect the palestinians to be near the top of the medals league table. Best of all I hear the olympics committee is going to introduce some new winter sports which I’m sure the palestinians will do well at. Firstly, dodging bullets from filthy jewish racists. Secondly, dodging attacks by F-16s being flown by filthy jewish racists. Thirdly, seeing how many palestinians can be crammed into a walled off open prison. Fourthly, seeing how long palestinians can go without resources until the filthy jewish racists starve them to death.


From bill_by_the_river February 24th 2006
Much of this would be accurate if applied to israel, or even zionists in general, but the fact of the matter is that most American Jews were not advocates of the invasion of Iraq and a much higher percentage of American Jews are advocates of withdrawal from Iraq than Americans in general.

"Approximately 70 percent of Jews in the United States oppose the war in Iraq, compared to 28 percent who support the war"

My guess is that even many zionist Jews were opposed to the Iraq invasion.

Saying that the Iraq war is due to "Jewish control" of the US government doesn't pass the smell test. The indication is that if Jews, in general, controlled the US government then we would NOT have invaded Iraq.

Once again, you're identifying the more aggressively zionist Jews with every Jew in the world, which is a highly inflated falsehood.

From mundi February 24th 2006 Message
American jews, like non-jewish americans had the chance to vote for an anti-war presidential candidate in the 2004 presidential elections. They voted overwhelmingly for pro-war candidates.

I agree that the jews who pushed america into the war against iraq, the same ones who are pushing america into a war against iran, are primarily elite jews in the jewish dominated media, the jewish lobby, the jewish-owned congress, and the israelis in the bush administration. I believe that most american jews accept the policies of their jewish leaders. There is no civil war within the jewish community over support for the zionist proxy wars against iraq and iran.

I don’t hear american jews protesting about what the jews-only state in palestine is doing to the palestinians. In american there is no jewish opposition to the theft, racism, and the state terrorism being carried out by the jews-only state.

Most american jews are as arabophobic as their jewish counterparts in the jews-only state.

Making statements like, "Once again, you're identifying the more aggressively zionist Jews with every Jew in the world, which is a highly inflated falsehood." is just a means of covering up jewish racism and the jewish theft of palestinian resources. Do jews really want to be known as a people who use god to steal other people’s resources?

It was at this point that an entirely new poster suddenly appeared on the scene. During the eighteen months I’ve been on he had never once posted a message.

From Sam Bradley February 25th 2006
Hi Mr. Carbonomics, Even though, I`m not Jewish, I would take offense of the term, "Filthy Jewish Nazis". While I`m in total aggreement with your opposition to the Israeli occupation, I dissaprove of your rather anti-semetic tone that you chose to use in redressing your justified grievance. Do you wish Israel to be wiped off the map as well? Do you support Hamas? We must learn to separate our justifed grivance over the occupation from any inflammatory rhetoric that could be misconstued as antisemetic. The Jewish people suffered a great deal under Fascist oppression,and to even suggest that becuse of rhe occupation, that they must be Nazis, that would be equivalent to calling a black person a member of the Ku Klux Klan or a "cracker". I think you owe the jewish people, and those whose grandparents that suffered under Fascist oppression, an apology. Be against the occupation, but don`t call them, "Filthly Jewish Nazis". Peace & Power to the People!, Sam.

Sam bradley then seemed to undergo something of a personality change when he quickly posted a follow up message.

From Sam Bradley February 25th 2006
Mr.Lynch, I`m redress my grievances at your intolerable anti-semetic remarks. You sound no different than Hamas or the Nazis, (see, your`e the filthy Nazi). I happen to like Sasha Cohen, & I think she should have won. Don`t take it out on Jewish people for the war or the occupation of Palestine. This should not be a forum to express hate. To do that would be to give in to the right-wing extremists would use this to divide us as they did with COINTELPRO in the `60s. I am very grateful for the many jweish people that I have come to know as friends, neighbors, classmates, etc. I remember when I was a kid, I came home from school, my folks and sister were out, and I was locked out of my house, but a nice Jewish family let me stay with them until my folks returned. Half of my girlfriends were Jewish,as well as my teachers, plus, I was born in a country that had a President of the Jewish pursuation. (it was Panama, surprised?). As I write this, in Downtown Orlando, U.S.A., there`s is a Fascist rally taking place, I`m sure if they heard the rhetoric you`ve shamelessly displayed, they would welcome you, and perhaps, invite you to speak. Be against the war. Be against the occupation of Palestine, but don`t you use them as a justifaction for your anti-semetic propaganda. BTW, Sasha won a Silver. How do you feel about Black. (and proudly say, BLACK), people? Say a big "Seig Heil" to your friends in Hamas. Sincerely, (I think), Sam. This is what I think of you & your Fascist remarks.

I posted the following message to but yahoo informed me they weren’t accepting my posts.

From mundi February 26th 2006
It’s funny that neither you nor norm say anything about the article I posted in which the jews-only state has started on the final lap of trying to starve the palestinians into submission – possibly as a prelude to their deportation.

I do indeed support hamas. I support hamas in the same way that I support the jewish resistance in warsaw to the nazis. Hamas have used the same tactics as ariel sharon.

As to your inflammatory rhetoric concerning whether I would like to see the jews-only state wiped off the map. Yes, indeed, I support the one state solution in palestine where jews and arabs live peacefully together under non-racist laws.